Arcana Contest At The Rhinestone Housewife


Hello hotties!   Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest spring is in the air and we are excited to bring you a really amazing contest hosted by Arcana and The Rhinestone Housewife.   There will be five winners and each winner will receive two 5 ml perfume bottles.   This contest will start at 5pm 3/17/15 and will run until 5pm on 3/24/15.    We will start picking winners on 3/20/15 and will draw one winner a day until the end of the contest.  This contest is open to international folks!

We are giving away:

Apples Crave The Tropics

Astrid’s Diadem

Bonfires at Dusk

Dia de los Muertos

Fluffing the Bunny


Pumpkins Crave Quietude


Surfers on Acid


How do you enter, you ask?  There are several ways to enter including following us on Twitter, following Arcana Soaps on Twitter, liking our Facebook fan page or Tweeting a message about the contest.  Now, wordpress apparently hates contests, so we did have to run this contest through Facebook.  I was trying to avoid that for the folks that don’t like to Facebook…….to those of you, sorry!

To enter the contest, hit up our Facebook page and click on the “Contest” tab at the top and all your glorious entry options will be available to you.   If you’d like, leave a comment about what your dream Peaches Crave ….?  perfume oil would be.  This won’t be made into a blend but we’d like to hear what you dream about.   Mine would be Peaches Crave Whiskey because……well, whiskey!

We are happy to announce that this contest will run consecutively with same contest from Pretty Indulgent.  We love our neighbor to the north, Maggie, and you should go check out Pretty Indulgent……they have some amazing products!


New Villainess Products At The Rhinestone Housewife


Hello hotties!  We’ve got some fun new Villainess products available at The Rhinestone Housewife just in time for spring.    Villainess has quickly become a favorite here in the shop so here are the lovely new products for you to peruse.

Bad Breakup-Smells like heartbreak. Dragon’s Blood, cheap cabernet, markdown chocolate and a pint of caramel ice-cream salted with your own tears.

Available in:


bad breakup soap


bad breakup whipped


bad breakup smooch

Bruised-Lavender drizzled in blackberry compote, and snow-kissed amber.

Available in:


bruised soap


bruised whipped


bruised smooch

Raspberry Swirl-Sweet red raspberry creamed with soft vanilla.

Available in:


raspberry swirl smooch


raspberry swirl whippedThere are lots of other great Villainess products as well, and you can find them all here!

Arcana 2015 Meow Collection Reviews


Hello hotties!   The long awaited Arcana Meow collection has landed at The Rhinestone Housewife and we are pleased to bring you reviews.

The Meow Collection
Scents inspired by the art of female masturbation

Fanning the Fur:  Almond, vetiver, luxuriant amber resin, coconut milk, peru balsam, and whiskey.

In bottle:  Almond and coconut.

Wet on skin:  The almond and vetiver are right up front and it’s amazing.  As it settles the amber resin and whiskey are wafting around in a cloud of perfection.

Dry on skin:  The vetiver and coconut are the stars and the amber resin and peru balsam are the perfect support.   The whiskey is a naughty party goer, knocking at the back door wanting in.  Let whiskey in because it’s perfect.

Verdict: Well, what a gorgeous and feminine vetiver blend this is. Deep, sultry and succulent. I have a feeling this will age well.   If you like Villainess Mudslide, then you will love this and I have worn them layered together and I’ve gotten several compliments.

Fanning The Fur

Fanning The Fur

Fluffing the Bunny:  Madagascar vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, apricot, white musk, skin musk, and a tiny tickle of mint.

In bottle:  Vanilla and soft mint.

Wet on skin:  The vanillas are right up front with soft mint a perfect compliment.  The white musk and apricot saunter in and it’s a beautiful soft pairing.  Lovely.

Dry on skin:  It’s a sensuous cloud of vanillas, musk and mint.  The mint is soft and pretty, not too sharp and the apricot adds just the right hint of fruitiness.

Verdict:  Beautiful.  Soft, pretty and it’s no wonder this has been the best seller of this collection.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Fluffing The Bunny

Fluffing The Bunny

Jabberwocking:  Fresh gingerroot with ginger grass, strawberry, satsuma, raspberry, ruby grapefruit, apricot, chai, and green musk.

In bottle:  Grapefruit and strawberry.

Wet on skin:  The first thing I pick up is the ruby grapefruit and gingerroot.  The satsuma is juicy and ripe smelling and is really nice with the ginger grass.

Dry on skin:  The citrus are the stars of this blend and it’s definitely the first thing you notice.  This is tempered perfectly with the ginger and green musk while the chair and apricot are soft and subtle in the background.

Verdict: This blend isn’t getting the love it needs.  It’s beautiful, succulent, lush and so pretty.  If you like fruity and bright blends, this is for you!  (I snagged a bottle for myself as well.)



Paddling the Pink Canoe:  Dragonsblood, vintage patchouli, citron, pink salt, pink musk, and amber.

In bottle:  Dragonsblood and pink musk.

Wet on skin:  Wow, the pink salt is the first thing I notice with the citron close behind.  The dragonsblood and pink salt are really nice together, it’s not something I have experienced before.

Dry on skin:  As this blend dries down the pink musk really blossoms.   The pink salt intensifies a bit here and it’s superb with the patchouli.

Verdict:  If you like pink, girly and bright scents, then this is for you!   It’s girly without being too precious or cloying and I think the dragonblood and patchouli are responsible for that.   Typically dragonsblood doesn’t work for me but I LOVE this blend and highly recommend it.  I grabbed a bottle for myself.

Paddling The Pink Canoe

Paddling The Pink Canoe

Twirling the Pearl:  Rich, golden honey, marshmallow, lavender milk, soft musk, and a tiny hint of green galbanum.

In bottle:  Lavender milk.

Wet on skin: There’s a soft honey right up front and it’s swirling around with the lavender milk.  This is a really soft lavender, more of a lavender marshmallow.

Dry on skin:  The green galbanum has really blossomed and it’s softly supported by the musk and honey.   The lavender milk and soft musk together with the hint of green really give this blend a ‘pearl’ vibe.

Verdict:  Really pretty.  It’s fresh and girly and clean smelling….refreshing!

Twirling The Pearl

Twirling The Pearl

Two Finger Ballet:  A delicate blend of French vanilla creme, white amber, sugared vanilla beans, caramel, and the smallest dab of opium.

In bottle:  Vanilla creme.

Wet on skin:  The sugared vanilla beans are intoxicating and they are dancing around with the caramel.   The vanilla creme and white amber are perfect to add to this combination.

Dry on skin:  Warm and inviting the vanillas and caramel have wrapped me in a cloud of amazeballs.   The slight touch of opium is perfection here…not really noticeable but just enough to ground the blend a bit.

Verdict:   If you’re a fan of vanilla, foody or gourmand scents then pick this up!  Now, right now.    And don’t worry, we only have one bottle left but more will be stocked.  ;-)  This is the best selling blend of this collection.

Two Finger Ballet

Two Finger Ballet

Arcana 2015 Honey And Venom Collection Reviews


Finally!  At last!   They are here!  Reviews!   Can you tell I’m excited?    Well, you guys have been waiting long enough so here they are……dun dun dun….the reviews.  This Arcana collection will be available at The Rhinestone Housewife while supplies last!

The Honey and Venom Collection

And in a chair of state was there beside,
With shiny wings, all plumed, except his face,
There saw I sitting the blind god Cupid,
With bow in hand, that bent full ready was;
And by him hung three arrows in a case,
Of which the heads were ground full sharp and right,
Of metals various fashioned fair and bright.

And with the first, that headed was with gold,
He softly smites, and that has easy cure;
The second was of silver, manifold
Worse than the first, and harder to endure;
The third, of steel, is shot without a cure;
And on his yellow locks, so long and sheen
A chaplet had he, all of leaves so green.

Cupid the Archer: Gold:  Bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate, cocoa absolute, spiced rum, 10 year aged cruelty-free beeswax absolute, and a pinch of blood orange.

In bottle:  Dark chocolate and light orange.

Wet on skin:  Wonderful rich chocolate and just a hind of the blood orange.  As it blooms the beeswax starts buzzing around and the blood orange is gloriously hovering in the background.

Dry on skin:  Ugh, this is a beautiful blend of beeswax and chocolate.  The chocolate isn’t cloy or sweet but deep and rich and it’s perfectly paired with just the barest hints of blood orange.    The rum is the perfect base for this pairing.

Verdict:  If you love bittersweet chocolate and blood orange, don’t pass this up.

Cupid The Archer: Gold

Cupid The Archer: Gold

Cupid the Archer: Silver:  Petitgrain, sweet coconut, Omani frankincense, tiare petals, and silvery narcissus.

In bottle:  Petitegrain and tiare.

Wet on skin:  The petitegrain is front and center and the tiare petals and swirling around with the narcissus.   As the oil blooms on the skin the frankincense shows up and is the perfect note to ground the florals.

Dry on skin:  As it dries down the florals blend beautifully with the frankincense, creating a beautiful cloud of perfume around me.  The sweet coconut gives it a much need slight hint of sweetness.

Verdict:  Great for those that love florals or tropical blends.   It reminds me of being in Hawaii and smelling all the fresh flowers in the air.

Cupid The Archer: Silver

Cupid The Archer: Silver

Cupid the Archer: Steel:  An abundance of violets, true Egyptian jasmine grandiflorum, and hints of white musk, stephanotis, tuberose, dark opium, German chamomile, and forget-me-nots.

In bottle:  Florals and white musk.

Wet on skin:  The violets are right up front and they are glorious!  As this blend settles down the white musk makes an appearance but it’s soft and pretty.   The chamomile is a much needed note to soften this blend and makes sure the florals aren’t cloying.

Dry on skin:  Violets, violets and more violets!   The violets are definitely the star of this blend.  The jasmine is very soft is the tuberose.   The opium and chamomile are perfect to add an earthy touch to this floral wonderland.

Verdict:   If you’ve read my reviews before then you know that florals can be tricky for me.   That said, I LOVE this oil.  It’s sultry, rich and sexy and it smells expensive, I can’t stop huffing my arm.   *Note:  if you are interested in this blend, pick it up now.  It’s comprised with a component that it difficult to obtain and the ten bottles that we got in are all that we will get. (Unless this is HUGELY popular and we can see what we can do to get more.)

Cupid The Archer: Steel

Cupid The Archer: Steel

Honey and Venom:  Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus.  An ode to the abundant sweetness and bitterness of love. Honey amber, black amber, smoky oudh, black vanilla, and kyphi.

In bottle:  Honey and kyphi.

Wet on skin:  The kyphi is right up front with the smoky oudh not far behind.  The black amber saunters in after about five minutes and it’s dark and naughty.

Dry on skin:  The ambers and the kyphi and playfully wafting around with the oudh close by.  The black vanilla is a party crasher that shows up right at the end.

Verdict:  If you like dark, smoky or incensy blends then this is for you!

Honey And Venom

Honey And Venom

Witch City Wicks Now Available At The Rhinestone Housewife


Oh man, I’m so excited to make this announcement, I can barely contain myself!  Finally and without further ado, Witch City Wicks candles are now available at The Rhinestone Housewife.  I’ll be honest with you, a good candle can be hard to find and these are just perfection.  From the packaging to the scents, these candles are without compare.   We decided to start with the House Of Wax collection which is a diverse range of alternatively-themed candles with ornate, decorative labels that compliment the theme of each individual scent.  A little something for everyone check them out….

Absinthia-Star anise, fennel, spicy cinnamon cassia, nutmeg, fresh green herbs, amber and woods.

Absinthia Candle

Absinthia Candle

Bite Me-Fresh citrus notes of lime and orange sparkle with effervescent highlights as they lead to a luscious blend of berry and cherry in this playful scent. Leafy green accents add intensity as a base of vanilla creates sweet tones.

Bite Me Candle

Bite Me Candle

Church-The rich spices of Frankincense & Myrrh that encourages prayer.

Church Candle

Church Candle

Dragon’s Blood-A potent and earthy fragrance infused with cedarwood, orange and patchouli essential oils. The scent combines sweet and spicy notes to form a sophisticated complex blend. Dragon’s Blood is used for many magickal and ritual purposes and is good for protection and empowerment.

Dragon's Blood Candle

Dragon’s Blood Candle

Green Man-An enchanting mixture of herbs and amber blended with the richness of the woods and a hint of musk.

Green Man Candle

Green Man Candle

Holy Ground-The scent of freshly dug, wet dirt mingles with antique sandalwood. One can only imagine they’re standing in the oldest burial ground as the autumn leaves rustle around your feet.

Holy Ground Candle

Holy Ground Candle

Seance-A spirit-friendly mix of frankincense and sandalwood, two of the best scents to aid in opening psychic awareness.

Seance Candle

Seance Candle

Sugar Skull-Sugar Skulls are made of compressed sugar used to decorate altars for the Mexican Day of the Dead, to honor those who’ve passed on. Our candle version of calaveras de azúcar smells of mouth-watering mounds of buttery sugar and vanilla.

Sugar Skull Candle

Sugar Skull Candle

Tainted Love-“Take my tears and that’s not nearly all…tainted love.” Tainted Love by Witch City Wicks will mend your broken heart with an incredible mixture of orange & grapefruit, cherry blossom, hydrangea, apple and peach.

Tainted Love Candle

Tainted Love Candle

Wolf Moon-Deeply musky with woody notes and hints of patchouli and geranium. *A best seller!

Wolf Moon Candle

Wolf Moon Candle

We are so excited to have Witch City Wicks as part of The Rhinestone Housewife Family, show them some love and enjoy a great smelling candle at the same time…it’s a win-win!

Arcana Cocktails For Charity Collection Reviews


Beautiful birthday flowers from Mr. McNaughty!

Hello hotties!   Well the Arcana New Year’s Eve: Cocktails for Charity & Travelers have arrived at The Rhinestone Housewife and are selling fast so if you want something, pick it up now.  This collection is near and dear to Julia and the proceeds are going to a great cause, a family that is currently living in their car.   I’m not sure about all of you, but I’ve had some pretty lean times, especially when I was younger.   At one point I was also sleeping in my car but luckily for me I had some really wonderful resources to pull from and I wasn’t in that situation for very long.  I fully support Julia in this philanthropic endeavor and it makes me enjoy working with her even more.  It’s crazy to think that just one abrupt change in circumstances can mean the difference between having a home or being homeless.    I’d love to really blow the doors off this collection and sell a ton of it in a great show of support form our lovely indie community.

I have included reviews since I just couldn’t wait!

Bee’s Knees:  Peach nectar, eggnog, whipped cream, and sweet rum.

In bottle-Peaches and cream.

Wet on skin-There’s a lovely creamy peach that is the first thing I notice, like peach flavored whipped cream.  The peach really ripens up and is supported by the eggnog and rum.   The rum really blossoms and it’s sweet and succulent, not sharp or harshly spicy.

Dry on skin-Yum spicy, warm, creamy and boozy peach.   This scent is snuggly and cuddly and just all around warm and fuzzy feeling….just like a real peach!

Verdict-If you like peach, pick this up!  You’ll be so sad if you miss out.  I can’t stop huffing myself.


Cat’s Whiskers:  Only for true sybarites. Rich eggnog, dark rum, a suggestion of waffles, a hint of smoky bacon, and 1 tiny drop of sparkling mint.

In bottle-Minty!

Wet on skin-The dark rum is knocking on the front door, wanting to come in.   Trailing behind the rum is the eggnog and just a hint of mint wafting around the edges.   As it starts to dry down the waffles show up and yes…..yes, there’s just a tiny whiff of bacon.

Dry on skin-This has dried down to a lovely, rich rum filled eggnog. Somehow the smoky bacon, waffles and mint give it a deeply spicy vibe that I’m really digging.

Verdict-Ok, I know this sounds like a totally kooky scent.   Bacon, waffles and mint?  What the what?   Well, it works.  It’s deep, rich, warm, festive and comfy all at the same time.  I love this.

Dollface:  Pink champagne with guava, pomegranate, Mexican bakery vanilla, and a splash of juniper.

In bottle-Guava sparkling wine.

Wet on skin-The juniper and guava are the first notes I notice.  The juniper quickly settles down and the champagne takes over.  There is a very light and sweet vanilla note that pops up, it’s almost ‘sparkly* if that makes sense.

Dry on skin-The champagne stays the star (which only seems legit, right?) and is supported perfectly by buoyant  guava and pomegranate.  The juniper is still slinking around in the background and it’s perfect for the effervescent champagne.

Verdict-Are you looking for a bright, bubbly and festive scent for New Years eve?  Well, this is it!  It’s the bubbly party girl of the collection.

Giggle Water:  Champagne infused with tropical white blossoms, citron, mango, sweet skin musk, and green galbanum.

In bottle-Citrus musk.

Wet on skin-Green galbanum all the way, bright and right up in your face.   The citron and white florals and pretty prominent and give this scent a very fresh feeling.

Dry on skin-As it dries down the musk makes it’s appearance.  It’s very soft and close, with the galbanum and bubbly blossoms still in the forefront.

Verdict-If you enjoy green herbal, white florals and bright cheerful scents then this is for you.   Ladylike, classy and still fun.P1160502

Sitting Pretty:  Sugared rum poured slowly over warm, sensual vanilla musk.

In bottle-Smells like a boozy sugar cookie.

Wet on skin-It’s definitely sweet, the rum and vanilla musk are perfect together.  The rum is not sharp or boozy here, it’s quite soft and redolent.

Dry on skin-This stays pretty true to form, it’s like if you made a rum and vanilla flavored sugar cookie and you’re sniffing the dough.

Verdict-The vanilla musk adds a beautiful touch and keeps this from being too straight up gourmand or foodie.   It’s a lovely warm and sensual perfume.   Two thumbs up form me.


Travelers:  A deep, dark blend of labdanum resin, worn leather, Mysore sandalwood, smoked resins of frankincense and myrrh, red dragonsblood, kush, and a hint of zazz.

In bottle-It’s like every single head shop I’ve ever walked into!

Wet on skin-Whoa, nelly!  It’s all leather, resins and kush.   As it settles the leather deepens and richens up a bit and the resins mellow a bit.   The sandalwood has finally made it to the party and really tones things down.

Dry on skin-The sandalwood has sort of slid into the front and it’s really beautiful.   All the other notes blend together to being you the penultimate hippy scent.

Verdict-It’s the super mega ultra lightning hippie scent.   If that’s your thing,  you need this and I have a feeling it will age beautifully.


Arcana The Beast Collection Reviews


Hotties!  I’m still catching up on the Arcana collection reviews and I’ve got another one for you.  This is an unbelievably sexy collection with just a few bottles left here and there at The Rhinestone Housewife.

The Beast Collection-Lascivious scents for libertines.

 Afterglow:  It exists between ecstasy and quietude. The soft euphoria of white amber, vanilla bean, vanilla milk, Malbec grapes, Arcana’s own Lust blend, cognac absolute, and a drop of cool peppermint.

In bottle-Grapes!

Wet on skin-The grapes are at the front door, knocking.  There’s just the briefest whiff of peppermint before the white amber shows up.

Dry on skin-The grapes stay the star of this blend.    The peppermint is perfect for keeping this from being grape candy.   The cognac absolute shows up as this dries down and adds a great component to the vanilla and amber, both of which are very soft.

Verdict-If you like grape scents then I would definitely recommend picking this up.   It’s a grown up grape, lush and ripe for the picking and ready for whatever shenanigans you might be up to.



Coitus Captivus:  An ensnarement of smoky, boozy sugarcane syrup with tiny hints of peach, red apple, pumpkin, and a warm grip of treacle.

In bottle-Smoky sugarcane….interesting!

Wet on skin-Super smoky right off the bat!  Kind of the way the cane fields smell when they burn them.   Takes me back to Hawaii!  Right now it’s all boozy, smoked sugar richness.

Dry on skin-The fruits do eventually make an appearance but they are definitely just hints.  This is a warm swirling cloud of thick rich sugared smoke and treacle.

Verdict-If smoky foodie scent are your thing, they grab this while you can!

Coitus Captivus

Coitus Captivus

Limerence: Blind hope buoyed by fixation and obsession. White tea, cotton candy, marshmallow, kush, blush musk, hibiscus blossoms, and a slash of dragonsblood.

In bottle-Candy tea.

Wet on skin-This is a tough one, I’m pretty sure I’m picking up the dragonsbood first, but it’s not super strong.  The tea floating around but it’s a soft hibiscus tea.  The dragonsblood really starts to amp up here and there’s just the briefest hint of kush.

Dry on skin-The dragonsblood stays the star in this blend.  The white supports it nicely and the cotton candy and marshmallow are super soft, floating around the edges.

Verdict-This is incense-y and herb-y with a bit of candy and tea.   A totally unique oil that I’ve never come across before.



Nymphomania:  Lusty Victorian ladies who foolishly admitted to liking sex wound up with this diagnosis. Eating too much chocolate, reading too many books, and wearing enticing perfumes were all among the causative factors. (Which explains a lot, no?) An indulgent blend of smoked frankincense, golden amber, warmly spiced vodka, thick myrrh, ruby guava, black tea, tobacco leaf, and pink pepper.

In bottle-Guava and pepper!

Wet on skin-A bright cloud of pink pepper surrounded by myrrh and frankincense.   As it settles in the black tea comes pouring out and it’s a great grounding note for all the spices and pepper.

Dry on skin-As this blend dries down it’s warmed up by the golden amber and it’s just lovely.  The ruby guava makes an appearance here as well as the spicy vodka.

Verdict-This is a really gorgeous oil!  The fruits combined with the spices and pepper are very sexy and warm and grown up.



Papillon D’Amour:  The butterflies of love. Warm skin musk and noir musk over apricot, dry ginger, a pinch of cinnamon, a nibble of mint, a bite of mace, and a tiny scratch of blackseed.

In bottle-Dried apples and pepper.

Wet on skin-The dried ginger is an interesting scent and it’s combined with the little bit of mint but it’s fresh like a sprig of mint.  The apricot is hovering just around the edges at this point and there’s just a bit of skin musk.

Dry on skin-Now I’m picking up a bit of what I thought was tea but must be either the mace or blackseed.  The skin musk has developed and is now softly mingling with the apricot.

Verdict-A soft, pretty and very comforting oil.    It’s beautiful, just like a butterfly!

Papllion D'Amour

Papillon D’Amour

Tumescence:  Dragonsblood resin engorged with smoked labdanum, incense, blood amber, crimson musk, peru balsam, tree sap, and black pepper.

In bottle-Red musk.

Wet on skin-Resins all the way, along with dragonsblood and tree sap.    The incense really starts to amp as this blends dries down.

Dry on skin-As this settles down the balsam and black pepper combine with the blood amber for a deep and rich cloud of fragrance.   The incense is still the star.

Verdict-This would be equally sexy on a boy or girl.  This is the kind of oil you wear when you’re on the prowl.



And a bonus review of once scent from the New Orleans trio:

Simbi D’l’Eau:  A Loa with the unpredictability and immense power of the oceans, he is pleased by offerings of water and green ribbons. A fresh, aquatic mix of tart raspberry, rainwater, green musk, clematis, osmanthus, tiare blossoms, and ambergris.

In bottle-Salt water and flower blossoms.

Wet on skin-This starts out with a creamy floral and aquatic vibe.  Like being on the beach and smelling fresh tropical flowers in the air.  There’s a hint of green musk wafting around, giving it an herbal bend.

Dry on skin-The florals and definitely the star here and they are gently supported by the rainwater and green musk.  I don’t ever really pick up the raspberries.

Verdict-A beautiful, feminine and pretty blend, perfect for a day in the tropics or if you love soft florals.


Simbi D’l’Eau

Arcana Grotesquerie Reviews


Hello hotties!   Today I bring to you a review post a year in the making.  I know, I know….it’s al ittle late for Hallowe’en reviews but in the honor of A Christmas Carol I’m trying to bring you reviews of collections past.   I feel like this Arcana collection didn’t get as much love as it should have at The Rhinestone Housewife and we still have stock available so I’m encouraging you to pick any up that sound good to you as once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

Bean Sidhe-The red-eyed Irish fairy who wails of death’s approach. A delicate blend of dark vanilla and sugared milk is spiked with woodsmoke, pale apple, porter, and glowing red musk.

In bottle:  Vanilla and apple.

Wet on skin:  Warm and yummy vanilla milk with a touch of red musk.  There is a very faint wisp of woodsmoke and just a bit of porter.

Dry on skin:  The sugared milk and dark vanilla are super tasty together.   The red musk and softened up and the smoke and porter add just a touch of edge so that the whole isn’t too cloying.

Verdict:  Delicious!  It’s a soft, warm and snuggly scent.

Bean Sidhe

Bean Sidhe

Bright Pink Giant SlugsAren’t you glad to live in a world where these exist? Guava, caramel, pink musk, smoke, damp wood, turbinado sugar, slug musk, and honey.

In bottle: Pink sugar.

Wet on skin: There is just the briefest whiff of delicate wood smoke all wrapped around the caramel and pink musk.   I don’t know what slug musk is but I assume that’s the earthy musk that is grounding all the sweets.

Dry on skin:  This is a touch scent to describe.   I’m getting the sugar first and foremost but it’s not a sickly sweet kind of sugar, it’s like taking a big whiff of a bag of Sugar In The Raw.  The smoke, damp wood and musk are VERY lights but add a nice depth to the blend.

Verdict:  I really like this oil.  It’s hard to describe but it’s rich and sweet and I think would smell equally nice on a boy or girl.

Bright Pink Giant Slugs

Bright Pink Giant Slugs

Croque-Mitaine-A terrifying French bogeyman who waits under the bed, ready to grab any child who refuses to sleep. Chocolate absolute, gooey marshmallow, vanilla bean, peru balsam, and a hint of clove bud.

In bottle:  Chocolate marshmallow

Wet on skin:  At first this blend is all a swirl of marshmallow, chocolate and vanilla.  As it softens down the clove and basalm come out and really take the foodie edge off.

Dry on skin:  So imagine that a marshmallow had been stored in a yummy smelling wood box and lightly dusted with dark chocolate powder and then swirled in light clove smoke and this is what you’ve got.

Verdict:  Wow, this was a surprise hit for me.   Foodie, but not too foodie and would be equally snuggly on a boy or girl.



Euryale-The second eldest Gorgon, Euryale was famous for her sharp fangs and piercing shriek. Ripe pomegranate and black cherry with hints of ginger, vanilla, and cardamom.

In bottle:  Dark cherry and pomegranate.

Wet on skin:  This is all pomegranate right at first drizzled in black cherry and ginger.  The cardamom is just a slight whisper in the background, telling you secrets of delicious things to come.

Dry on skin:  This is shriek of pomegranate and cherry, amplified by the ginger.  I don’t think there is red ginger but if there was this would be it.   It’s a sexy song of fruit and sensual spice.

Verdict:  This is one of my favorite blends, a top ten for me.   If you love cherry, pick this up while you can!



Gigelorum-The smallest Scottish beastie in existence. Cider, winesap apples, myrrh, oakmoss, black pepper, citron, and patchouli.

In bottle:  Apple cider dusted with black pepper.

Wet on skin:  The black pepper is the star here with the myrrh and oakmoss supporting the apples.  The myrrh really amps up and with the citron gives it a nice punch.

Dry on skin:  As this dries down the fruity aspect of the apples and cider slowly fades to the background and the oakmoss and myrrh really blossom and the black pepper gives it a nice edge.

Verdict:  This would a glorious on a boy!   Sexy, fresh and slightly beastly in the best way possible.



Glashtin-This Manx water horse nicely offers rides, then drags his victims under the waves forever. Astringent black tea, oats, ginger, sea water, and bee pollen.

In bottle:  Bracing tea,

Wet on skin:  Tea and sea water right out of the gate!  The bee pollen is a beautiful compliment to the tea and water and kind of wraps them in a warm cloud.

Dry on skin:  The ginger has made an appearance and it’s the star here.  All wrapped up in tea and softened with the oats this has turned into a nice, snuggly scent.

Verdict:  I really enjoy this.  It’s a rich and snuggly scent which is interesting as it has a bit of an aquatic edge to it.



Kijimuna-A zingy scent for the mischievous prankster wood sprites of Okinawa. Grapefruit, yuzu fruit, rice milk, rice wine, massoia bark, lemongrass, and banyan.

In bottle:  A creamy fruit popsicle.

Wet on skin: Yuzu fruit, bright and sparkling with the rice milk and grapefruit.  As the fruit settles in the massoia bark and banyan add a nice depth and keep it from being too bright or fruity.

Dry on skin:  The lemongrass has made an appearance here and it’s glorious.  It’s a perfect compliment for the sparkly fruits and exotic milk and  rice wine.

Verdict:  A very surprise hit for me! Soft, sexy, grown up and refreshing.



Lechuza– Recite the Hail Mary backwards in Spanish to escape from the shape-shifting witch bird of Mexico. Bergamot, sweet orange, kumquat, bitter cacao, frankincense, tobacco, black pepper, and black tea.

In bottle:  Bergamot and black pepper…all the way!

Wet on skin:  Uplifting bergamot welcomes you in and the bitter cacoa takes your coat and offers you a seat.  As you settle in you smell sweet orange tea all spiced up with black pepper.

Dry on skin:  The bitter cacao blends beautifully with the bergamot and sweet orange with just a hint of kumquat.   All swirled up in black tea and just a dash of the peppers and spices, this is a gorgeous, rich scent.

Verdict:  Wow, what a stunner!  Sexy, warm, rich, grown up.   I love this shape-shifting bird witch of Mexico!



Medusa-Beautiful, horrifying Medusa could turn anyone to stone with a glance. Hot cinnamon and spiced lime with dirty musk and sugar.

In bottle:  Cinnamon and lime!

Wet on skin:  Hot and scorching cinnamon all the way at first with a bright burst of spicy lime.  The musk and sugar and hiding in the shadows, lurking about the edges.

Dry on skin:  This blend dries down to all hot cinnamon and is gorgeously supported by the lime, dirty musk and sugar.  No craft store cinnamon or spice here!

Verdict:  If you like cinnamon then you’ll LOVE this.  This is one of those blends that I always get compliments on when I wear it.



Skookum-The Chinook version of Bigfoot. A Northwest blend of fir needle oil, juniper, hemlock, rain, tiny wildflowers, strawberries, and a pinch of cool earth.

In bottle:  Fir needle oil all the way!

Wet on skin:  Woodsy, evergreen, fir needles, hemlocks and earth.  Like walking through a forest of evergreens in the Pacific Northwest.  Just a hint of rain and wildflowers peek out as it settles in.

Dry on skin:  The evergreens remain the star of this oil, and they are PERFECTLY supported by the ever so soft wildflowers and grounded by the pinch of earth.

Verdict: A gorgeous evergreen blend that doesn’t suffer at all by the ‘Pine-Sol effect’.  You know what I’m talking about but this oil will be perfect for those that love fresh, green, earthy or outdoorsy scents.    Like when you have a fresh Christmas tree in your abode and every morning you wake up and and enjoy the smell.



Stink Ape-Why is Florida’s version of Sasquatch called the Stink Ape despite smelling like warm sugar cookies, vanilla pods, ruby grapefruit, pink pepper, fruity osmanthus blossoms, cedarwood, bergamot, and cardamom? Because of a classic smear campaign by jealous rivals.

In bottle: Citrus sugar cookies!

Wet on skin: Stink Ape is all red grapefruit and bergamot.  It’s refreshing and bright and quite lovely.  The cardamom is just a whisper in the background and adds a nice soft spiciness that is much needed.

Dry on skin:  Osmanthus blossoms have, well…..blossomed and are mingling quite nicely with the vanilla pods and bergamot.   The cedarwood and pink pepper give it a nice base to really let the citrus shine.

Verdict:  The name does NOT fit this oil.  It’s beautiful and while it might stink, the the words of my nephew, “It stinks good.”

Stink Ape

Stink Ape

Strigoi-Unwelcome even in Hell, these Romanian super vampires are disproportionately likely to be redheads. Black rose petals and violets with dragonsblood resin and kush.

In bottle:  Deep, dark blossoms.

Wet on skin:  This is ALL black rose and violets at first.  While the florals are the star, the dragonsblood and kush and softly wafting behind the scenes, waiting to pounce.

Dry on skin:  The rose and violet have blossomed in the heat of night and distracted you from the dragonsblood resin and kush and there’s nothing for it, you’re a goner.

Verdict:  This scent perfectly embodies it’s name.   Dark florals and deadly resins.   You better watch out.



Suvannamaccha-The essence of a Thai mermaid: golden jasmine, coconut, pearl musk, skin musk, and a drop of hyssop.

In bottle:  Jasmine and musk.

Wet on skin:  Pearl musk and skin musk gently dance around a base of golden jasmine.  The jasmine is very soft and quite light and once the coconut makes an appearance really blossoms.

Dry on skin:  A very beachy coconut is right up front and grabbing your attention.  The jasmine is quite retiring now and the musks have really blossomed again.

Verdict:  A warm, beachy scent of all coconut, soft jasmine and gorgeous musks.



Tacky Ornament Swap Photos!


Happy holiday’s, hotties!

Every year I participate in a tacky ornament swap.  This year the goods were too tacky to keep to myself AND my swap partner was supremely generous.   Behold the tack:

Tacky Christmas forever!

Tacky Christmas forever!

My swap partner was very generous and added some amazing extras in my package as well and included a lot of stuff that I haven’t had the change to try before so I’m super excited:

Look at all those extra goodies!

Look at all those extra goodies!

I got fuzzy socks, holiday socks with puppies wearing Santa hats, a goodie bag, candy, jasmine tea, TFSI (a holy grail product), and shower gel and body lotion from Sixteen 92.   Whoo!  Thank you so much reddit user, aumerle!

Villainess Soaps Now At The Rhinestone Housewife


Hello hotties!

In case you didn’t hear it via our newsletter (which you should totally sign up for!) The Rhinestone Housewife is pleased to announce a shiny new partnership with Villainess Soaps!   We are currently perfecting a brand new exclusive scent that will be available in the next couple of months but in the meantime we wanted to bring you some fun seasonal soaps to play with.   We will gradually be expanding our stock to include more products to stay tuned.

Eatable Pillow

Colour:Lavender swirled with taupe.
Distinguishing Features: Absolutely smooth, sheer, silken lather.
Characteristic Scent:Gossamer-light marshmallows, grounded by sweet amber, and drizzled with bright lavender syrup.

Eatable Pillow

Eatable Pillow

Just Desserts

Colour:Caramel and cream.
Distinguishing Features: Absolutely smooth, silken filling in an orange peel crust.
Characteristic Scent:Blood oranges dripping over a warm, resinous vanilla, wrappedin a dry peel of orange zest.

Just Desserts

Just Desserts

Mall Santa

Colour:Cinnamon swirled with Cream Cheese frosting.
Distinguishing Features: Absolutely smooth, sheer, silken lather lightly sprinkled with cinnamon.
Characteristic Scent:The pervasive scent of cinnamon buns and cream cheese frosting, underscored with cheap whiskey, tobacco stains, toffee candies and delicious filthy lucre.

Mall Santa

Mall Santa


Colour: Red, White and Green stripes.
Distinguishing Features: Absolutely smooth, sheer, silken latherl.
Characteristic Scent:Crisp peppermint and creamed confectioner’s sugar cooled with snow and pine.


If you are interested in checking out more products, head on over to the Villainess Soaps site and take a look see at the huge array of products they have to offer.

Arcana Yule 2014 Reviews


Hello hotties!  I know you’ve been waiting for this so here it is, the Arcana Yule 2014 review post of DOOM!  These Arcana limited edition scents are available only while supplies last at The Rhinestone Housewife so grab them while you can!


Come to Krampus:  An intoxicating invitation to the underworld. Blackest musk, charred vanilla beans, kush, thick opium, and oudh.

In bottle-Dark and brooding.

Wet on skin-Kush, kush all the way!   The kush is wrapped up in a thick whirl of blackest musk and the charred vanilla beans.

Dry on skin-The vanilla beans are the first thing I notice, and they are accompanied nicely by the opium and oudh.   The musk and kush have really settled down and add a nice balance.

Verdict-This is a serious dark and brooding blend.   If you like dark and intoxicating then this is for you.    This would also smell divine on a boy.  I’m betting this will get even better with age.

Krampusnacht Old leather, infernal smoke, vintage patchouli, cubeb, ho wood, a drop of fir oil, and a touch of brisk Alpine night air.

In bottle-Fir and crisp night air.

Wet on skin-Crisp fir and ho wood are the stars right at first.   The old leather and smoke make an appearance and add to the woodsy feel of this blend.

Dry on skin-The notes in this blend have lent a bit of an incensey feel to this oil.  Like really nice fir incense kept in a nice wooden box and when lit, magic!

Verdict-A rich and brooding evergreen blend that’s perfect for a boy or a lady that might like a less frivolous and sweet blend.   A ton of throw and I bet this will last forever and age beautifully.

Krampus Nog Eggnog with vodka, rum, sweet cream, nutmeg, and wicked amber.

In bottle-Spiked eggnog (the song of my people)  ;-)

Wet on skin-Whoa, booze!   Booze surrounded by sweet cream and nutmeg.

Dry on skin-The nutmeg is commanding attention but it’s swirled in a lovely cloud of the sweet cream and eggnog with a dash of amber.   The booze has taken a backseat and is just enough to make sure this scent isn’t cloying at all.

Verdict-A very warm and rich, snuggly scent.   I grabbed a bottle for me.   *Pro tip* This is wonderful layered with McNaughty Nog!


Lebkuchen Krampus Gingerbread Krampus? Yes please! Blood red musk flows through intense gingerbread, chai spices, cardamom, white pepper, incense, and sweet clove.

In bottle-Foody spicy clove.

Wet on skin-The cardamom is right up front and quite creamy, followed by the chai spices and white pepper.  The gingerbread get more prominent as the blend dries down.

Dry on skin-As it has dried down the blood red musk is in the spotlight and it really grounds this blend and keeps it from being too foody or sweet.    The sweet clove and incense have blended nicely with the gingerbread to support the red musk.

Verdict-A must have for me….I snagged a bottle for myself.  If you like spice then you need this.


Ribbons & Teddy Bears What remains after Krampus takes the children. Remnants of French vanilla and pistachio ice creams, apricot jam, sugared peach, melty chocolate, sticky candy canes, orange peels, and sweet coconut.

In bottle-Peach candy!

Wet on skin-A nice splash if citrusy peach with a drizzle of the pistachio ice cream.  Just a bit of French vanilla and apricot jam is peeking out at this point.

Dry on skin-Now I’m getting the sticky candy canes and coconut and it’s absolutely brilliant with the various sugared fruits.   A gorgeous cloud of sweet, bright and delicious notes.

Verdict-Love.  I stole a bottle of this for myself.  This blend isn’t what I was expecting, not cloying sweet or little girlish.  It’s a bright and cheerful oil that’s perfect if you like candy, fruity or feminine scents.


Schnaps mit Krampus:  If Krampus comes to your house, you’d best pass him the bottle. A boozy, rummy blend of apple, tangerine, and pear schnaps over woodsmoke, labdanum, and a hint of Arcana’s Growl blend.

In bottle-Apple!

Wet on skin-Tangerine and apples are dancing around the pear schnaps in a delightfully boozy way.

Dry on skin-As it’s died down the labdanum cuts through the fruits and booze.   There is just the merest whiff of woodsmoke and it’s a perfect compliment to the bright fruits.

Verdict-I love the brightness of this blend.  It’s not heavy or boozy but comforting and quite pretty.


Gersemi:  Beautiful Gersemi is the daughter of Freyja and the Norse goddess of precious objects. Perfect vanilla, frozen honey, white chocolate, oudh, skin musk, and one drop of patchouli.

In bottle-Chocolate!

Wet on skin-The chocolate and skin musk are shimmery and pretty with the frozen honey oudh sparkling in the background.   The vanilla is just the merest hint.

Dry on skin-As it dries down the skin musk amps a bit as does the oudh.   The white chocolate starts to peek out and adds a really nice sweetness to this blend.  I don’t get any of the patchouli but that might change as it ages.

Verdict-Gorgeous, hoard worthy and hypnotic.   I think it will age very nicely.   Good throw.


Hnossa:  Lovely Hnossa is Gersemi’s sister and the Norse goddess of desire. Sugar cookies with frosted tuberose petals, white tiare, gardenia, star jasmine, skin musk, ivory musk, and pink sugar.

In bottle-Pink sugar!

Wet on skin-The pink sugar is the star right here with a supporting cast of delicate white florals, the skin and ivory musk are keeping the florals soft and wispy.

Dry on skin-The tuberose and gardenia have really blossomed now and they are softened and warmed up with the sugar cookie and musks.  The pink sugar is the perfect compliment and while prominent doesn’t steal the show.

Verdict-This is the surprising one of the bunch for me.  Whilst I love florals and in particular white florals I typically can’t wear them on my skin but this blend seems to be working for me.  If you love florals or ‘pink’ scent, grab this one while you can…’s brilliant!


McNaughty Nog:  Exclusive to The Rhinestone Housewife! Eggnog, Arcana’s beloved yellow cake note, rum, fresh milk, nutmeg, and a drizzle of toasty caramel.

In bottle-Rum and yellow cake.

Wet on skin-Delicious, delicious yellow cake wrapped up in nutmeg and a creamy caramel.  Briefly wafting in the back ground is fresh milk and eggnog.

Dry on skin-This blend dries down to a beautiful, rich and gourmand scent.  It’s all yellow cake iced with spiked eggnog caramel frosting but dusted with nutmeg for just enough spice to keep it grounded.

Verdict-It’s named after me so of course I love it!  *Pro tip* Layer this with Krampus Nog for the ultimate olfactory experience!


Oscura:  For the long, dark nights. Vanilla oleoresin, pure sandalwood, benzoin, balsam of Peru, 10 year aged labdanum absolute, cassia, Omani frankincense, and white cognac oil.

In bottle-Sandalwood and balsam.

Wet on skin-It’s a dark colored oil, full of balsam of Peru and redolent with frankincense.  The white cognac oil and vanilla oleoresin make me want to lick my arm.  It’s a true, gorgeous and not artificial smelling vanilla.

Dry on skin-The woods are the most prominent notes with the rich vanilla adding to the really wonderful blend.   The cassia is just a hint of spice and the labdanum and frankincense are taking a back seat here.

Verdict-This is a thick, rich and lush scent.   I’m sure it’s going to age beautifully and will be equally wonderful on a boy or girl.


Winter’s Wolves:  The scent of the Great Forest itself: a silent blanket of snow, fir needle, juniper, black spruce, cold white violets, and a small howl of peppermint.

In bottle-Icy and brisk.

Wet on skin-The cold white violets are nestled underneath firs and spruce, with fresh snow swirling around.

Dry on skin-The violets are the silent star of this blend, beautiful and creamy.  The evergreens are the perfect compliment and add such a lovely base for the snow and just a suggestion of peppermint.

Verdict-Lovely and surprisingly pretty and wearable.   A beautiful icy and refreshing floral without being too precious.



2014 Arcana Yule Collection At The Rhinestone Housewife


Hello hotties!   Are you ready for the holidays?  We are!    And The Rhinestone Housewife is so excited to be bringing to you the new Arcana 2014 Yule collection.  This collection will have something for everyone; whether you like sweet, spicy, naughty or nice there will be something just for you.  This collection is available for pre-order and should ship out within a week.    Just in time for Kramp….err, Santa.


The Krampus Collection

While Santa Claus leaves his comfortable home at the North Pole only once a year, Krampus is a traveler, a vagrant, an unwelcome transient who picks up his mail in Hell. Sure, Santa lets him tag along in the sleigh, but while Santa is munching down cookies and basking in love, what does Krampus get? Fear and scorn. No wonder he’s so miffed!

Come to Krampus:  An intoxicating invitation to the underworld. Blackest musk, charred vanilla beans, kush, thick opium, and oudh.

Krampusnacht:  Old leather, infernal smoke, vintage patchouli, cubeb, ho wood, a drop of fir oil, and a touch of brisk Alpine night air.

Krampus Nog:  Eggnog with vodka, rum, sweet cream, nutmeg, and wicked amber.

Lebkuchen Krampus:  Gingerbread Krampus? Yes please! Blood red musk flows through intense gingerbread, chai spices, cardamom, white pepper, incense, and sweet clove.

Ribbons & Teddy Bears:  What remains after Krampus takes the children. Remnants of French vanilla and pistachio ice creams, apricot jam, sugared peach, melty chocolate, sticky candy canes, orange peels, and sweet coconut.

Schnaps mit Krampus:  If Krampus comes to your house, you’d best pass him the bottle. A boozy, rummy blend of apple, tangerine, and pear schnaps over woodsmoke, labdanum, and a hint of Arcana’s Growl blend.

And more Yule…

Gersemi:  Beautiful Gersemi is the daughter of Freyja and the Norse goddess of precious objects. Perfect vanilla, frozen honey, white chocolate, oudh, skin musk, and one drop of patchouli.

Hnossa:  Lovely Hnossa is Gersemi’s sister and the Norse goddess of desire. Sugar cookies with frosted tuberose petals, white tiare, gardenia, star jasmine, skin musk, ivory musk, and pink sugar.

McNaughty Nog:  Exclusive to The Rhinestone Housewife! Eggnog, Arcana’s beloved yellow cake note, rum, fresh milk, nutmeg, and a drizzle of toasty caramel.

Oscura:  For the long, dark nights. Vanilla oleoresin, pure sandalwood, benzoin, balsam of Peru, 10 year aged labdanum absolute, cassia, Omani frankincense, and white cognac oil.

Winter’s Wolves:  The scent of the Great Forest itself: a silent blanket of snow, fir needle, juniper, black spruce, cold white violets, and a small howl of peppermint.

Label art by Alexandria Noel

Stay off the naughty list!

On the naughty list?  That's ok, we don't care!  (P.S. Hottie's on the naughty list EVERY year)

On the naughty list? That’s ok, we don’t care! (P.S. Hottie’s on the naughty list EVERY year)

Yule 2014 Sale At The Rhinestone Housewife!


Hello hotties?  Are you staying warm and cozy this holiday season?  And for those of you in more tropical climes, are you staying warmed by the sun?  Well, I sure hope so.   Did you know that the time between Halloween and the New Year is my very favorite time of the year?   We’ve got Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year all in a fabulous, creepy and rhinestoned row with tinsel and champagne poured on top.  And crammed in the middle on the 26th of December is my birthday!  Is it the very WORST time to have a birthday…..why yes….yes it is.

This photo perfectly describes just about every birthday I've ever had.  Not my proudest moment but is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!

This photo perfectly describes just about every birthday I’ve ever had. Not my proudest moment but hey… is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!

That’s why I like to make my own fun.   This year, The Rhinestone Housewife is having a huge sale for the *entire* season.


This sale will run until 1/1/5 and features some great deals.    All makeup is 50% off already and all Arcana perfume oils are 10% off.   With coupon code YULE2014  you will receive 20% off all orders between $10.01-50.00, 30% off all orders $50.01-100.00 and a whopping 40% off all orders $100.01 and more.  Plus every 10th order placed will receive free shipping!   The lucky winner will have shipping refunded within 24 hours and will be notified via email.

A couple more updates:

Cirmes Tonsorial Parlour products are no longer available so what we’ve it is it.  If there’s something that you’ve been lusting after or you’re looking for a really nice gift for the gent in your life please check these products out.  Frankly, I’m really surprised these are still available.   My friend Rion loves them!  There are lots of other wonderful men’s products available in the Manly Man section.

And finally, we all know how amazing Arcana products are, right?  Well after almost ten years of being in business they have implemented their first price increase in the history of the company.  What does this mean to you?   All Arcana perfume oils are now at a $17 price point.   How do we feel about this?  Here at The Rhinestone Hosuewife we embrace it and support Julia of Arcana 100%!  Why you ask?  Because we love our suppliers and support them in any way we can.   Arcana has a cult following for a reason-because they are awesome-sauce!   All Arcana perfume oils are marked down 10% through the first of the year because Arcana and The Rhinestone Housewife love you!  Also, we have some delightful new sugar scrubs coming from Arcana soon so stay tuned!

On the naughty list?  That's ok, we don't care!  (P.S. Hottie's on the naughty list EVERY year)

On the naughty list? That’s ok, we don’t care! (P.S. Hottie’s on the naughty list EVERY year)

Halloween 2014 Jack O Lantern Carves 20-27


More Jack O Lanterns!  I’m in the home stretch now, only seven more to go before tomorrow night.

Carve #20 Lotsa



Carve #21 Zuul



Carve #22 Vinz Clortho

Vinz Clortho

Vinz Clortho

Carve #23 Slimer



Carve #24 Peter Venkman

Peter Venkman

Peter Venkman

Carve #25 Ray Stanz

Ray Stanz

Ray Stanz

Carve #26 Egon Spengler

Egon Spengler

Egon Spengler

Carve #27 The Riddler

The Riddler

The Riddler

Some of the crop

Some of the crop