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Dasher, The Most Famous Reindog Of All!

First of all I should mention that I don’t foster puppies.   They are messy and smelly and chew things they aren’t supposed to.  I like fostering elderly dogs and the young adults that just need someone to show them what’s acceptable and what isn’t.   A little boot camp, ya know?    You should also know that I’m a sucker for a charity case.  And Boxers.   Make that a 99% starved to death eight week old brindle Boxer puppy with pneumonia and I’ve got “Sucker” written all over me.  DRAW works very closely with Clackamas County Dog Services in Oregon and when the shelter director, Diana, asks you personally about fostering a dog well…’s hard to say no.  Especially when she knows exactly the type of dogs you like.

Little Dash (short for Dasher) was impounded as a stray at large on December 21st.  Just an eight week old pup he was almost starved literally to death.   Add to that pneumonia and a really bad case of worms and you’ve got a really sick little puppy that may very well not recover.  Here’s how he looked when he was first taken into the shelter.

Dash when he was first rescued at the shelter.
Dash at the shelter.

Knowing he was too sick to be left in the shelter the director took him home to start nursing him back to health.   Then she started working on me.   Diana said for the first few days when she woke up in the morning she wasn’t sure if he would have make it through the night.   Dash is a fighter and *did* make it.  With a lot of work and a lot of love and a lot of care Diana got him ready for transport up to WA.   

Dash sitting pretty at Diana's.
Scooter shows Dash the fine art of napping.

His pneumonia was clearing up and he was putting on weight steadily.  Still a little skinny and still a little stuffy he made the trip like a little champ.  He pooped in his crate (way to go, little guy!) and was introduced to all the critters at my house.  My cats were less than thrilled.   My dogs were more tolerant.  It’s like they knew he needed some TLC and guidance.

Dash learns how to play.
Sweaters help to keep me warm!

Dash has settled right in and LOVES the other dogs!   His favorite place to sleep is right on top of one of his brothers or sisters, especially if it’s right in front of the warm fire.

Dash gets comfy with Doogie.

Dash’s very *best* friend however was a little more surprising.    Dash and Gimli have a serious bromance going on.   I keep breaking up the play, worrying that Dash is being too rough with Gimli but Gimli just keeps going back for more so he must love it! They wrestle for hours at a time and seem to really enjoy body slamming each other and annoying the heck out of the other dogs and cats.

Dash isn’t available for adoption yet as he’s still recovering from his pneumonia and once he’s healthy he’ll need to be neutered.   He’s coming along nicely with the help of many people.  He’s a very lucky little pup and I’m very lucky that he came into my life.   A Christmas miracle!

Violette Market Reviews

Tamaskan Dog

Golden amber, dry cedar wood, hazelnuts, honeyed chocolate, dark gingerbread, and spiced apple wassail.

In the bottle: Piney and warm. I can definitely smell the amber.

Wet on skin: Pine and amber, maybe very lightly resinish? It’s warm and rich for sure.

Dry on skin: It’s softened into a really warm and resiny scent. This could totally be worn by boys or girls. Woodsy, a bit piney and really nice.

Verdict: Soooo glad I bought this and it’s for a good cause, too!    A special collection of charity perfumes benefiting Adopt A Husky, Inc. For every bottle of Winter Dogs perfume sold, Violette Market will donate 50% to Adopt A Husky, Inc., a Siberian Husky Rescue Serving the Midwest and Pacific Northwest Regions. Please check them out right here:


A sensual assortment of three vanillas: aged vanilla bean, vanilla absolute, and rose vanilla, featuring black patchouli, red raspberry, Mysore sandalwood, wild strawberry, balsam, blue lavender powder, and rich dark chocolate.

This was a freebie (thank you, Lori!). I only mention this because it’s not something that I would have chosen for myself. And boy would I have been missing out!

In bottle: It definitely smells sweet…like a candy shop that also has some liqueur in it.

Wet on skin: Soft and pink smelling. A little rosy maybe? It’s a different rose though, normally it smells horrible on me but this works. I also get a whiff of conversation hearts and lavender baby powder. It goes through a bit of a Playdoh stage (which I like) but this goes away when it dries.

Dry on skin: Super soft and pretty. Pink and innocent but with a sexy, knowing edge.

Verdict: Gorgeous, I was lucky to get this!

Black Apple

Blood red apple, a midnight incantation, and a dusting of black potion resin.

In bottle: Spicy apples.

Wet on skin: Dark, resinous and juicy, red apple.

Dry on skin: It definitely smells like a black apple! This is soooo sexy and a little ‘dirty’. Like you know it can’t be good for you but you have to keep smelling it anyway.

Verdict: I love apple scents and they seem to love me. This has taken a place in my top five scents. Bottle worthy for sure and I have a feeling this will get even better with age.

Boobies for Woobies

BOOBIES for WOOBIES! – A Fundraiser for the Women/Children’s Shelters of Snohomish County, Produced by Discontinued Trim Productions!

The Non-Profit, Women/Children’s Shelters of Snohomish County, serve to meet the physical and emotional needs of Women and their children, by providing nutritious meals, a warm and safe shelter, and as much strength and support the volunteer staff have to offer.

Help us raise funds, by joining us for one night, and one night only of a spectacular mix of Burlesque, Boylesque, Cabaret, Comedy, Drag and Bellydance . This Variety Show is one that you won’t want to MISS! Come see an incredible array of talented performers express themselves in so many different ways and all for the same cause.

Pre Sale Tickets $15 – Tickets at Door $20
Location: Theatre off Jackson
409 7th Avenue S., Seattle, WA
Must be 21+ to attend

Doors open at 6:30 pm
Show starts at 7:00 pm

Hosted by None other: “The Man, The Mystery, The Mustache” Ernie Von Schmaltz
– Christine Anne
– Heidi Von Haught
– Hottie McNaughty
– Iva Handfull
– Jo Jo Stiletto
– Kendra Hayes
– The Luminous Pariah
– Maggie
– Miss Elaine Yes
– Pinky Shines
– Ruby Whiines

Raffle Tickets can be purchased at the show, or bring an item to donate and receive a Raffle ticket. REMEMBER….. WE RAFFLE AMAZING GOODIES donated and/or made by our very own talented performers and other folks from our community.
Greatest needs for the shelter are listed below.
1. Toiletries (such as lotions, deodorants, feminine products, towels)
2. Gently used or new Blankets
3. Gently used of new coats
4. Kids games, books, and clothing

Unexpected Snow!

We had a bit of unexpected snow last night.  I woke up at 2:30am when the power went out and was flabbergasted when I looked out and saw all the snow!   I got up and dressed to take the dogs out and frolic in the snow and found two downed trees.    One was a 20 foot evergreen that I planted when we first moved in:


The first tree I ever planted when we moved in. 😦


And the neighbors lost some sort of deciduous tree across our fence.   No damage but it’s going to be a bit of a bear to clean up:

Neighbors tree that came down. No damage though!

Personally I think it’s super fun to tromp around in the snow at 2:30am!

Snowy Night

Pinups & Pasties!

PINUPS & PASTIES Burlesque Entertainment presented by Bachelor Pad Magazine and The Pinup Angels. Hosted by Java of Bachelor Pad Magazine, featuring performances by a cast of Seattle’s most talented stripteasers, and a parade of pinups by The Pinup Angels.
Event Dates: Feb 19, 2011 7:00 PM
Performer Line-up:
Bella Jovan
Sydni Deveraux
Polly Wood
Jesse Belle Jones
LuLu Belle
Hottie McNaughty
Lucky Penny
Iva Handful
Octavia Sexton
Evilyn Sin Claire
Bunny Monroe
Black Cherry
Miss Kitty Baby
Hosted by Java
Featuring The Pinup Angels in the Parade Of Pinups

PINUPS & PASTIES presented by Bachelor Pad Magazine and The Pinup Angels.
Hosted by Java of Bachelor Pad Magazine. Featuring performances by a cast of Seattle’s most talented and sexiest stripteasers. Showcasing a parade of pinups by The Pinup Angels with signed pinup prints available. Local designers will be on site providing all of your showgirl needs for sale.
Bachelor Pad Magazine is the nation’s premier publication dedicated to ‘Booze, Babes, and Burlesque’. It features models, performers, and contributing writers from the pinup, burlesque, and mid-century fanatic scenes. Java regulary donates copies to Bachelor Pad Magazine to the Pinup Angels to be sent to our troops overseas.
The Pinup Angels are a group of local and national Pin-up Girls who use their pinup images to raise funds to send care packages to our troops serving overseas. The Pinup Angels were founded by U.S. Marine, Pinup Girl, and Burlesque Performer Miss Kitty Baby.

The Pinup Angels: Pinups Supporting Our Troops


DIY Lip Gloss (sort of!)

We all know I have a weakness for ‘lip shit’ as my husband calls it. I’ve got lip glosses and balms everywhere: the car, my bedside table (honestly, I think there or two or three there!), several in my purse, two in my desk at work and I’ve been known to find old and petrified tubes of the stuff in strange and out of the way places. I totally blame my cats for the ones I find under the refrigerator. The point is, I’m addicted to the stuff and I’ve tried and used almost every brand out there.

I’ve been using the Skin Actives “Liquid Rainbow” for months now almost exclusively. It’s packed with good stuff and has an iridescent quality to it. It’s pretty thick and a little sticky. Because it reflects so much light it definitely has a bit of a lightning quality as well. It’s super moisturizing and my only wish is that it had a bit more color to it. It looks like a gloss and acts like a balm which is the perfect combo in my opinion!

I recently received my Meow Cosmetics order of the holiday stuff and instantly fell in love with the Ghost Stories Glow in Future. I experimented and added it to my tube of Liquid Rainbow and it’s beautiful! The perfect slightly better than natural lip color!   I just checked and the holiday collections are being retired after they reopen from their break. Rats! I was able to place an order for one as it was still available on the website as of two days ago, so maybe I’ll get a full size after all!  Hurry if you want one.  Also, if you use loose mineral pigments, you should have plenty to choose from just be sure to check the pigment you want to use is safe for lips. Here’s the color in case you want to try to duplicate it and it’s also pretty in powder form  on your eyes.

And a swatch of it:

Liquid Rainbow and Future