Violette Market Reviews

Tamaskan Dog

Golden amber, dry cedar wood, hazelnuts, honeyed chocolate, dark gingerbread, and spiced apple wassail.

In the bottle: Piney and warm. I can definitely smell the amber.

Wet on skin: Pine and amber, maybe very lightly resinish? It’s warm and rich for sure.

Dry on skin: It’s softened into a really warm and resiny scent. This could totally be worn by boys or girls. Woodsy, a bit piney and really nice.

Verdict: Soooo glad I bought this and it’s for a good cause, too!    A special collection of charity perfumes benefiting Adopt A Husky, Inc. For every bottle of Winter Dogs perfume sold, Violette Market will donate 50% to Adopt A Husky, Inc., a Siberian Husky Rescue Serving the Midwest and Pacific Northwest Regions. Please check them out right here:


A sensual assortment of three vanillas: aged vanilla bean, vanilla absolute, and rose vanilla, featuring black patchouli, red raspberry, Mysore sandalwood, wild strawberry, balsam, blue lavender powder, and rich dark chocolate.

This was a freebie (thank you, Lori!). I only mention this because it’s not something that I would have chosen for myself. And boy would I have been missing out!

In bottle: It definitely smells sweet…like a candy shop that also has some liqueur in it.

Wet on skin: Soft and pink smelling. A little rosy maybe? It’s a different rose though, normally it smells horrible on me but this works. I also get a whiff of conversation hearts and lavender baby powder. It goes through a bit of a Playdoh stage (which I like) but this goes away when it dries.

Dry on skin: Super soft and pretty. Pink and innocent but with a sexy, knowing edge.

Verdict: Gorgeous, I was lucky to get this!

Black Apple

Blood red apple, a midnight incantation, and a dusting of black potion resin.

In bottle: Spicy apples.

Wet on skin: Dark, resinous and juicy, red apple.

Dry on skin: It definitely smells like a black apple! This is soooo sexy and a little ‘dirty’. Like you know it can’t be good for you but you have to keep smelling it anyway.

Verdict: I love apple scents and they seem to love me. This has taken a place in my top five scents. Bottle worthy for sure and I have a feeling this will get even better with age.

Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

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