My Cocoa Pink Order

So I discovered a new favorite place for hair products, Cocoa Pink.  They have ridiculously good smelling products for body and hair, but I have just purchased hair stuff so far.   My recent order included:   Shine Sweetie Conditioner in Goodie Gumdrops. The scent is described as: is the aroma of holiday spiced gumdrops withContinue reading “My Cocoa Pink Order”

Solstice Scents Yule Reviews

I bought the sample pack of the perfume oils. Gingerbread Man In bottle:  Mostly vanilla Wet on skin:  Whoa, this is pretty sharp….almost smoky it’s so spicy and sharp. Dry on skin:  This is very sharp and spicy.    I am not getting any vanilla anymore.  It’s like if you stuffed your face in a jarContinue reading “Solstice Scents Yule Reviews”

Haus Of Gloi Yule Reviews

Hearth: In bottle-buttery and maybe a bit spicy. Wet on skin:  Spiced apple and maybe some booze? Dry on skin:  Unfortunately this one seems to go a little plasticy on me.   If it’s got a wine or booze note then that’s common for me. Snow Wolf In bottle:  Whew, green and strong!  Vetiver maybe? WetContinue reading “Haus Of Gloi Yule Reviews”