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My Herbal Mineral Order

I’ve decided to go all vegan with my skin care and had a recommendation for Herbal Mineral on etsy.  I decided to purchase some stuff that I needed and give them a shot.

I placed my order on 5/16/10.   Five days went by and I hadn’t received a shipping notice so I sent an email inquiring if my order was shipping any time soon.   According to their shop policies all orders are shipped within three business days.   I never got an email back or shipping information or tracking but did notice that the status on etsy was changed to ‘shipped’.  I received my order on 5/27/10.

I ordered several things:

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

Ingrown Hair Dissolver

Bright Eye Illuminator

Micro-Dermabrasion Buffing Cream

Cocoa Sun Balm-SPF 45

Organic Nail Oil

Natural Glow Gift Set

I also received a free gift of the Green Skin Oil…..sweet!

Everything was wrapped well except for the Ingrown Hair Dissolver which leaked a little bit.  It was in it’s own little baggie with the Organic Nail Oil so it wasn’t a big deal.

I’ve tried several of the products and really like them so far!

The Vitamin C Miracle Pack is awesome…I’ve used it the past two nights.  It comes in powder form and you mix it with the Acai Berry Hydrating Serum.   Supposedly the vitamin C lasts longer in powder form which is why it’s kept separate.  Its was easy to use and I noticed a difference after the first night.

I just had my waxing done and the Ingrown Hair Dissolver seems to be working.  It’s in a roller ball appplicator that’s easy to use.  You can also use it as an acne spot treatment.

The Bright Eye Illuminator is a good eye balm, but I wouldn’t use it as an eye shadow base as I think it’s too emmolient.   It’s a nice night time treatment, though.

The Micro-Dermabrasion  Buffing Cream is fabulous!  I used it last night and followed it up with a mask and the Green Skin Oil.   My skin looked super fresh and glowy this morning.  I’ll admit that I was a little freaked out about putting oil on my face instead of a cream but it was actually quite lovely.  I imagine I’ll get a lot of use out of this stuff in the winter as well.

I have several more products to try and will update when I’ve had a chance to review them.  So far I am very impressed with all of the products that I’ve tried.  Check them out!

**Edited to add new reviews!

Coco Sun Balm SPF 45-Hmmmm.  This stuff shows up pretty white on my skin.  I know that’s how the protection works but it was VERY creamy and thick.   I didn’t mind it too much but I bet it would be too heavy for a lot of people.  It seemed to work!

Organic Nail Oil-I love this stuff.   I’ve been using it every night and am noticing a huge improvement in my cuticles and nails.  I wash my hands all day long so I can use all the help that I can get!

My Stardust Cosmetics Drag Face

I had a show last night so I slapped on some drag.  I decided to work exclusively with my new Stardust Cosmetics products to see how it would work for stage.  I loved it and everything looked good all the way through to the end of the night.  I have another order on the way and I can’t wait to play with the new colors.   Stardust is definitely my new go to make up.


Meow Primer combo

Meow under eye concealer

Meow foundation mix


Stardust blush in Hottie

Lips:  Ben Nye Ruby Red with a Make Up Forever red liner


Tip Taupe cream shadow

Stardust Morning Grass

Stardust High Brow

Stardust Shimmer & Shine

Black Gel Liner

Black mascara

Full falsies


Stardust High Brow

In full costume at the show:

and my cool bracelet:

Things I Love Right Now

As we head into the warmer weather and my lilacs start to die I seem to crave yummy smelling things.  Here are some of the things that I’m really into right now.

‘Meh’ perfume oil by Blooddrop Perfmes.  This was a Scent Addict exclusive for Valentines Day and is from the Conversation Hearts collection.  If you like pineapple you should buy this before it disappears!

Scent Addict Exclusive!
It’s just not very exciting. No spark, no real zing, bland like over-cooked peas.
Virgin coconut cream, pineapple, lemon cake, pink pepper, cardamom, cinnamon leaf and white amber. Available only at Scent Addict/Magical Omaha.

Also exclusive to Scent Addict two scent by Villainess that I really like right now, Black Out (described as smelling like evil Dr. Pepper) and Pink Plague, sweet smelling enough to give you a cavity!  Both are available as a scrub, lotion or perfume oil and available for a limited time.

I also recently discovered House Of Gloi on etsy.   OMG, I fell in love with Moon Dog.  Also a limited edition (darn!) it’s described as ‘Solar storms erupt: pure cracked coconut, dry sandalwood heated with Indonesian nutmeg and a Singapore clove.’

I look forward to trying their other products!

My Stardust Cosmetics Order

So my Stardust Cosmetics order arrived today, so pretty!  I ordered on 5/5,  got a shipping notice on 5/6 and it arrived 5/17, from Canada.  I really like that the jars have lots of available space on the lightly colored labels.  I’m a freak and like to write the name of the color on the top.  It makes it’s easier for me to find what I want.

Look at all the sparklies:

I got Hottie and Frolic full size blushes and full size pigments of Fireball and High Brow, and I received a full size of Genie’s Lamp for free!  I also got a full size of Phoenix Flames….my new favorite lippie.  I received  a sample of the Photo Finishing powder for free as well.

I got samples of the Simple Pleasures sample collection.  This collection included blush in Bliss, In Love and Morning Picnic.   I got Glitter Powder in Denim & Diamonds, Shimmer & Shine and Princess & Petals.  Pigments in Crystal Nude, Sun & Clouds, Juicy Flower, Ponytail, Fresh Cut, Sparkle Fiend, Goddess Green, Morning Grass, Cupcake and Perfect Sky.

I did a super quick face with Fireball, Genie’s Lamp on eyes, Hottie on cheeks (snicker!) and Phoenix Flames on lips.  Finished with Photo Finishing powder.

Yay, make up!

Oh, and I got all of that for $38.96!  I’ll try the rest of the colors this week.   The blush is a new favorite…it applied nice and evenly, which isn’t always the case for non pressed blush.  Loose powder blush can be hard to work with, especially if it’s a bright color.