Dasher, The Most Famous Reindog Of All!

First of all I should mention that I don’t foster puppies.   They are messy and smelly and chew things they aren’t supposed to.  I like fostering elderly dogs and the young adults that just need someone to show them what’s acceptable and what isn’t.   A little boot camp, ya know?    You should also know thatContinue reading “Dasher, The Most Famous Reindog Of All!”

Violette Market Reviews

Tamaskan Dog Golden amber, dry cedar wood, hazelnuts, honeyed chocolate, dark gingerbread, and spiced apple wassail. In the bottle: Piney and warm. I can definitely smell the amber. Wet on skin: Pine and amber, maybe very lightly resinish? It’s warm and rich for sure. Dry on skin: It’s softened into a really warm and resinyContinue reading “Violette Market Reviews”

Boobies for Woobies

BOOBIES for WOOBIES! – A Fundraiser for the Women/Children’s Shelters of Snohomish County, Produced by Discontinued Trim Productions! The Non-Profit, Women/Children’s Shelters of Snohomish County, serve to meet the physical and emotional needs of Women and their children, by providing nutritious meals, a warm and safe shelter, and as much strength and support the volunteerContinue reading “Boobies for Woobies”

Pinups & Pasties!

PINUPS & PASTIES Burlesque Entertainment presented by Bachelor Pad Magazine and The Pinup Angels. Hosted by Java of Bachelor Pad Magazine, featuring performances by a cast of Seattle’s most talented stripteasers, and a parade of pinups by The Pinup Angels. Event Dates: Feb 19, 2011 7:00 PM Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/143736 Performer Line-up: Bella Jovan Sydni DeverauxContinue reading “Pinups & Pasties!”

DIY Lip Gloss (sort of!)

We all know I have a weakness for ‘lip shit’ as my husband calls it. I’ve got lip glosses and balms everywhere: the car, my bedside table (honestly, I think there or two or three there!), several in my purse, two in my desk at work and I’ve been known to find old and petrifiedContinue reading “DIY Lip Gloss (sort of!)”