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Tease-O-Rama Road Show Seattle!


“The Best of The Best in New Burlesque”
Announces TEASE-O-RAMA 2008 – one night ONLY in Seattle!
Presented by
Zumanity™ – The Sensual Side of Cirque Du Soleil
In Association with Hustler Hollywood
Good Gals Inc. and BUST Magazine

Tease-O-Rama—The World’s PREMIERE International Burlesque Showcase and Convention— will be in Seattle for one night only! All the Glamour and Excitement you’ve come to expect from Tease-O-Rama—only MORE of it! Featuring: Dirty Martini (NYC), Catherine D’Lish (LA), The Devil-Ettes (SF), Michelle L’amour (Chicago), Lola the Vamp (Austrilia), Kellita (SF), Legend of Burlesque Satan’s Angel, local talent including Miss Indigo Blue, Waxie Moon, Tamara the Trapeze Lady, The Von Foxies, many more burlesque cuties and your host for the evening directly from her European tour Kitten on the Keys!

The Brightest Stars in the Glittering Galaxy of burlesque return for “The Best of The Best in New Burlesque!”  Jaw-dropping entertainment by night, “How to” classes by day!  See the show this year—BE the show next year!

Baby Doe


Friday September 26th
The Triple Door
216 Union St , Seattle, WA
Showtimes 7pm (17+) & 10pm (21+)
$25 adv / $28 day of

PHOTOS and VIDEOS available upon request!


I noticed a red streak going up my arm on Wednesday afternoon, was nauseous and felt a bit feverish. Called the doctor and they wanted me to come in. By the time I got there, I was vomiting terribly and felt just awful. They were having a hard time figuring out how they were going to treat me as I’m allergic to most antibiotics. In the meantime they shot me in the a$$ with something for the nausea. They decided to send me to the ER for iv antibiotics so that if I had a reaction they could treat it.   The ER gave me some Dilaudid for pain and more anti-nausea stuff. I have to go back Thursday for a re-check and if I’m not feeling better they want to admit me.

I went back yesterday and felt just awful.   They gave me a liter of fluid and more iv antibiotics as well as anti-nausea meds and pain meds.   I waited in the ER waiting room for three and a half hours.   Spent a total of six hours there.  Got the same room I’d had the night before though and the same nurse who was very nice.  The doctor wasn’t nearly as nice and the one I’d had the night before but they got the job done.  As long as everything progresses I shouldn’t need to go back to the doctor for a while.

Thank You Troy_GWER5701

It’s the weirdest thing. My computer won’t work if I have the battery installed. It’s fine with the AC adapter, but the moment I put the battery in, it dies. I bought a new battery and tried that, same thing. I’m on Gateway’s live chat technical support right now and Troy_GWER5701 is looking into my problem for me. And I’m holding.


It seems like it’s rare these days when I get to just *perform* at a show. No booking, no stage managing, no last minute BS that I have to deal with…..just performing. I got to do just that last night. Tempest Burlesque was nice enough to host me for a show and it was quite a delight. And only one act… cake is that?

Tempest Burlesque is doing a seven show run based on the seven deadly sins (wrath, envy, gluttony, pride, sloth, lust, greed). Last night’s show was envy so I did “Habit For Haberdashery” and it was a blast! I haven’t performed that act for a while and it went really well. Getting the corset off is always the tricky part but now that I’ve lost some eight it’s not as tricky as it has been in the past. It would be nice to just perform more and not work on the production end of things. Wait, I’m a total control freak so I didn’t mean that! Ha!

The Saga Of The Haunted J Crew Order

So on 7/18/08 I place an online order with J Crew. Two final sale dresses. I got a confirmation that they received the order and would send shipping information when it shipped. I realized about a week ago that I hadn’t received anything yet. I checked my order status online and it kept saying that was an incorrect order number, even though I was copy and pasting it. I meant to call them and it slipped my mind.

Then yesterday I get this email from J Crew:


we’ve made some mistakes……..
(too many in our mind).

we want to say that we’re sorry for any issues while shopping J Crew online or over the phone for the last few weeks-we know we’ve let you down.

we are in the midst of making some enhancements to our web site and call center (and, unfortunately, encountered some bumps along the way). please bear with us as we work through these issues-we know it’s not perfect.

we appreciate your patience.

XXXXXXXXX-Chairman and CEO



I think wow, they must have really messed up! I’ll give them a couple of days before I call and bug them about my dresses. If worse comes to worse, I’ll just cancel the order and get my money back….no biggie.

Well today the UPS man comes with a package and it’s from J Crew. Yay, finally! He procedes to tell me that he picked it up down at True Value, the local hardware store. He asked me if I dropped it and I told him the whole sordid story. He has NO IDEA how it got down there.