Illegal In 50 States & Soft Porn FOTD

Face: Meow primer and finisher as well as under eye concealer. Silk Naturals foundation, set with Molecular Mist. Cheeks: Hottie blush by Stardust Lips: Symphony by Silk Naturals Eyes: Pixie Epoxy over Detrivore primer. Meow’s Soft Porn over outer 2/3 of lid, Meow’s Bubble Bath on inner lid and Meow’s Illegal In 50 States onContinue reading “Illegal In 50 States & Soft Porn FOTD”

Comfort Food & Retail Therapy FOTD

I had a chance to play around with a couple of the new Meow colors. Normally I don’t like blue eye shadow on me (unless it’s for a costume look) but I really like Retail Therapy! It’s a beautiful teal color. Face: Meow primer, Meow under eye concealer, Silk Naturals foundation with Meow finishing powderContinue reading “Comfort Food & Retail Therapy FOTD”

Meow Simple & Guilty Pleasures Swatches

I was super happy to find my Meow order waiting for me in the mailbox!   Yay!  I ordered a bunch of samples of the new collection(s), Simple Pleasures and Guilty Pleasures.  These are all swatched over Detrivore Primer.  I won a contest for naming one of the colors in the collection, Reality TV.  As IContinue reading “Meow Simple & Guilty Pleasures Swatches”

DRAW At The Olympia Farmers Market

DRAW was invited to host a booth at the Olympia Farmers Market for National Animal Awareness Day.   It was a gorgeous day and a ton of people came out.   We had four adoptable dogs with us, Pokey, Luka, Mia and Dillon.  They all soaked up the love and were great examples of a DRAW dog. Continue reading “DRAW At The Olympia Farmers Market”

Dogs, Hats, The Big Easy and Urban Wild Life

What can I say….life has been busy!    The weather has finally gotten nice and I have been staying busy doing some landscaping and yard work.  While I was out in the back yard I heard the dogs causing a ruckus so I went to investigate.   That’s when I saw this little cutie hanging out inContinue reading “Dogs, Hats, The Big Easy and Urban Wild Life”

My LaurEss Order

I decided to try the LaurEss foundation because of a recommendation.   I ordered on 7/4/10 and received my package on 7/10/10.     I ordered all samples and paid $13.36 which included $1.56 in shipping. I got foundation samples of the Minimalist Foundation in Soft Yellow and Pure Yellow.   I also got blush samples in Passion andContinue reading “My LaurEss Order”

Meow Lost Rainforest and Caribbean Escape Order

Ugh, I was so happy to see these in my mailbox last night!   It was nice out today so I went ahead and swatched everything I got.  I ordered on 6/25/10 and received my order 7/6/10.   I paid a total of $16.   Look at all the pretties: Caribbean Escape Eye Shadows: Atlantis Beach Blood OrangeContinue reading “Meow Lost Rainforest and Caribbean Escape Order”

My Silk Naturals Orders

I’ve ordered from Silk Naturals twice now and I really like the products. I was sick and working twelve hour days and didn’t have a chance to photograph and write stuff up when it came in. My first order included: Perfect Harmony Foundation Sample Kit Clear Devil’s Food Cake Black Label Lippie Super Serum CybertronContinue reading “My Silk Naturals Orders”

My Sassy Minerals Order

I hadn’t had a chance to order from Sassy Minerals yet so I went ahead and did so.  I ordered on 6/27/10 and received my order on 7/2/10.  That was fast!   I ordered all samples, the total of which came to $11.57. Here is what I ordered: Golden Light Foundation Golden Medium Foundation Golden TanContinue reading “My Sassy Minerals Order”

Truffle Luffle Ding Dong

Truffles was adopted!   Yay!   Truffles came to DRAW as a stray who had wandered into one of our volunteers yards.  She’s quite possibly the sweetest dog ever.  She attended the Westwood Village Street Fair and charmed everyone she met….canines, adults and of course all the children.    Her new parents are pilots and Truffles loves toContinue reading “Truffle Luffle Ding Dong”

Poquita The Pokey Little Pit Bull

Poquita The Pokey Little Pit Bull Poquita (then Goochie) came into Clackamas County Dog Services on 10/16/07.  She was there until 12/14/07 when she was released into our rescue, Dog Rescue Around Washington. A 41lbs she was a tiny little pocket pit, but built pretty solid.   Brown with a black face she settled right intoContinue reading “Poquita The Pokey Little Pit Bull”