Monthly Archives: July 2008

Divine & Depraved!

The Chocolate Glamazon and The Rhinestone Housewife present:


Friday August 8th

Chop Suey

1325 E Madison St

Seattle, WA

Doors at 9, show at 10pm

Come and bask in the dichotomy of good and evil the banquet of burly-q goodness! Start the night divine and pure. But end it in flames, skid marks, cloven hooves and salaciousness. The first half of our show will feature rainbows and kittens. Not really, but it will be sickly sweet. The second half….well, you’ll just have to come and see for yourself.

Hosted by Armitage Shanks!


Waxie Moon

Inga Ingenue

Iva Handfull

Sydni Deveraux

Hottie McNaughty

Bi-Coastal Burlesque Battle Of The Sexes!

Friday, August 8th

The Swedish Housewife and Heidi Von Haught Present:

Bi-Coastal Burlesque Battle Of The Sexes

The Jewel Box Theater

The Rendezvous

2322 2nd Ave

Seattle, WA

Two shows! 10pm (the boys) and 11:30 (the girls)! $12 for one show or $20 for both. Tickets available now at

10pm show featuring:

Little Brooklyn

Darlinda Just Darlinda

Pinky Special

Waxie Moon


Ruffy D. Butt

Hosted by The Swedish Housewife!

11:30pm show featuring:

Little Brooklyn

Darlinda Just Darlinda

Pinky Special

Mama Lou Strong Woman

Heidi Von Haught

Pidgeon Von Tramp

Hosted by The Swedish Housewife!

I won’t be performing at this show, but I will spend copious amounts of time bending over and fondling the cast off costume pieces.

Photographers In Dressing Rooms

So an issue has come up recently that I wanted to blog about. The issue is photographers in dressing rooms. Recently a local photographer got their knickers in a twist because they weren’t allowed to ‘hang out’ in the performer’s dressing room. My first question would be why on Earth would you think that was appropriate? Performers need a safe space to get ready to……well, perform.

What would a photographer do in there anyway? Get in the way? Take sneaky, lacivious photos of performers who are not aware of it? My philosophy has always been if you’re not a peformer (or host or stage help) there is no reason for you to be backstage. It’s a security issue. It’s a privacy issue. But most of all, it’s an issue of respect.

Guess what. Every single performer that I’ve asked has said they don’t want photographers in the dressing room. Every. Single. Performer.

‘Nuff said.