Conjure Oils Yule 2011 Reviews

The Naughty List: Despite our best efforts to kiss up to the big guy in red, sometimes we can’t help but end up on the naughty list! Fluffy marshmallows slowly toasted over the fireplace flames, buttered rum spiked steamed vanilla milk, cacao musk, swirling pipe tobacco and a snicker doodle bribe.

In bottle: It’s smells like caramel or toffee candies!

Wet on skin: Now I’m getting the tobacco and cacao musk but I’m not getting much of the rum.

Dry on skin: I’m not getting the nastiness that I normally get from a cream/milk note and this isn’t a buttery blend to me at all. Granted, this is fresh out of the mailbox but I think it’s a really soft and sexy foody scent. Right now it’s pretty heavy on the tobacco and snicker doodle with a dash of fireplace flame.

Verdict: This is really gorgeous…just perfect! I think will only get more amazing as it ages. I also think it would be really nice layered with a good amber or sandalwood.

Sultry red musk, golden amber resin, red mandarin, crimson carnation and clove bud.

In bottle: Red musk and a bit of crimson carnation.

Wet on skin: Whoa, it’s all carnation at this point. Florals and I don’t normally play well together but if anything does work, it’s usually carnation. I can also smell a bit of the mandarin.

Dry on skin: Everything has settled down and the musk has come out to the front. After a little while the amber resin and clove make a gentle entrance. This is red musk done in the best smutty way possible.

Verdict: I’m soooo glad I got a bottle of this! I think this will age and soften nicely. I love the label with Santa’s sleigh and reindeer.

Maul Santa:
Because Killer Klowns need holiday work, too! Drunk before noon: Dark and boozy Bourbon vanilla, blackened coconut husk, toasted tonka bean, cherry pipe tobacco smoke and the suspicious scent of peppermint schnapps.
Leigh B.
Tennessee, USA

In bottle: It’s vaguely cologne-y with a bit of the peppermint. It’s an interesting combination!

Wet on skin: The peppermint is at the front closely followed by what I think is the tonka bean.

Dry on skin: This has settled down quite a bit and now I’m getting the cherry pipe tobacco and coconut husk. The peppermint schnapps definitely gives it an interesting snow note.

Verdict: I’m not quite sure about this one yet. I’m pretty sure I’m going to fall in love with it, but I also think it needs some time to settle and age as I tried it right out of the mailbox. The label shows a Santa drinking something right out of a bottle….hehe.

Frozen musk topped by worn leather, sultry sandalwood and a drop of sweetest honey.
Vajra W.
Oregon, USA
Yule 2008 Winner

In bottle: Frozen musk all the way!

Wet on skin: The sandalwood and honey are mixing with the frozen musk.

Dry on skin: Everything has softened and blended into a gorgeous winter scent. I can smell all of the componenst, and the sweet honey and worn leather together are magic!

Verdict: Conjure Oils leather note it the only one I can wear and I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on this oil. It’s gorgeous and sexy and just a little bit slutty. I love it and it’s only going to get better with age.

Terra’s Spiced Gumdrop Gems: Terra spent all month in the candy caverns mining the perfect jelly gemstones that have just the right balance of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice.

In bottle: Spicy gumdrops!

Wet on skin: It’s spicy but not in craft store sort of way. It really does spell like those sugar coated spice drops….especially the white ones which are my favorite. I think they’re the clove flavored ones.

Dry on skin: Well, this is beautiful. It manages to be candyish but in a really sexy and warm kind of way. It really does smell like spice drops but with an added grown up twist.

Verdict: I am so very glad that I bought a bottle of this. It’s a really amazing scent and I highly recommend it to those who like candy and sugar scents with an added spicy note. The label is a cute witch with gum drops in the background.

This collection is by far the best Yule collection I’ve yet to try.  Go thee and get some great smellies before they disappear and/or sell out!

Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

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