Good Byes And New Beginnings

I really should be cleaning right now but felt a bit of the Little Miss Posty Pants syndrome coming on. On the good-bye front, Jenna of Stardust Cosmetics has decided not to return to the mineral makeup world for the foreseeable future.  This makes me sad because I loved her makeup and I felt confidentContinue reading “Good Byes And New Beginnings”

New Hat and Red Hot Colors

I finally decided what I want to do for my 40th Birthday…’s going to be a Birthday/Christmas Roller Disco Party  Of Doom!   I ordered this hat from Topsy Turvy Designs: I have several hats from Topsy Turvy and I love them all.  I cannot recommend these ladies highly enough! I discovered some equally beautifulContinue reading “New Hat and Red Hot Colors”

Knows Perfume

So I had the delightful experience of checking out a new perfume boutique in West Seattle called Knows Perfume which specializes in uncommon scents.   A group of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab fans were invited to a meet n sniff there yesterday.    It was a good turn out and Christian the owner of the shopContinue reading “Knows Perfume”

Family Dog Killed For Trying To Save Owner

This really pisses me off.   They could have at least waited until after the autopsy results were back before killing Zeus. June 4, 12:27 PM · Penny Eims – Dog News Examiner Cleveland, OH – It appears that breed misconceptions may, yet again, have contributed to the euthanasia of a beloved family dog. AccordingContinue reading “Family Dog Killed For Trying To Save Owner”

Hippie Laundry Detergent by Maylee’s Garden

I know, I know… seems like an oxymoron!  Haha.     Anyhoo, I ordered some good for me and good for the environment laundry detergent from a lovely etsy seller named Maylee’s Garden.  It’s vegan and nasty chemical free and smells delicious to boot. I placed my order on 5/24/10 and received my order on 6/1/10.  Continue reading “Hippie Laundry Detergent by Maylee’s Garden”