My Silk Naturals Orders

I’ve ordered from Silk Naturals twice now and I really like the products. I was sick and working twelve hour days and didn’t have a chance to photograph and write stuff up when it came in.

My first order included:

Perfect Harmony Foundation Sample Kit
Clear Devil’s Food Cake Black Label Lippie
Super Serum
Cybertron shadow
5 10 gram sifter jars

The total came to $35.60 with $4.45 for shipping. I didn’t keep track of when the order came in but I remember it being pretty darn quick. They sent a free sample of Shrieking Violet lip gloss and I got Sprite for my free pigment. I also got a free sample of Prom Queen as a special freebie they were giving away.

First up is the foundation kit. I really liked mixing it all up! The directions and recipes were right on and it was super easy. It also makes it easy to ‘tweak’ your foundation for whatever reason. When I got it mixed up, I felt it wasn’t yellow enough for me. I mixed up a double batch of foundation consisting of 16 scoops of Ivory with 2 scoops of buttery gold. I wore it anyway just to see how I liked it. I love it so far. Even though the color was a little off it wore really nicely. I applied it with my jumbo kabuki and set it with Molecular Mist. I ended up ordering some of the yellow color booster. More on than in the second order.

The Devil’s Food Cake lippie was an instant HG item for me. I love the feel of it and the smell is nothing less than divine. I promptly ordered more of the Black Label lippies. I’ve used the Super Serum a couple of times but I think I need to use it more before I can make a final judgment. I like it so far!

The shadows are all nice with Sprite being my favorite of the three. Hopefully I’ll have more of a chance to play with them soon.

My second order consisted of:
Yellow Color Booster
Shrieking Violet Liquid Lip Gloss
Symphony Black Label
Clear Peppermint Black Label Lippie

The total came to $16.65 with $2.95 for shipping. I ordered on 6/25/10 and it arrived on 6/29/10. I received a free sample of Angel Glow Powder and Poly eye shadow.

I ended up adding 2 ½ scoops of the yellow color booster to my foundation mix and it’s now perfect! I love it and it’s think it my new favorite every day foundation. I still like the Meow for stage and shoots because it has more coverage but the Silk Naturals is really nice for daily wear. I enjoy the coverage and application is easy. I also love the Shrieking Violet lip gloss. It’s a good consistency and the color is really pretty and surprisingly easy to wear it’s also moisturizing. In fact, all the Silk Naturals lippies are amazing and I’ll definitely be ordering more. I’m totally addicted to the Devil’s Food Cake.

Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

One thought on “My Silk Naturals Orders

  1. I am ordering their foundation kit, but I’m kind of bummed that they don’t have sample size eyeshadows! *pout*

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