Month: July 2010

Illegal In 50 States & Soft Porn FOTD

Face: Meow primer and finisher as well as under eye concealer. Silk Naturals foundation, set with Molecular Mist.

Cheeks: Hottie blush by Stardust

Lips: Symphony by Silk Naturals

Eyes: Pixie Epoxy over Detrivore primer. Meow’s Soft Porn over outer 2/3 of lid, Meow’s Bubble Bath on inner lid and Meow’s Illegal In 50 States on outer corner and blended out from crease. Meow’s Virgin blended from crease to brow with Meow’s Potato Chips under brow and on inner corners of eyes. Brown gel liner on upper lid with one coat of Super Thick Lash black mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Comfort Food & Retail Therapy FOTD

I had a chance to play around with a couple of the new Meow colors. Normally I don’t like blue eye shadow on me (unless it’s for a costume look) but I really like Retail Therapy! It’s a beautiful teal color.

Face: Meow primer, Meow under eye concealer, Silk Naturals foundation with Meow finishing powder over everything.

Cheeks: LaurEss blush in True Love

Lips: Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Visual Kei

Eyes: Detrivore primer with Pixie Epoxy. Meow Simple Pleasures Comfort Food over entire lid, with Meow Guilty Pleasure Retail Therapy in outer corners and slightly blended into crease. Meow Simple Pleasure Making Love applied to just middle of lid with Stardust Pulse applied under brow. One coat Super Thick Lash black mascara. No brow color or liner.

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Meow Simple & Guilty Pleasures Swatches

I was super happy to find my Meow order waiting for me in the mailbox!   Yay!  I ordered a bunch of samples of the new collection(s), Simple Pleasures and Guilty Pleasures.  These are all swatched over Detrivore Primer.  I won a contest for naming one of the colors in the collection, Reality TV.  As I prize I win a full size of that color so I don’t have a swatch of that one yet.

Simple Pleasures first. From left to right:

Bubble Bath, Chinese Take Out, Comfort Food, Cookie Dough, Making Love, Morning Latte, Passion, Purpose, Rainy Day, Sweat Pants

Left to right:

Bubble Bath, Chinese Take Out, Comfort Food, Cookie Dough, Making Love

Left to right:

Morning Latte, Passion, Purpose, Rainy Day, Sweat Pants

Guilty Pleasures, from left to right:

Chocolate Truffle, E-Shopping, French Fry, Fried Chicken, Illegal in 50 States, Margarita, Meow Cosmetics, Midnight Feast, Novel Nympho, One Night Stand

Chocolate Truffle, E-Shopping, French Fry, Fried Chicken, Illegal in 50 States

Margarita, Meow Cosmetics, Midnight Feast, Novel Nympho, One Night Stand

Guilty Pleasures, from left to right:

Potato Chips, Retail Therapy, Sick Days, Soft Porn,  Those Heels

Rain Forest Blush, left to right:

Anana, Canna, Forest Flame, Ginger Torch, Heliconia

DRAW At The Olympia Farmers Market

DRAW was invited to host a booth at the Olympia Farmers Market for National Animal Awareness Day.   It was a gorgeous day and a ton of people came out.   We had four adoptable dogs with us, Pokey, Luka, Mia and Dillon.  They all soaked up the love and were great examples of a DRAW dog.  The two littles have applications pending.

The booth:

Luka looking super cute in his Adopt Me vest.   Look at his poor little ear nubbins….someone cut them off with scissors.   😦

Pokey soaking up the love:

“I was hiding under your porch because I love you.”

“Hey, I like the chair!  This makes people laugh and come over and pet me!”

Dogs, Hats, The Big Easy and Urban Wild Life

What can I say….life has been busy!    The weather has finally gotten nice and I have been staying busy doing some landscaping and yard work.  While I was out in the back yard I heard the dogs causing a ruckus so I went to investigate.   That’s when I saw this little cutie hanging out in the apple tree.   I ran and grabbed my camera and got a couple of good photos.  Then I heard a growling pretty close to my right ear.  Momma was warning me that I was too close to her baby so I got the hell out of there and left momma and baby raccoon alone.

I got one of my cool hats from Topsy Turvy Designs.  It’s totally amazing and I’ll definitely be taking it to New Orleans with me:

I promise to get better photos of it soon.  Please check out there etsy store as they have the most divine hats I ever seen and they will do custom work for you.

Speaking of New Orleans….I’ll be performing in the New Orleans Burlesque Festival!  The producers emailed me and said they had a handful of applications that they didn’t have room for in the scheduled shows.  So they added another showcase and asked me to perform!    Yay!   The only thing I know is that I’ll be performing at the House Of Blues in a late night show after the competition on Saturday night.   Check it out!

And finally DRAW will have a booth at the Olympia Farmers Market for Animal Awareness Day on Saturday, July 24th.  Little Miss Pokey will be there, representing rescue dogs and trying to find herself a forever home!

My LaurEss Order

I decided to try the LaurEss foundation because of a recommendation.   I ordered on 7/4/10 and received my package on 7/10/10.     I ordered all samples and paid $13.36 which included $1.56 in shipping.

I got foundation samples of the Minimalist Foundation in Soft Yellow and Pure Yellow.   I also got blush samples in Passion and True Love.    For shadows I got samples of Gem Light Tigress, Star Light in Celestial and Glistening Lip Gloss in Peppermint.   I also received a free sample of Gem Light in Irresistible.  It arrived nicely shrink wrapped to apiece of cardboard so it was very secure.  The samples come in clear jars with labels on the top with the company and color name on top.  This is my kind of packaging.

Swatches!   From left to right: Star Light Celestial, Gem Light Irresistible and Tigress, Matte Blushes in Passion and True Love with Glistening Lip Gloss in Peppermint on far right.   All in direct sunlight over Detrivore Primer:

So far I really like everything I’ve played with.   The Pure Yellow was definitely too dark and I think with one scoop of White,  Soft Yellow will work.  I’ll let you know how it works once I get a chance to try it!

Meow Lost Rainforest and Caribbean Escape Order

Ugh, I was so happy to see these in my mailbox last night!   It was nice out today so I went ahead and swatched everything I got.  I ordered on 6/25/10 and received my order 7/6/10.   I paid a total of $16.   Look at all the pretties:

Caribbean Escape Eye Shadows:



Blood Orange

Cat Island



Lost Rainforest Eye Shadows:


Jambo Fruit Dove


Spider  Monkey


Lost Rainforest Glows:




Queen Alexandria

Lost Rainforest Blush:


I also received free samples of Sun in Manx Medium and VandalEyes in Shoplifting.  Swatches!  I suck at taking swatch photos so be aware.  🙂  Taken in direct sun over Detrivore primer.

Caribbean Escape Swatches.  From left to right:  Atlantis, Beach, Blood Orange, Cat Island, Jerk,  Uncharted:

Lost Rainforest Swatches.  From left to right: Boa, Jambu Fruit Dove, Kinkajou, Spider Monkey, Torch:

Lost Rainforest Glow Swatches.  From left to right: Chameleon, Morpho, Phantoma, Queen Alexandria and Lost Rainforest Blush in Canna on far right:

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