RIP Doogie Howser, Stinky Dog

Doogie taught me a lot about living with a quirky dog.   My second ever foster dog, Doogie came to me from Clackamas County Dog Services in 2004.    Unable to be crated due to crate fear issues, it’s because of Doogie that I came up with the tether system for inside the house.    After he teleportedContinue reading “RIP Doogie Howser, Stinky Dog”

Conjure Oils

I’ve been branching out and trying some different perfume oils lately and the newest that I’ve tried is Conjure Oils. Somewhat local for me in Portland, OR they are known as the ‘little perfume house that could.’ I’ve placed three or four orders so far and have some new top ten oils! Notes that don’tContinue reading “Conjure Oils”