Tease-O-Rama Road Show Seattle!

********FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE******** “The Best of The Best in New Burlesque” Announces TEASE-O-RAMA 2008 – one night ONLY in Seattle! Presented by Zumanity™ – The Sensual Side of Cirque Du Soleil In Association with Hustler Hollywood Good Gals Inc. and BUST Magazine Tease-O-Rama—The World’s PREMIERE International Burlesque Showcase and Convention— will be in Seattle forContinue reading “Tease-O-Rama Road Show Seattle!”


It seems like it’s rare these days when I get to just *perform* at a show. No booking, no stage managing, no last minute BS that I have to deal with…..just performing. I got to do just that last night. Tempest Burlesque was nice enough to host me for a show and it was quiteContinue reading “Performing”

The Saga Of The Haunted J Crew Order

So on 7/18/08 I place an online order with J Crew. Two final sale dresses. I got a confirmation that they received the order and would send shipping information when it shipped. I realized about a week ago that I hadn’t received anything yet. I checked my order status online and it kept saying thatContinue reading “The Saga Of The Haunted J Crew Order”