RIP Doogie Howser, Stinky Dog

Doogie taught me a lot about living with a quirky dog.   My second ever foster dog, Doogie came to me from Clackamas County Dog Services in 2004.    Unable to be crated due to crate fear issues, it’s because of Doogie that I came up with the tether system for inside the house.    After he teleported out of an airline crate while we were gone, I was brainstorming on how to safely contain him while we weren’t home and the tether idea was born.

Young studly Doogie.

Doogie was adopted out and subsequently returned for jumping their fence and pooping on their bed.  (I told them they couldn’t crate him but they did it anyway and he broke out and pooped on their bed.  I thought it was funny, unfortunately they didn’t.)    Doogie was adopted out again and returned for fence jumping.   So he stayed with us.   When I got him back, I started working on crate training him.   After about a year, Doogie forgot he was afraid of it and voluntarily went in and laid down in it.   He’s loved his happy house ever since.

It’s hard to imagine a little 40lb Pit Bull scaling a six foot wood fence but Doogie was able to Spider Man up the corner and hop right over.   He even broke into the neighbor’s house through their doggie door to play with their two dogs.

Doogie was always an equal opportunity cuddler, even with those pesky puppies!
Doogie and Elvis were special buddies. They both liked to sleep most of the day.

As ironic as it sounds, as my only 100% Pit Bull, Doogie was also the only 100% dog friendly dog I had.   He was my tester dog with new fosters and with cats.   Doogie always had the unique ability to suck the fight out of other dogs…..he utilized the Jedi Mind Trick.

Doogie lounging in the sun with Zena waiting for him to throw that damn ball already!
May I help you?

Doogie was a fantastic ambassadog and attended many a dog event, always a shining example of the breed.   He made a lot of friends along the way.

Doogie and mom working hard at a dog event.
Boy I sure would like a treat!

Doogie and Kisses became fast friends and were inseperable.

Doogie & Kisses
They're like twins!
Let's lay out in the middle of the walkway so everyone will have to stop and pet us!
Being cute sure is exhausting!
Happy Doogie

Doogie was a quirky, fun little dog and I’m ever so lucky that he came into our lives.   So long, Doogie doggie, we’ll miss you.

Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

One thought on “RIP Doogie Howser, Stinky Dog

  1. Awww sweet Doogie. I was so happy when Jeanine and DRAW could help you. You so deserved a wonderful new life, after your very rough start. You knew where you belonged long before we people figured it out. You were smart enough to commit your shennanigans so you could go home.

    I remember when Mom decided you were staying (YAY day). I remember when you got Mom caught hanging out in the neighbors doggie door (hanging on to you) what an explanation that was.

    RIP sweet boy. I hope you find lots of sunshine.

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