Haus Of Gloi Yule Reviews


In bottle-buttery and maybe a bit spicy.

Wet on skin:  Spiced apple and maybe some booze?

Dry on skin:  Unfortunately this one seems to go a little plasticy on me.   If it’s got a wine or booze note then that’s common for me.

Snow Wolf

In bottle:  Whew, green and strong!  Vetiver maybe?

Wet on skin:  Evergreen for sure, and still very strong.   It’s reminds me a lot of BPAL’s Yule Cat

Dry on skin:  More woodsy and a bit smoky.   Still strong, but not in a men’s cologne kind of way and it’s settling down as I type.    Quite pretty once you get this beast under control!


In bottle:  Buttery and spicy.

Wet on skin:  Now the spices are coming out to play….definitely some cinnamon.

Dry on skin:  Getting maybe a wine note?  Still very spicy but it’s settled down and is really pretty.


In bottle:  Wow, it definitely smells like eggnog!

Wet on skin:   Yum, now it smells like eggnog that’s been spiked with a yummy adult beverage and it’s gotten more spicy with nutmeg.

Dry on skin:  Now it mostly smells like nutmeg.  The eggy and creamy goodness have faded away.   I didn’t think I’d like this one but I really love it.

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