Dasher, The Most Famous Reindog Of All!

First of all I should mention that I don’t foster puppies.   They are messy and smelly and chew things they aren’t supposed to.  I like fostering elderly dogs and the young adults that just need someone to show them what’s acceptable and what isn’t.   A little boot camp, ya know?    You should also know that I’m a sucker for a charity case.  And Boxers.   Make that a 99% starved to death eight week old brindle Boxer puppy with pneumonia and I’ve got “Sucker” written all over me.  DRAW works very closely with Clackamas County Dog Services in Oregon and when the shelter director, Diana, asks you personally about fostering a dog well…..it’s hard to say no.  Especially when she knows exactly the type of dogs you like.

Little Dash (short for Dasher) was impounded as a stray at large on December 21st.  Just an eight week old pup he was almost starved literally to death.   Add to that pneumonia and a really bad case of worms and you’ve got a really sick little puppy that may very well not recover.  Here’s how he looked when he was first taken into the shelter.

Dash when he was first rescued at the shelter.
Dash at the shelter.

Knowing he was too sick to be left in the shelter the director took him home to start nursing him back to health.   Then she started working on me.   Diana said for the first few days when she woke up in the morning she wasn’t sure if he would have make it through the night.   Dash is a fighter and *did* make it.  With a lot of work and a lot of love and a lot of care Diana got him ready for transport up to WA.   

Dash sitting pretty at Diana's.
Scooter shows Dash the fine art of napping.

His pneumonia was clearing up and he was putting on weight steadily.  Still a little skinny and still a little stuffy he made the trip like a little champ.  He pooped in his crate (way to go, little guy!) and was introduced to all the critters at my house.  My cats were less than thrilled.   My dogs were more tolerant.  It’s like they knew he needed some TLC and guidance.

Dash learns how to play.
Sweaters help to keep me warm!

Dash has settled right in and LOVES the other dogs!   His favorite place to sleep is right on top of one of his brothers or sisters, especially if it’s right in front of the warm fire.

Dash gets comfy with Doogie.

Dash’s very *best* friend however was a little more surprising.    Dash and Gimli have a serious bromance going on.   I keep breaking up the play, worrying that Dash is being too rough with Gimli but Gimli just keeps going back for more so he must love it! They wrestle for hours at a time and seem to really enjoy body slamming each other and annoying the heck out of the other dogs and cats.

Dash isn’t available for adoption yet as he’s still recovering from his pneumonia and once he’s healthy he’ll need to be neutered.   He’s coming along nicely with the help of many people.  He’s a very lucky little pup and I’m very lucky that he came into my life.   A Christmas miracle!

Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

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