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Good Byes And New Beginnings

I really should be cleaning right now but felt a bit of the Little Miss Posty Pants syndrome coming on.

On the good-bye front, Jenna of Stardust Cosmetics has decided not to return to the mineral makeup world for the foreseeable future.  This makes me sad because I loved her makeup and I felt confident that Jenna was looking out for her clients best interests, regarding ingredients and such.   Kristen of Aromaleigh has decided to stop making her foundations and lippies which makes me sad because they are so many people’s holy grail products and it’s daunting to start the task of finding a new one.   Kind of like losing a favorite hair dresser.   It’s scary finding a new one!

I wish both of these women the best life has to offer and I selfishly hope both of them continue to craft cosmetics because they are both extraordinary at it.

On the new beginnings front, I’ve got a new photo to share!    A bit of history first though.    All my wedding photos suck because Mr. McNaughty passed a kidney stone on our wedding day.  That’s right, a freaking kidney stone.    We spent almost six hours at the emergency room and he refused to let me cancel the wedding.  The doctor loaded him up with Dilauded and he toughed it out.  In fact, the very moment he said, “I do”, he passed the stone.  True story.

The reason he wouldn’t let me cancel the ceremony was because the date we picked was very special.    We chose the date because it was his mom’s parents 55th wedding anniversary and they were there to attend the wedding.   Any other day just wouldn’t have been the same and we were so very fortunate to have our family there to celebrate with us.    Looking back, the date was more important than we ever could have known because both Grandma and Grandpa were gone the next year.   We get to celebrate their lives each time we celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Anyhoo, needless to say all the wedding photos sucked donkey balls.  Poor Mr.McNaughty was in terrible pain and we had to position his brother, who was his best man behind him so he could catch him in case he fell down.  He made it through the ceremony but the photos are actually really funny to look at now!   One of my bestest friends, Matt The Photographer took a photo of us at his house warming and I love it.  I wish our wedding photos had been this beautiful!

New Hat and Red Hot Colors

I finally decided what I want to do for my 40th Birthday…’s going to be a Birthday/Christmas Roller Disco Party  Of Doom!   I ordered this hat from Topsy Turvy Designs:

I have several hats from Topsy Turvy and I love them all.  I cannot recommend these ladies highly enough!

I discovered some equally beautiful and exciting things over at the Stardust Cosmetics blog today.   Sneaky peaky pics of the new mini collection.   They look beautiful and I can’t wait to get them in my grubby little hands.  These photos are posted with permission.

Simple Alchemy:

Burning Heart:

Take Flight:

Ash and Ember:


Just as enamored with them as I am?   Then stalk the shop until they reopen:

Knows Perfume

So I had the delightful experience of checking out a new perfume boutique in West Seattle called Knows Perfume which specializes in uncommon scents.   A group of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab fans were invited to a meet n sniff there yesterday.    It was a good turn out and Christian the owner of the shop was as gracious as can be.

We took over her place, sniffed and oohed and ahhed and generally were in good smelling heaven!    She was super knowledgeable about what would work on certain people and helped me find about 4 or 5 traditional perfumes that I loved, she even sent me home with generous samples.  I bought a bottle of  9 from Le Cherche Midi.  She also had a wonderful selection of candles, scrubs and other amazing things.   I urge you to check out this new local business!

Knows Perfume

4536 California Ave

Seattle, WA  98106


Family Dog Killed For Trying To Save Owner

This really pisses me off.   They could have at least waited until after the autopsy results were back before killing Zeus.

June 4, 12:27 PM · Penny Eims – Dog News Examiner

Cleveland, OH – It appears that breed misconceptions may, yet again, have contributed to the euthanasia of a beloved family dog.

According to a recent story in the News-Messenger, faulty assumptions caused the death of a loyal companion that valiantly tried to save his dying owner.

In April, the Cleveland Municipal Court ordered that Zeus, a 140 lb Rottweiler, be euthanized for “the mauling death” of his owner, Carolyn Baker.

Baker, aged 63, was found dead in her driveway in February. Authorities assumed that the 140 lb dog had mauled his owner after seeing a few bite marks on her body.

The assumption was wrong. According to Cuyahoga County Coroner, Frank Miller, Carolyn Baker’s body did have a few bite marks, and some evidence of pawing, but the woman died from a heart attack and hypothermia, rather than from a vicious dog attack.

According to the coroner, it appears that Baker’s dog was trying to help bring his ailing owner inside to safety, hence the paw and bite marks. Rather than a vicious mauling death, the wounds sustained on Baker’s body were caused by a frantic pet attempting to drag his beloved owner inside to warmth and safety.

Baker was lying outdoors in the cold for several hours, clothed only in her nightgown. Zeus barked continuously until a neighbor finally came out to see what the problem was.

Zeus paid for his efforts with his life. The 9 yr-old dog was put to death via court order. Carolyn Baker’s family now knows the truth, thanks to the coroner’s report, and they too believe that Zeus had tried to save Carolyn’s life.

One has to wonder what might have happened to the dog if he was a Labrador Retriever, or Standard Poodle….perhaps a bit more investigation before an assumption of “vicious mauling death”.

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Hippie Laundry Detergent by Maylee’s Garden

I know, I know… seems like an oxymoron!  Haha.     Anyhoo, I ordered some good for me and good for the environment laundry detergent from a lovely etsy seller named Maylee’s Garden.  It’s vegan and nasty chemical free and smells delicious to boot.

I placed my order on 5/24/10 and received my order on 6/1/10.   I ordered Anise and Vanilla along with Tea Tree and Orange Disinfecting Eco Friendly laundry detergent.   I received a free sample of Patchouli and Lavender as well.  The package smelled oh so delicious…..even my kick ass mail lady commented on it!

I’ve used all three and love them so much.  I have an HE front loader and only need a teaspoon for a load.  At $8 a bag this stuff is going to be a huge money saver long term!   Currently I’m using the Tea Tree and Orange for the dog laundry and it’s doing a really good job.  I highly recommend this etsy seller….you should try it!