My Herbal Mineral Order

I’ve decided to go all vegan with my skin care and had a recommendation for Herbal Mineral on etsy.  I decided to purchase some stuff that I needed and give them a shot.

I placed my order on 5/16/10.   Five days went by and I hadn’t received a shipping notice so I sent an email inquiring if my order was shipping any time soon.   According to their shop policies all orders are shipped within three business days.   I never got an email back or shipping information or tracking but did notice that the status on etsy was changed to ‘shipped’.  I received my order on 5/27/10.

I ordered several things:

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

Ingrown Hair Dissolver

Bright Eye Illuminator

Micro-Dermabrasion Buffing Cream

Cocoa Sun Balm-SPF 45

Organic Nail Oil

Natural Glow Gift Set

I also received a free gift of the Green Skin Oil…..sweet!

Everything was wrapped well except for the Ingrown Hair Dissolver which leaked a little bit.  It was in it’s own little baggie with the Organic Nail Oil so it wasn’t a big deal.

I’ve tried several of the products and really like them so far!

The Vitamin C Miracle Pack is awesome…I’ve used it the past two nights.  It comes in powder form and you mix it with the Acai Berry Hydrating Serum.   Supposedly the vitamin C lasts longer in powder form which is why it’s kept separate.  Its was easy to use and I noticed a difference after the first night.

I just had my waxing done and the Ingrown Hair Dissolver seems to be working.  It’s in a roller ball appplicator that’s easy to use.  You can also use it as an acne spot treatment.

The Bright Eye Illuminator is a good eye balm, but I wouldn’t use it as an eye shadow base as I think it’s too emmolient.   It’s a nice night time treatment, though.

The Micro-Dermabrasion  Buffing Cream is fabulous!  I used it last night and followed it up with a mask and the Green Skin Oil.   My skin looked super fresh and glowy this morning.  I’ll admit that I was a little freaked out about putting oil on my face instead of a cream but it was actually quite lovely.  I imagine I’ll get a lot of use out of this stuff in the winter as well.

I have several more products to try and will update when I’ve had a chance to review them.  So far I am very impressed with all of the products that I’ve tried.  Check them out!

**Edited to add new reviews!

Coco Sun Balm SPF 45-Hmmmm.  This stuff shows up pretty white on my skin.  I know that’s how the protection works but it was VERY creamy and thick.   I didn’t mind it too much but I bet it would be too heavy for a lot of people.  It seemed to work!

Organic Nail Oil-I love this stuff.   I’ve been using it every night and am noticing a huge improvement in my cuticles and nails.  I wash my hands all day long so I can use all the help that I can get!

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