Truffles Update

Sometimes doing dog rescue can be really, really hard….soul crushing even. Then something like this is delivered into my inbox and I get the warm and fuzzies and renewed inspiration to keep going. A little bit of history; Truffles wandered into a yard of a DRAW volunteer and in her area Pit Bulls have no chance to get out of the shelter. She ended up at my house and was a total joy while she was here.

Miss Truffle Luffle Ding Dong

Truffles went to a wonderful couple who just sent this update!


Michael, Truffles and I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas. As we round into our 6th month with Truffles, I thought you’d enjoy a little status update (reprintable for the website, if you’d like).

When Truffles joined our family in June 2010, she was shy and quiet. Having spent several months between being homeless, a shelter dog, and a foster dog, we weren’t surprised that she spent most of her time watching us trying to figure out the answer to the question “what next?” Since then, she’s really come out of her shell – she loves to be a dog “about town” – whether it is going for walks, or meeting people and other dogs. She’s attended Good Dog 101 to reinforce some basic commands and we’re hoping to continue working on the training in the upcoming year as we work towards Canine Good Citizen.

At first, she wasn’t sure about going for rides in the car, but she’s become a real princess – so much so that at times she’d rather go for a ride than a walk. She loves hanging with her people – whether that’s going for long rides as we run errands (all the while, watching out the windshield from the backseat), following us all around the house, or enjoying snuggle time. She’s quite the snuggler – so much so that her nickname is Bug… as in Snuggle-Bug. If she’s not up on the couch snuggling with us, she’s usually moaning pitifully to encourage us to let her up on the couch (and it’s really hard to resist her sad-dog face!).

She has several doggie friends that come to visit her, including a Yorkie, a Chihuhua, and a Pomeranian mix. She really enjoys her outings to our local pet stores (including the Bellevue All the Best where her Labrador friend, Bella, works) where she’s spoiled rotten by all the people that dote on her.

Truffles enjoys playing – especially with Michael. She has a few favorite stuffed squeaky toys that she likes to have tossed for her to go fetch. When she brings them back, she’ll either play her version of keep-away or, if we’re not paying attention and she wants it thrown again, is quite happy to put it in your lap and leave it there so that it’s clearly obvious to us that we should play some more.

Our most recent adventure was to the Humane Society to participate in Santa Paws – the pet pictures with Santa. When we walked into the entrance, there was a collective “awwww” from all of the volunteers, at which point, Truffles tail wagging went into overdrive and she proceeded to make great friends with everyone. Our favorite picture of her with Santa is attached. My tactical error was to be standing to the photographers left – which is precisely where she’s looking instead of at the camera.

Truffles is the perfect name for her – as you said, she’s sweet as candy and she oinks like a pig searching for truffles. At the time of writing, she’s curled into a doggie ball at my feet quietly snoring away dreaming about whatever it is that doggies dream. It seems like every day one of us comments to the other how lucky we are to have this sweet, quirky dog in our lives. In the short time we’ve had her, we’ve shared big adventures and are looking forward to more to come in the future.


And they sent along Truffles pic with Santa!

Truffles and Santa

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