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Ella’s Lead Custom Leashes

I guess I never realized how picky I’ve gotten about leashes. They’re either too long or short, the fabric gives you leash burns on your hands, the clips suck or they’re just plain ugly. Granted in my line of work I use leashes all day long. I’ve been moaning and groaning about not finding the perfect leash for a while now. Finally I just sat down and checked out Ella’s Lead and had a couple made up. I ordered Saturday and had them in my hands today! I chose a traditional style and a slip lead and I couldn’t be happier. They are sturdy which is a must for me, easy on the hands (and eyes) and are exactly what I want in a leash (finally!).
The first is the Eco Lead in Desert Camo, 7 feet with stainless steel hardware and no tubing. It’s super soft material!

The hardware
And the second is a slip lead, 7 feet, mountain rope in black and olive. This one will be mostly for work as it’s super handy to have a slip leash on you at all times when you work with dogs.

Slip Lead
Who knew leashes could be so gratifying?

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