New Naiad Soap Arts Products Available At The Rhinestone Housewife


You guys asked, and we listened….you LOVE Naiad Soap Arts products so we added some festive new LE products to The Rhinestone Housewife just in time for the holidays!


Cranberry Sugar Cookie Shea Butter Body Cream – Cranberry Sugar Cookie Body Cream is scented like fresh baked sugar cookie, with a touch of zesty tart cranberry and cinnamon!

Sweet Pumpkin Shea Butter Body Cream – Sweet Pumpkin Scent: our popular Sweet Pumpkin, with butter and brown sugar. Featuring pumpkin seed oil!

Sandalwood Vanilla Shea Butter Body Cream – Sandalwood Vanilla is a perfect blend of woody, earthy, sensual sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla and a hint of sweet amber and baby powder.

Almond Biscotti Shea Butter Body Cream – Almond Biscotti: This smells just like fresh baked biscotti with toasted almonds! You’d swear your in an Italian Bakery!


New mini whipped sugar scrubs are here as well!  These are the perfect size for gifting to be sure to stock up so that you’ve always got something cute and thoughtful on hand.

Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub is a convenient scrub, cleanser and moisturizer in one! Made with skin loving moisturizers and cleansers derived from natural ingredients, in a variety of unique, expertly blended fragrances! Fine sugar gently polishes and softens skin. You’ll get TONS of bubbly lather when you use it with a bath poof and it’s gentle enough for every day use.


Sweet Pumpkin:  Sweet baked Pumpkin with golden crisp brown sugar and butter crumb topping!

Pineapple Mint: The sweetest pineapple with buttery mint! Tropical and refreshing – with real plant essential oils!

Cranberry Sugar Cookie: Sugar Cookies like Grandma used to make with sweet cranberry vanilla frosting and a hint of cinnamon!

Frosted Spruce: Sweet syrup, crystal sugar candy and crisp, snowy Blue Spruce. A clean and refreshing holiday scent reminiscent of fresh cut spruce trees!

Sweet Pumpkin Whipped soap also available in the large 10oz size!

Can’t get enough pumpkin yet?  Check out the new Spiced Pumpkin Lip Balm.  It’s got just enough spice to make it plump your lips a little bit and it smells divine while moisturizing without being sticky or gummy.


Love a great bar of soap?   Ugh, this smells sooooo good and I can’t stop huffing it.    Naiad’s Pumpkin Spice Soap is THE soap every single pumpkin aficionado should have.

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Villainess Smack Now Available At The Rhinestone Housewife


Hello hotties!    We’re excited to bring you more of our popular Villainess products, this time we’re presenting Smack! at The Rhinestone Housewife.   What is Smack! you ask?  Well, let me tell you.

Villainess describes Smack! as “The Villainess Smack! is a big wet kiss of luxury. A gentle blend of foaming agents, spiked liberally with skin loving vegetables oils – grapeseed, cherry kernel, cococnut – and anti-oxidant Orchid Extract, and laced with botanicals and cane sugar to simultaneously cleanse, buffer, and exfoliate. Smack! is free of parabens, lauryl sulfates, propylene glycol, FD&C dyes, and phthalates and is available in 23,751 fragrances.”  While we won’t be bringing you 23, 751 different varieties, we think you’ll find something you like in what we chose, with more to be added soon!


Birth Rite Smack! – Layers of Incense, Buttercream Cupcake and Spicetrade, topped with a scoop of Berry Patch.

Black Citrus Smack! – Equal portions of cool Coconut Milk, sweet Vanilla Bean, deep Unearthed and bright Fresh Squeezed Citrus.

Black Out Smack! – Two scoops of Incense sweetened with Chocolate Mousse and Honey Nut.

Bonfire Days Smack! – Equal portions Bonfire, Bluegrass, Redwoods and Vanilla Bean.

Candy Cane Cupcake Smack! –  Exquisite equal portions of our chilling Mint Medley, tooth-aching Candy Floss, Buttercream Cupcake, and sublime Vanilla Bean.

Cherry Cordial Smack! – One perfect scoop of Cherries Jubilee, nestled in a gooey Vanilla Bean cream and encased in two decadent scoops of Chocolate Mousse.

Coffee Break Smack! – A scoop of too-strong Espresso, a sweet touch of Honeynut, Buttercream Cupcake, and a single dose of Spice Trade.

Crushed Smack! – Two decadent layers of Chocolate Mousse with a single grounding scoop of Red Woods, and a fresh, sweet Raspberry Plum.

DST Smack! – Cold November mornings – too early, too cold and not nearly enough caffeine. Falling leaves and Red Woods, Espresso with a warm shot of Spice Trade, and a creamy touch of Vanilla Bean.

Exhumation Smack! – Layers of visceral Raspberry Plum goo, Chocolate Mousse treats, tooth-rotting Candy Floss and the grave’s own Unearthed filth.

Exsanguination Smack! – Crimson pools of Cherries Jubilee, Raspberry Plum and Berry Patch and drips of dragon’s blood-rich Incense.

Goldflake Smack! – Two scoops of Honey Nut spliced with Spice Trade and Incense.

Grenade Smack!  – Exquisitely tart portions of Limeade and Fresh Squeezed Citrus with a sweet punch of Cherries Jubilee and Raspberry Plum.

Harvest Peach Smack! – Celebrate the transition from summer’s warmth to autumn’s chill with a scoop of Georgia Peach, one Fresh Squeezed Citrus, one Spice Trade and deep Unearthed.


New Dreaming Tree Soaps Available At The Rhinestone Housewife!


Just in time for the best holiday season around, we’ve got new Dreaming Tree Soaps available for your bathing pleasure at The Rhinestone Housewife.  These lovely beauties will be available while supplies last so don’t wait, pick them up while you can!   We’ve also added a couple new classic soaps to our line up.  You guys asked for more Dreaming Tree and we listened!

Black Water Park-A lovers park, completely out of place on the edge of haunted woods, now touched by the hand of darkness. Dark, deep woods, a heart of amber, clove and everlasting night.

Black Water Park

Black Water Park

Fruit Fool Soap-An american take on an english desert.  Stewed, tart green apples and fresh main blueberries. Simple and yummy.

Fruit Fool Soap

Fruit Fool Soap

Haunted Soap-The last nights of summer, tuberose growing wild across a fresh dug grave, hot summer rain on stone, ancient incense. Something here just won’t rest.

Haunted Soap

Haunted Soap

Monster Mash Soap-Drac’s own secret recipe! A fun and fruity punch blend of cranberry, raspberry & citrus vanilla, magical herbs and autumn spices.

Monster Mash Soap

Monster Mash Soap

Poisoned Apple Soap-What is that Wicked Queen up to? Tart green crabby appples, ensorceled in soft creamy spiced caramel. Don’t be fooled all this sweetness and tart hides a poisonous secret.

Poisoned Apple Soap

Poisoned Apple Soap

Pumpkin King Soap-Sweet pumpkin swirled with deep, dark spices throughout define this mouth watering yet mysterious body bar. This fall classic is back better than ever! With lots of moisturizing cocoa butter and enzyme-rich pumpkin puree, this soap will nurture and rejuvenate your skin like no other! But get him soon – he only comes out but once a year!

Pumpkin King Soap

Pumpkin King Soap

Pumpkin Pasties Soap-Made with REAL organic pumpkin!  Another treat straight from Hogsmeade! What are Pumpkin Pasties? Delicious little pumpkin hand pies; stuffed to the brim with pumpkin brown sugar, maple caramel, and a buttery golden crust, topped with toasted pecans.

Pumpkin Pasties Soap

Pumpkin Pasties Soap

Smokey Mountain Apple Chai Soap-An apple festival tucked away in the mountains gathered around autumn fires with a creamy spicy cup of chai in your hands. Rich in avocado it will not only smell amazing but revive your skin!

Smokey Mountain Apple Chai Soap

Smokey Mountain Apple Chai Soap

The Drapery Falls Soap-The banquet is sumptuously set: autumn figs, baked sweets, honeyed fruits platters set on plates of fresh fallen leaves, the goblets are filled by servants with what appears to be mulled wine.

The Drapery Falls Soap

The Drapery Falls Soap

We also added the following to the shop:

Hobbiton Banana Bread-Warm toasty oats, a smidge of vanilla, tender spices and fresh banana puree. YUM!

Hobbiton Banana Bread

Hobbiton Banana Bread

Nevermore Soap-Suitably dark, potentially maddening blend of absinthe, exotic spices, and ancient rich sandalwood to leave you wishing for ‘morrow nevermore.

Nevermore Soap

Nevermore Soap

Misty Mountain Soap-Imagine standing atop one of the lofty peaks of the Misty Mountain cold.  Cool mint wind blowing and kicking up leaves, surrounded by woods and crushed herbs under foot. That’s what this herbal fresh bar brings to the shower! And when I say fresh I mean screaming, naturally fresh. This essential oil blend combined with purifying clays and nourishing skin oils banish maliferous odors and unsightly blemishes back to the shadows.

Misty Mountain Soap

Misty Mountain Soap

Wolf Moon Soap-Dark, earthy patchouli and sandalwood, buried in warm spices and a touch of apple. Feel free to howl at the moon!

Wolf Moon Soap

Wolf Moon Soap

Mary Jane Shampoo Bar-An earthy but clean scented shampoo bar, decadently enriched with hemp oil for clean healthy hair and scalp with shinny manageable hair! Eco-friendly too!

Mary Jane Shampoo Bar

Mary Jane Shampoo Bar

Arcana Hallowe’en Reviews – Sunken Lyonesse, Terrors, Ravenous II


Oh, I know you guys have been waiting for this!   The Arcana Hallowe’en collection is always highly anticipated so without further ado, here it is!


Isolde:  White chocolate, pale almond milk, delicate vanilla, cream, and a touch of sheer musk.

In bottle:  Delicate cream.

Wet on skin:  The almond milk is the first note to appear with vanilla very lightly following behind.

Dry on skin:  The creams really come to life here and the white chocolate lends a nice hands in blending the soft vanilla and musk.

Verdict:  This is a soft, feminine and comforting scent.

Tristan:  Sandalwood, caramel, animalic musk, sweet tree roots, and a hint of Cornish violets.

In bottle: Sandalwood and musk.

Wet on skin:  Mmmmm, sexy musk and woods are right up front and knocking at the door.

Dry on skin:  The caramel is rich a sexy and super gorgeous with the woods and very faintest hint of violet.  The musk keeps this from being too sweet or cloying.

Verdict:  Gorgeous, rich and sexy.  Even with the violets, this would be equally amazing on a boy or girl.

Unearthly Lovely:  Dusty honey, bee pollen, and vanilla bean.

In bottle:  Soft vanilla.

Wet on skin:  Very light and ethereal honey at first with the vanilla bean just peeking in the door.

Dry on skin:  This is all honey, but not dirty honey…it’s soft and slightly dusty with a nice, rich vanilla chaser.

Verdict:  This would be great for people who typically can’t wear a more swarthy honey. It’s very soft and pretty and would be completely office or work appropriate.

Marble Flowers:  Opulent tuberose petals, neroli, sheer bergamot, white amber, pearl musk, and white cognac absolute.

In bottle:  Bergamot and neroli.

Wet on skin:  Bergamot and tuberose are the stars here at first…it’s bright and bracing and fresh.

Dry on skin:  As this dries down the white amber and pearl musk soften up the bergamot and floral.   The white cognac absolute is the perfect, grounding note here….it’s just the right compliment for the brighter notes.

Verdict:  A beautiful, rich floral and should appeal to those that might not typically enjoy florals.   I believe this will age beautifully.


Nereids:  Shimmering water, sweet apples, Tiare, rain, pink jasmine, green musk, and wildflowers.

In bottle:  Aquatic apples.

Wet on skin:  The apples and tiara are both floating around in the sparkly water….like if you went to a party and they were bobbing for apples and someone had the brilliant idea of adding flowers to the water.

Dry on skin:  The rain and green musk descend on this blend and saturate the apples and florals.  The jasmine is just pink and sweet enough and the wildflowers are a nice addition.

Verdict:  The lovely, fresh and alluring aquatic floral.   I want to wear this while dancing in an impromptu rainstorm.


The Sullen Courts of Sleep:  A tenebrous blend of amber resin, coconut milk, skin musk, and French cognac.

In bottle:  Soft coconut.

Wet on skin:  Ugh, the French cognac is gorgeous and creamy….lush.   The coconut milk and skin musk are succulent and rich.

Dry on skin:  As this dies down the amber resin is the perfect compliment to the lush and creamy coconut and cognac.  It’s warm, rich and very, very heavenly and not in a foodie way.

Verdict:  This is the surprise hit of the collection for me.   It’s so lovely and everyone should buy it!


Sabbath Eve:  Crisp, dead leaves, evening woodsmoke, dark amber, and smoking church incense.

In bottle:  Dead leaves and incense.

Wet on skin:  Smokey goodness and incense.  The dark amber just starts to appear on the front edge of this drying down.

Dry on skin:  The incense really amps up as this dries down with the woodsmoke swirling around.  The amber and leaves add a nice earthy vibe.

Verdict:  Do you love resinous, smokey and churchy blends?   Then this one is for you!   This would be equally magnificent on a boy or a girl.


The Kraken:  There’s a Kraken in the Celtic Sea? Of course! There’s a Kraken in every sea. Gorgeous smoked vanilla, black vanilla, saltwater, China musk, and black musk.

In bottle:  Saltwater and musks.

Wet on skin:  The smoked vanilla is first to this party on the high seas with the black vanilla close behind.   The saltwater is just whirlpooling around behind the other notes….waiting to suck you down into the briny depths.

Dry on skin:  The black vanillas and the musks are the real stars here and the saltwater the is perfect complimentary note for this blend.

Verdict:  RELEASE THE KRAKEN!  (you knew that was coming, right?)   This is the aquatic for those that typically can’t wear aquatics.



The Terrors

Apples Crave Terror:  Holy Terror (burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles), ice-cold apples, and an extra shot of smoky frankincense.

In bottle: Earthy apples.

Wet on skin:  Smoky, chilly apples are here and they are proud!

Dry on skin:  As it’s dried down, the Terror slinks out of the shadows and becomes the star with the crisp apples a bright supporting player.

Verdict:  Do you like apples?  Do you like Holy Terror?   Then you’ll love this!


Peaches Crave Terror:  Yellow and white peaches with Holy Terror (burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles).

In bottle:  Peachy resins.

Wet on skin:  There is a lovely peach medley happening here at first.    The Terror is still lurking about in the background waiting to descend and devour the juicy goodness.

Dry  on skin:  The resins and beeswax have really taken the stage and they are rich and dark and so very nice with the white and yellow peaches.

Verdict:  Do you love peaches and Holy Terror?  Don’t wait, this will go fast!


Pumpkins Crave Terror:  Holy Terror (burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles) with glowing pumpkin and a small dash of pie spices.

In bottle:  Rich dark pumpkin spices.

Wet on skin:  Oooh, the pumpkin pie spices are lovely and rich and not at all craft storish and the Terror…..oh the Terror!

Dry on skin:  The pumpkin pie spices are sooooo good with Holy Terror.  It’s like a terrifying match made in Hallowe’en Town.

Verdict:  Well, you need this.


Strawberries Crave Terror:  Deep red strawberries and Holy Terror (burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles).

In bottle:  Dark strawberries.

Wet on skin:  The strawberries and smokey and dark and really nice.

Dry on skin: As this dries down it’s a dark strawberry and the Terror is deep and juicy and utterly lush.

Verdict:  Do you like strawberries and Terror?  Try a Terrifyingly gorgeous strawberry!


Ravenous II

Apples Crave Apples:  A special request from the ladies of Reddit IMAM! Notes of golden apple, green apple, Winesap, Fuji, fresh apple, baked apple, spiced apple, apple cider, and a hint of apple.

Verdict:  Apples, apples and more apples with a dash of apple cider.   An apple extravaganza if you will.

Apples Crave Cake (exclusive to The Rhinestone Housewife):  Fresh, crisp red apples blended with our Yellow Cake layering note.

Verdict:  Apples and the most perfect Yellow Cake layering note.   I want to eat my arm every time I wear this.

Apples Crave Red Musk:  Candy-red apples and lascivious red musk.

In bottle:  Crispy, fresh apples.

Wet on skin: This is all red apple right up front and it’s fresh a delicious!   The red musk is slinky and and really alluring.

Dry on skin:  Oh man….this is getting good!   It’s the most bright real, fresh apple scent that I have ever come across.   The red musk is the best party crasher ever.  She’s vibrant, salacious and so tasty.

Verdict: Well, I knew I was going to love this because this was one of my suggestions to Julia for Apples Crave.   I bought a ton of this so that no one has to go without it in their lives!

Apples Crave The Tropics:  Lots of green apple and sweet coconut flesh with sexy tuberose, Tahitian Tiare petals, and a drop of lime.

In bottle:  Soft green apple and lime.

Wet on skin:  The lime is soft and almost sugared smelling and it’s really petty with the green apple.  The Tahitian petals are soft and the perfect compliment to the greens of the lime and apple.

Dry on skin:   The Tahitian Tiare and tuberose are here and they are amazing!  The Tiare petals and sugared lime are the perfect duo and they are playing VERY nicely with the green apple and soft coconut.

Verdict:   A sweet, sexy and very wearable scent.  It’s sophisticated and very work appropriate.

Arcana Updates And A Sale At The Rhinestone Housewife!


Hey kids!   Well, cooler weather is finally here and it’s time for boots and sweaters.  I love this time of year because it’s almost pumpkin carving time!  It’s also the time of year that The Rhinestone Housewife gets exciting new autumn collections in.  The Arcana Hallowe’en collection is always hotly anticipated and this year is no different.  We don’t know yet what Julia has in store for us but we know it’ll be amazing.

We have re-stocked all of our Arcana Classic scents and added some new ones to the site.    Here are the new Arcana perfume oils that are now available:

Alhambra – Recline in the shadow of the Alhambra with this Moorish blend of pomegranate juice, fresh Spanish rosemary, aged patchouli and golden beeswax. The Court of the Lions beckons.

Death In the Afternoon – The scent of decadence and delightful risks. We drew on an old recipe for an infamous cocktail to create this pastiche of absinthe, champagne, sugar, blood orange, tangerine, aniseed and lemongrass.

Red Giant – A radiant, stellar blend of brightest sweet orange, toasted pumpkin, warm cinnamon, lemongrass, yuzu, pink grapefruit, white grapefruit, and sparkling bergamot.

Leaves Falling Like Rain – In honor of our beloved Pacific Northwest and the best time of the year. A comforting base of brown sugar, caramel, gingersnaps and cappuccino is sparked off with hints of vintage patchouli, hyssop, mullein and white pepper.

We also have a sale going right now.   Coupon code PRINCESSMINNIE will get you 15% off $25 or more.   Our beloved Boxer girl, Minnie was diagnosed with Lymphoma and we are hosting a sale for her chemo treatments.    Please enjoy this coupon until 9/10/15.

Also, we will be debuting a special fundraising perfume for Minnie from Arcana so stay tuned for a special announcement!




Hottie and Minnie

Hottie and Minnie




Arcana Lady Justice Reviews


You know you want them….well here they are.   The Arcana Lady Justice collection reviewed for your olafactory pleasure!  Photos courtesy of Hpy from Arcana.

De Minimis Non Curat Lex:  The law does not concern itself with trifles.  AKA Circus by the Sea. A cool blend of saltwater, ocean air, rain-soaked blackberries, neroli, coconut, and a hint of green cognac absolute.

In bottle:  Fancy orange flower water.

Wet on skin:  Yum, saltwater, and fresh invigorating ocean air!  It smells of fresh spring rain.

Dry on skin:  The fresh aquatics amp up as this dries down.   The neroli makes quite an entrance here and dances around with the coconut.  The blackberries and green cognac softly waft around in the background.

Verdict:  A lovely aquatic with some soft elements that really ground this blend.   It’s quite lovely….I imagine a very classy lady wearing this.

Gideon:  Inspired by a spunky orange tabby kitten named after Gideon v. Wainwright. Apricot, golden amber, and a saucerful of cream.

In bottle:  Spunky amber.

Wet on skin:  Sweet golden cream…..warm and comforting.  The amber is so very soft and decadent.

Dry on skin:  The apricot really ripens here and and absolutely delicious.   The golden amber and apricot is absolutely succulent.

Verdict:   Oh sweet baby Jesus….this is amazing.   Sexy and succulent and so lovely.   The surprise hit of the collection for me.  It stay close but it’s so warm and comforting… a hug from a great friend who also happens to have awesome boobs.

Miranda:  Inspired by a soft grey kitten named after Miranda v. Arizona. Pink tuberose petals, Monoi de Tahiti, pearl musk, strawberries, and sugary watermelon.

In bottle:  Forals and soft musk.

Wet on skin:  The pink tuberose and sweet watermelon and right up front, knocking on the door.   The Monoi de Tahiti really blooms at this point and is playing ever so nicely with the musk and fruits.

Dry on skin:  As it dried down, this blend really richens up and deepens into a lovely  yet grounded soft white floral.   Something in this blend is giving almost a bit of a peppery vibe and I like it.   Keep in mind that there is no pink pepper listed in the notes but I’m picking up that vibe.

Verdict:  Julia insists that she’s not huge on florals but dayuuuuuum girl, you been knocking it out of the flower festooned park lately!  This is drop dead freaking gorgeous.  Grown up and sultry this would be perfect when you really want to heat things up.

Peppermint Candyflip:  A psychedelic blast of cold peppermint dries down to a trippy candy center of blue frosting, sugar cookies, pink musk, blueberry candy, bakery vanilla, bergamot syrup, and lemondrops.

In bottle:  Minty vanilla.

Wet on skin:   A lovely bright sugary mint, in fact it smells like those mints you get at the hostess stand of a restaurant.  I love those!  The peppermint intensifies for just a bit before the bergamot and sweets come out.

Dry on skin:  The blue frosting and sugar cookie reminds me of cotton candy here.  It’s sticky sugary sweet.   It’s still getting the peppermint and the sweetness is now being softened by the pink musk and  lemondrops.  The mint hangs around for a while but it’s not a super bracing peppermint but it’s minty none the less.

Verdict:  Well, I KNEW I was going to love this one right from the description.  It’s a great minty candy that sweet and refreshing and downright pretty.


Arcana Lady Justice Collection


Helllllllloooooo hotties!      The Rhinestone Housewife is happy to present a really lovely little mini collection from Arcana, the Lady Justice collection.    Here is the inspiration for this collection in Julia’s words:


When I was little, my ever-restless dad bailed out of his career in Political Science to announce he would become a lawyer. It couldn’t last and didn’t: he quit law school in his final year. But what I remember from this period is begging for (and getting!) kittens. Miranda was a soft grey kitten named after Miranda v. Arizona, and Gideon was an orange tabby named after Gideon v. Wainwright. These 2 legal cases relate to the rights of the accused, rights my dad held very dearly. As he said, we’re all a heartbeat away from needing them.

Then, this summer, an Ecuadoran friend was arrested in our tiny, 99% white town over a conversation about marijuana. In the ensuing comedy of errors, the police seized a bottle of pure, triple-distilled peppermint oil and labeled it, “Suspected LSD: Sent to Lab for analysis.” (Peppermint Candyflip HAD to happen!)

The Lady Justice Collection is a benefit for our innocent friend. 100% of the profits are being donated to his cause.”

These are presented in 5ml amber bottles and are available while quantities last!  Photos courtesy of Hpy from Arcana:

De Minimis Non Curat Lex:  The law does not concern itself with trifles.
AKA Circus by the Sea. A cool blend of saltwater, ocean air, rain-soaked
blackberries, neroli, coconut, and a hint of green cognac absolute.


Gideon:  Inspired by a spunky orange tabby kitten named after Gideon v.
Wainwright. Apricot, golden amber, and a saucerful of cream.


Miranda:  Inspired by a soft grey kitten named after Miranda v. Arizona.
Pink tuberose petals, Monoi de Tahiti, pearl musk, strawberries, and
sugary watermelon.


Peppermint Candyflip:  A psychedelic blast of cold peppermint dries down
to a trippy candy center of blue frosting, sugar cookies, pink musk,
blueberry candy, bakery vanilla, bergamot syrup, and lemondrops.