Violette Market Diablo Canyon 2011 Reviews

I placed my order on September 9th and received it September 15th (unfortunately I was out of town all week-end!).   So far, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve tried.

Haunted Corn Maze

Smoked sandalwood, sun-scorched corn husks, golden corn clusters, cranberries, warm resins, and sweet wisps of vanilla dust clouds from skeletal footprints.

I got this last year as a room spray and loved it.   I can’t remember if it was available as a perfume oil last year or not so I decided to pick it up this year.

In bottle: Soft and warm.

Wet on skin:  Hmmm…it really does smell like corn husk and I’m not sure I want to smell like corn!

Dry on skin:  Oh, this is really nice.   It’s softened into a really soft amber that’s just gorgeous.  You can definitely smell a soft resin and vanilla.  This would be a really nice unisex scent.

Verdict:  So glad I bought a bottle of this unsniffed!

Mr. Morgan’s Cidermill

 Autumn apple cider, pressed black apples, amber wood, orchard pear, aged cedar wood, vintage patchouli leaf, blood cedar wood, and sweet vetiver.

In bottle:   Apples, but not green apple.

Wet on skin:  It smells like a woody apple, and I’m worried that it’s going a bit craft store apple-ish.

Dry on skin:  Oh, this is niiiiiiice.  A lovely dark apple scent.  If you like Black Apple or Witches Apple it’s a safe bet that you’ll like this.

Black Moon Saloon

Musky desert air, polished dark wood, Chinese Weeping cypress, dirty flasks of vanilla spirits, hand-crafted raw alcohol infused with white sassafras root, glass decanters of arid Red Eye fire water, evaporated Coffin Varnish, and cloudy Sweet Cactus Wine.

In bottle:  Musky and almost medicinal.

Wet on skin:  Sasafrass!  You can definitely smell the polished dark wood.

Dry on skin:  Yum, I’m so glad I bought a bottle of this!   It’s dark and dirty and really super sexy.    As this dries it really softens up and the medicinal smell goes away.   This scent reminds me of the type of woman who would keep her boots on while she….well, you know.   Bottle worthy for sure!

Ghost Town

A distant bonfire, wind-dried red and brown autumn leaves, tart orchard apple, smoldered Cathouse stage, the haunting wail of a ghost train, and the diabolic laughter of the dead softened by a touch of sweet white cranberry.

In bottle:  In the bottle this smells just like After Dark which is one of my favor

We on skin:  Now I can smell apples, and a little bit of wood and a little of the smokey bonfire comes out.

Dry on skin:  I”m afraid the bonfire may start smelling a bit leathery which doesn’t normally work for me.  I’m going to age this and try it again.  I have a hunch this will age beautifully.

Miss Julia Star, The Cathouse Kitties

Sweet red apple, coriander and cardamom spiced cake with an apple cider glaze.

In bottle:   Sweet and fruity.

Wet on skin:  Yummy, yummy spiced apple with just a bit of cardamom.

Dry on skin:  This dries down to a really pretty and sexy scent.   I can still smell the apple and it’s got a definite cider edge to it with just enough soft spice.   No Yankee Candle smell.  This is most definitely a feminine scent and much softer and sweeter than Mr. Morgan’s Cidermill.

Verdict:  Glad I snagged a bottle!   So far, I’ve enjoyed all the Cathouse Kitties scents.

Diablo Canyon Root Cellar-Room Spray

Plump pumpkin, squash blossoms, orchard apples, cucumber vines, late summer black raspberries, sarsaparilla root, cinnamon stick, woodland pear, black plum, smoked bundled wood, cold damp soil, and white root-covered river rocks.

I buy one of the room sprays each year.   I really like this one so far.   It’s nice and soft without being perfumy or wanting their houses to smell like air fresheners.   The Haunted Corn Maze that I bought last Halloween lasted me a year!

Diablo Canyon is a limited edition so if you’re interested in something go check it out here:

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