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Halloween 2010 Carves Numbers 3-7

Carve #3, Stay Puft!   I carved this last year as well but I wanted it on a foamie so I can use it every year.  Zombie Pumpkin pattern.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Carve #4, Scream!   Carved on an orange foamie with pattern by Zombie Pumpkins:


Carve #5, Oogie Boogie on an orange foamie, pattern by Zombie Pumpkins:

Oogie Boogie

Carve #6, Blood Drive on an orange foamie, pattern by Zombie Pumpkins:

Blood Drive

Carve #7, Window Treatment on an orange foamie, pattern by JP’s Jammin’ Pumpkins.

Window Treatment

The Great Pumpkin Harvest of 2010

Ok, so no carves yet but wanted to start the post from the beginning…..the great pumpkin harvest of 2010! Last year I found Schuh Farms in Mount Vernon, WA. It’s about an hour north of me but the have the best selection and just about the cheapest prices around. I live in the country but the pumpkin farms around here all have corn mazes and hay rides and stuff so the pumpkins are waaaay more expensive. We’re talking $15-20 for a good sized ‘kin. I prefer to pay per pound…it’s a lot cheaper that way.

Anyhoo, while I was chatting with the farm staff (ie they want to know what the hell I’m going to do with all these pumpkins) I whipped out my phone and showed them some of last years carves. They loved them and asked if I’d carve some for display there. They also gave me 10% off my total and told me they’d give me first dibs for ‘kins next year and take me out on the tractor to make it easier. As it was, we had four wheel barrows full and just under 600lbs of pumpkins for $132.

Look at those pumpkin fields!

Pumpkin fields forever!
Hottie in the pumpkin field goodness.
Check out my new Zombie Pumpkins shirt.
Thankfully they all fit in the FIT!
Ahhhh, my little beauties...just waiting to be carved.

If you’re looking for great patterns to use for carving, please check out Zombie Pumpkins:

You can get a couple of free patterns as well as purchase an upgrade for many super cool patterns and there’s a forum with all kinds of useful information.   Happy carving and stay tuned for pics of all the Hottie carves this year!