So I had the delightful experience of checking out a new perfume boutique in West Seattle called Knows Perfume which specializes in uncommon scents.   A group of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab fans were invited to a meet n sniff there yesterday.    It was a good turn out and Christian the owner of the shop was as gracious as can be.

We took over her place, sniffed and oohed and ahhed and generally were in good smelling heaven!    She was super knowledgeable about what would work on certain people and helped me find about 4 or 5 traditional perfumes that I loved, she even sent me home with generous samples.  I bought a bottle of  9 from Le Cherche Midi.  She also had a wonderful selection of candles, scrubs and other amazing things.   I urge you to check out this new local business!

Knows Perfume

4536 California Ave

Seattle, WA  98106