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I’ve been branching out and trying some different perfume oils lately and the newest that I’ve tried is Conjure Oils. Somewhat local for me in Portland, OR they are known as the ‘little perfume house that could.’ I’ve placed three or four orders so far and have some new top ten oils! Notes that don’t work on me from other companies seem to work for me with Conjure. For instance, I’ve never found a leather note that has worked for me other than Conjure.

Conjure Oils TAT is a bit on the slow side, but Vajra is upfront about that and it’s right on the website. Those of you that like instant gratification (like me!) might get a tad impatient but I personally think it’s worth it. They are also opening a studio of sorts later this month in Portland where you can go to will calls and have custom consultations and such! I have experienced nothing but awesome customer service and I really like the choice of bottles you have with Conjure Oils. I personally prefer the roller ball bottles and CO offers those for some 5ml as well as the 10ml bottles.

I’m making an epic post of reviews for those that are interested!

Evocation des Ancêtres
In vial: Ok, maybe I’m crazy but this smelled just a *bit* like toothpaste!

Wet on skin: Ugh, so far not good. It’s super strong and powdery in a gas station incense sort of way.

Dry on skin: Well, this is just too heavy and incensy for me. It’s still going super strong, too. It’s almost given me a headache.

Verdict: Not for me but if you like heavy church incense then you’ll probably really like this one.

Cercles Mystérieux des Adolescentes
In vial: softly aquatic floral.

Wet on skin: the vanilla bean and tonka mix in and it’s really pretty. I makes me think for a moment that I might be able to wear a white floral.

Dry on skin: Ah, I was mistaken. The floral has morphed into something old lady like on me. White florals always do that on me. I’m sure this will smell jaw droppingly sexy on the right person.

Verdict: Beautiful, but not on me. I’ll be passing my decant on to a friend of mine who smells divine in florals.

**edited to add that it did indeed smell divine on her!

Adoration de la Terre
In vial: It smells like peach liquor without the liquor smell. Not as cloying as peach can be but super peachy at the same time.

Wet on skin: It smells like peach candy. I get just a touch of resin and toasted rice.

Dry on skin: This is actually really pretty. I’m generally not fond of fruity or peachy scents on me, but this is pretty sophisticated. The resin and tobacco add a nice, softly dark touch to this blend. The longer I wore it, the better this scent got. I slathered it all day.

Verdict: 10ml bottle worthy for sure!

Miss Lucy’s Beary Good Year
In vial: Blackberry jam!

Wet on skin: Super jamtastic with a hint of something that smells softly minty.

Dry on skin: This is very pretty and comforting. I can smell the teddy bear musk (I think that’s what was smelling minty earlier) and the cake and frosting have come out to play. VERY lightly floral which is good because floral doesn’t usually work on me.

Verdict: This is a fun and pretty scent and I think my decant will be plenty.

La Estrella (The Star)
In the bottle: this smells champagne-y and sparkly.

Wet on skin: Very sparkly and citrus, with a low undertone of something…….

Dry on skin: This is still a bright and shimmery blend but it’s got something a tiny bit dark and sexy going on. Maybe a little musk?

Verdict: I think my pip is enough but I’ll let it age a bit more and see if I need a bottle. This is a perfect summer time and morning scent. Invigorating and bright!

Las Cerezas (The Cherries)
In bottle: Luden’s cherry cough drops!

We on skin: Luden’s cherry cough drops….haha.

Dry on skin: Now it’s softening into something really soft and sexy. It’s still very cherry but I love everything cherry. I think I can smell the merlot more now but it’s not very strong.

Verdict: Bottle worthy because I love all things cherry! Cherry cough drops, cherry candy, cherry soda, black cherries….it’s all sexy on me.

Jeu Du Rapt
I received a decant.

In vial: Lightly soapy and green.

Wet on skin: Very green (moss) with some strong smoke/resin scent. The strong scent is very off putting and smells a bit like fake leather scent.

Dry on skin: The off putting strong scent has settled down. Now I can smell the resins but I get no vanilla. It softened quite a bit but there’s definitely something sharp here that I’m not loving.

Verdict: I’ll be putting my imp away and retesting in a couple of months. At this point I don’t care for it overmuch but I think aging will be good for it.

Rondes Printanieres
In vial: Very berry-ish and coconutty with a bit of cream.

Wet on skin: Raspberry! Now a bit of hibiscus, grapefruit and patchouli are coming out.

Dry on skin: The grapefruit is coming to the front as is the vanilla. I can also detect a bit of the cake flour…..what a lovely touch! Reminds me of being in the kitchen.

Verdict: This is a fun and unique blend but I think my decant will be plenty!

Cherry Red Lipstick
At first I didn’t like this as it was all rose on me and rose doesn’t typically work. I was surprised because all cherry scents have worked for me so far. So I put it away for a while and let it age a bit. OMG…just tried it again and it’s gorgeous! The rose has settled down and the oil as a whole has softened quite and bit and become more full and velvety. On me this is cherry, a little bit of waxy lipstick, a little bit of spice with a tiny dash of rose.

Keep in mind that I like cherry scents of all kinds: medicinal, Jolly Rancher, cough drop, cough syrup, ripe cherries, black cherry etc. Any and all cherry seems to work on me.

Marie LaVeau
I loved this from the very moment I put it on. It’s simply delicious on me and I can’t stop huffing my arm. I really like Sarsaparilla and this is mostly Sarsaparilla with some smooth vanilla and booze. I’ve never had a booze note work for me but this is working just fine, thankyouverymuch.

I can’t wait to age it a little and see what it does. This is definitely a top 10 for me.

Arsenic Ambrosia
I love this. Definitely coconutty and lots of pineapple goodness abounds but it’s underscored with something bad and sinister.

I’ll definitely be purchasing a bottle.

El Sol (The Sun)
In bottle: citrusy and spicy.

Wet on skin: Very citrusy and lots of amber. It’s very sharp on me at this stage.

Dry on skin: This smells like an orange stuffed with clove buds with an added shot of sexy amber. We used to make these during the holidays when I was growing up.

Verdict: I’m not sure if this is bottle worthy for me. I’m going to let my pip age some more and see what happens….

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Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

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