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My Pretty Zombie LE Easter Swatches & WTF

As usual, I got lightning fast shipping from My Pretty Zombie.   I just couldn’t resist the limited edition Easter colors and once I read the story behind the WTF set I had to get those too.  Plus, I think it’s always good to have a set of beautiful neutrals.   I also received three free samples in Miasma, Disquiet and Pzcdiot.  These swatches were done over Pixie Epoxy with no flash, just a nice bright light.

Limited Edition Easter Colors (stand outs are Deviled Egg, Ham, Rabbit's Foot)
Limited Edition Easter Colors
Limited Editon Easter Colors
Limited Edition Easter Colors
Limited edition Easter colors.

WTF? Colors
The duochrome/colro shift on Miasma is insane and super cool!

My free sample colors

The colors that I received as free samples are NOT colors I would have bought and boy would I have been missing out!   All of these shadows are easy to work with and have great color pay off.   My Pretty Zombie is fast becoming one of my favorite indie companies.   I will definitely need a full size of Miasma.

If you like the Easter colors, don’t wait as they are limited edition…..get them now!

NA/VA Contest Winners! (+ proxy winner!)

Hello everyone!    We have our contest winners and I have contacted three via email but one winner (Heather Miewald) you didn’t provide your email address.   Please email me at h.mcnaughty at gmail dot com so I can send out your bottle of Plumeria Sapphire!

The winners were:


Heather Miewald

Leigh Barnes


Of the three that I have emailed, if you don’t see an email please check your spam folder.  After 48 hours I will choose another winner and you lose out.


Heather never emailed me so the proxy winner is Alaska Clawson.  Please email me at h.mcnaughty at gmail dot com
Thank you and congratulations!



Alaska Clawson never got back to me so proxy winner part deux is Marlfox!  Congratulations!

Mellow Yellow Makeup Challenge!

So this weeks makeup challenge was titled Mellow Yellow.  Yellow could be used in any way that you wanted it to be.   I chose to do a really simple eye in a super bright yellow and decided to keep the lips simple.  I also did a nebula nail manicure last night and since it includes some yellow I included a couple photos of them as well.

Face:  MAC primer with foundation in NC15 and matching concealer.

Cheeks:  Meow blush in Twisted.

Lips:  Skin Actives Liquid Rainbow mixed with a little Sailor Moon from Victorian Disco.

Eyes:  MAC Paint in Untitled with Lucky 107 Concrete Eye Primer.   Sailor Uranus from Victorian Disco all over lid and blended up into crease a bit.   Meow’s Skelecat brushed onto brow bone with Meow’s  Vixen applied under brow.   Meow’s Yellow Snow applied to inner corner of eye with one coat of black mascara.

Brows:  Meow’s Brow Beater in Auburn.

For nails I used all OPI.   Black, White, Curry Up Don’t Be Late, Cong-line Coral, Austin-tatious Turquoise.

Victorian Disco Swatches And Review

Victorian Disco is a new indie makeup company for me so I was super excited to find them.   First of all, I *love* all things disco and when you throw in some Sci-Fi geekery then I couldn’t say no.    I ordered the fifteen sample pack from the etsy shop on 2/20/12 and received my order on 2/25/12.   All arrived safe and sound and I also received two free samples.

I ordered samples of:  Droids, Tatooine, Leia’s Bikini, Baroque, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Saturn, Godric, Zoey, No Mercy, Keith’s Truck, Francis and Jockey.   I received free samples of Sailor Pluto and Revolutionary Ball.  All swatches were done over Silk Naturals Stick Em Primer.

The adorable little package.
Samples of goodness.
The Sailor Scouts Collection
Sailor Scouts
Sailor Scouts
Galaxy Down The Street Collection
Galaxy Down The Street
Galaxy Down The Street & Revolutionary Ball

Brains 4 Beauty

Initial thoughts:  Shipping was lightning fast!   I didn’t particularly care for the way the sample packets were folded and sealed with the label.   I found it creased the bags and made them hard to open and store, however all the labels are marked whether the pigment is safe for use on lips so that was really cool!  I was able to unfold them and keep the label on the baggie.

I found a couple of the colors to be a bit lacking in the pigment department (Droids and No Mercy) but several of them were pretty amazing.   Stand outs for me were Revolutionary Ball, Godric and Sailor Venus.  I have not yet had a chance to actually try them on my eyes so I’ll be sure to feature a few EOTD’s.    I’m guessing that with a bit of tweaking to the formula these pigments would be quite outstanding.   At the present time these would be best applied over a very sticky or tacky primer like Pixie Epoxy or Lucky 107’s Concrete Primer.

Be sure to check out the wonderful geekery goodness on etsy!

Darling Girl Swatches And Review

I’ve ordered from Darling Girl a couple of times and have been impressed each time.   I’ve collected a stupid amount of DG lip products but I’m pretty strict about tossing them after six months or so.  Or a dog eats them, or the cats bat them onto the rings of Saturn.  I don’t know where they go but they seem to disappear faster than a single sock.  Bottom line, I have no self control.   😀

I was very interested in a quite a few of the eye shadows so I purchased from the Sweet Treats Collection as well as the Sweetheart Collection.    I’m really, really happy with everything but particularly impressed with the shadows.  I loves me a good duochrome/color shift and DG has some of favorites so far.  I’m always particularly enamored with blue/brown and brown/green and there are a couple really nice ones here.

I ordered on 1/29/12 and received my order 2/14/12.   It was well packaged and everything arrived in one piece with no leakage or breaks.

Such festive wrapping!
Look at all those goodies!
The lippies.
  • Super sparkly!

Lovestruck and two taupes.

The Sweet Treats Collection

The stand outs so far for me are Flan de Naranja, Dr. Pepper Cake, Dulce de Leche, Lovestruck and Puppy Kisses.   All of the lippies are nice but I’m particularly loving Still Your Sunshine.   The website can be a bit difficult to figure out but there’s a new and updated one in the future from what I hear.    And DG prices can’t be beat so go check out this fabulous indie company!

Morgana Cryptoria Order And Swatches

I splurged and ordered some Morgana lip glosses and lipsticks and thought I would swatch them for you!   Morgana Cryptoria has the *best* vegan lipstick around.   Really beautiful deep rich colors in nice formulas.  I ordered on 1/18/12 and received my order on 2/14/12.   You can sign up for an account on her site and keep track of your orders which is really nice.    I also ordered a couple of eye shadows and swatched those as well.  The shadows are swatched over Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy.    One of the glosses had a cracked lid so I emailed and had a reply within and hour that a replacement would be sent out.  That’s pretty awesome customer service!    It’s a little bit of a wait (TAT is clearly posted on the main page of the site) but totally worth it, let me assure you!

These look as beautiful to you as they did to me?  Then you should go check out the cool stuff now!

Buford T. Justice And Adenocarcinoma

I think I’ve avoided posting this because I’m just not wanting to deal with it.   I’m angry and adrift and yes, a bit depressed but mostly I’m deeply and profoundly sad.   Fuck cancer.  Big B has been my best friend since the day he entered our lives.  He’s been my protector, my doughnut and coffee buddy, my dress up model and napping compatriot.

Big B had a stumbling episode and was non weight bearing on his front right leg two weeks ago so I brought him in to work and we took x rays and did labs and a thorough exam. We knew he had some arthritis in his shoulder and neck and found some more in his elbows. He had a really infected anal gland so we emptied and infused them. While Dr. Evergreen was expressing his anal gland he found a small lump either inside the gland or duct. He was able to express it a little bit and it seemed quite a bit smaller.

A week later Big B still seemed a little bit sore but we upped his Tramadol to keep him comfortable and checked his anal gland again. At that time the lump was the size of a pea and had doubled in size from the last time we checked it. Dr. Evergreen recommended a visit to the surgeon that we love (Dr. Fry) to see what he thought about removing it. I couldn’t really put my finger on it but Big B had just seemed ‘off’ to me. Dr. Fry got us in right away and he recommended aspirating the lump before surgery. This could tell us if it’s cancer or not and determine how aggressive he would need to be with the excision of the entire anal gland.

Unfortunately the lump came back as adenocarcinoma which is nasty. Both Dr’s recommended chest films and an ultrasound before we do surgery to make sure it hadn’t spread to Buford’s organs before we put him through a really nasty surgical procdure. We got the worst possible news that we could get, the chest films showed changes in his lungs and the ultrasound showed nodules in his liver and kidneys. Dr. Evergreen thinks we have maybe four weeks but possibly closer to two weeks for Big B.

There is a great holistic vet in NY who has compounded some Chinese herbs to help support his system and keep him feeling good for as long as possible.   He started those last night and they seem to be helping.   Monday was a rough day and he felt like crap but I heard Big B get up this morning and head down the hallway to check on me about 5am.    That’s something he’s always done….check on mom before she gets up and make sure everything is as it should be before the start of the day.

In the mean time Big B and I will be spending lots of time together and getting a ton of donuts.

Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary NAalentine Reviews

I received my NA/VA oils from their last update.  Yay!  I had some time to sit down and review most of them so I thought I’d share them with you before they sell out.   I guarantee many of them will!  We’ll start with the NAlentine’s reviews first:


Bastet’s Choco Cherry X:  Black Cherry, Cherry Flesh melded with Sandalwood, Nokturne:Crystalline, Tahitian and French Vanilla, a drop of Black Honey, Dark Choco and finely dusted with a hint of Hot Cocoa.

In bottle: Cherry cordial!

Wet on skin: Chocolate. At this point Mr McNaughty stated, “You smell like chocolate, I could eat your arm!” I can smell a tiny bit of cherry, Crystalline and dark honey.

Dry on skin: The vanillas are appearing and the honey and cherry flash have amped a bit. This is succulent and sexy without being overtly sweet and girly. The sandalwood peeks out at the very end.

Verdict: I bought a bottle of this unsniffed because I love cherry so much and just knew this would work for me! I think this will age beautifully!


Eternal Love 2012:  Golden Amber, the last of the aged 5 year old White Amber Rock from an Ancient Cedar box, VA Moors Accord Patchouli Noir Essence, a touch of smoke, a drizzle of precious NA Kyphi, a drop of incense and a whisper of Crystalline kissed with the tiniest drop of very aged blue Labdanum Sugar.

In bottle: Whew, very earthy for sure!

Wet on skin: This is super woodsy and I can definitely smell the patchouli and smoke as well as the incense.

Dry on skin: This settles down quite a bit and becomes more spicy than straight up hippie woodsy. I can smell the kyphi and sugar.

Verdict: This is a bit heavy and earthy for me but it’s really pretty. I’ll bet with some age on it, it will deepen into a lovely scent, especially if you like these notes.


Hathor Tambour:  Pink Moon Lotus, Plumeria, Nokturne:Crystal (Vanilla Musk), Clementine, Blue Coconut Vanilla and a kiss. What does a kiss smell like? It smells like blue sugar and vanilla beans.

In bottle: Hmmm…this smells kind of soapy.

Wet on skin: Fruity and still a bit soapy/air freshner-ish to me. I swear I smell super green apple.

Dry on skin: I’m definitely getting the Clementine here. Maybe a little bit of the blue coconut? What is blue coconut? Not sure but I think I like it.

Verdict: This is a super bright and fresh scent to me. I’m not sure if it’s something I’d reach for a lot, but I’d like to let it rest for a bit and try again! I feel like this one might need to rest a little bit.


A new Nokturne was released as one of the forum only scents; Nokturne: Dark Sapphire.   Sapphire is so hard to get that I straight up just ordered two bottles.  Boy am I glad I did!

Nokturne: Dark Sapphire:  The essence of Nokturne Sapphire is the basis of this dark delight. Taking the essence of Amber and Musk and revisiting this perfume, Jacek takes the bond and creates the shadow realm of the beauty of this perfume. Blood Musk drifts through the Sapphire like a throbbing vein, Black Amber wisps a resinous allure as it breaks free from time to time and then grasps the Sapphire like a snake against this gem. Spices flow in and out like the Bay of San Francisco.

In bottle: Spicy sapphire. Delicious!

Wet on skin: If Sapphire where to travel somewhere exotic under the cloak of night, this is what she’d come back smelling like!

Dry on skin: The blood musk and black amber are the perfect paring for Sapphire.

Verdict: Boy am I glad I bought two of these! I think I’m going to be wearing this one for many, many days in a row.


There was another FEx (forum exclusive) scent released that I just could not pass up.   Bat Heart!

Bat Heart:  Spicy N2 Egyptian Musk are the wings of this bat. Warm chocolate fudge is the blood that flows alongside a light dusting of cocoa surrounded by the pulsing of Nokturne:Kobalt bringing the beat to this Bat Heart. Tiny fizzures of ghostly Styrax and Amyris bleed into the Kobalt along with black pepper essential oil to enhance the vanilla resin. A soft pulse of African Musk kisses the bat heart and glows blood and magenta at the core.

In bottle: Cocoa powder!

Wet on skin: Soft and sultry and chocolatey without being candy like. Must be the kobalt and vanilla resin.

Dry on skin: This smells like an amazing dark chocolate lava cake. I think the black pepper essential oil is magic here!

Verdict: I love this! It’s a grown up sexy chocolate scent. All the notes blend perfectly to make this a sumptuous oil.


And another limited edition Eternal Dark was released….Eternal Cairo Dark.

Eternal Cairo Dark:  Incense Accord, Egyptian White and Red Amber, Red and Black Egyptian Musk, Chinese Black Star Anise, Bavarian Pimento and the shadows from the sands of Egypt. A dark souk scent. Allow the shadowing spices to build and rebuild layered scent on your skin. Initial scent will never be the perfume it was intended.

In bottle: There’s the licorice/anise!

Wet on skin: Mostly I get the licorice which is awesome because I love it. The ambers are hovering in the back.

Dry on skin: I really *really* love this. I’m pretty much a sucker for anything licorice and I had no idea it could blend so well with the other notes in this oil. It smells like really nice ambery licorice sand if that’s possible.

Verdict: I had no idea I would love this as much as I do. I love all of the eternals and will most likely collect all the dark versions that come out as well. I really like to layer the eternals with their dark versions… makes a gorgeous blend!


I also ordered some samples of general catalog VA scents and boy am I glad I did.  I found three new favorites!

Jacek: Red Incense, Dark rich Shiraz Wine, Indian Red Musk, Blood Amber Stone and a drop of Blood from a Clove Bud.

In bottle: It smells like….Luden’s cherry cough drops! I used to LOVE those things.

Wet on skin: Cherries and red musk? I think I can start to smell the incense and blood amber.

Dry on skin: Well, I’m not *quite* sure exactly what happens but this tuns into liquid sex on me. It’s the perfect blend of cherry, red musk and wine.

Verdict: This is bottle worthy for sure. I don’t typically like a wine note but this is really well blended. It definitely smells red and powerfully feminine on me. It’s like the perfume version of the red power tie and little black dress all in one!

Nemisynthe: Green Anise, a Sugar Cube, Juniper, Chocolate Cocoa, Grande Wormwood, Hyssop, Sweet Flag, Melissa and Florence Fennel.

In bottle: Yep, it’s green anise with fennel.

Wet on skin: Still anise and fennel with a touch of a lemon sugar popping out. The juniper is in the background with the little bit of chocolate cocoa. I don’t know what the other notes smell like, but I’m getting a bit of an Alpine floral.

Dry on skin: This is starting to smell a little like lemongrass and licorice. It’s softened by the sugar and chocolate cocoa.

Verdict: I’m a huge fan of all things anise, licorice or fennel. Typically those blends can be either too candy like or too herbal for me. This is a really wonderful blend of the two. Soft and clean and sweetly pretty with a twist of something not expected.

Gremlin Cake: Chocolate Cake, Shredded Coconut, Sweet Butter, Vanilla Musk and toasted Pecans.

In bottle: It smells just like my moms Crazy Chocolate Cake batter before baking it.

Wet on skin: Chocolate and light lemon….like a semi-sweet chocolate cake with lemon frosting.

Dry on skin: The coconut, sweet butter and vanilla musk are coming out and it’s quite lovely. Sweet and pretty without being cloying. I don’t really get much of a nutty note.

Verdict: Bottle worthy for sure! It can be really hard to get a buttery cake scent correct. Butter is hit or miss for me but this one works because it’s not too rich.

Don’t forget to enter my contest….I’ll be giving away four bottles to four winners!   Check it out here:

Lucky 107 Review And Contest!

I am super happy to review Lucky107 Cosmetics for you today as well as a contest!  You can find all the contest information at the bottom of this post, don’t forget to enter to win!

I originally ordered the smaller review package.   Rebecca quickly contacted me and let me know that her printer was broken and asked if I would like hand written labels, to get a refund until her printer was back or wait.   I opted to wait and Rebecca was nice enough to bump me up to the larger package for waiting.   How’s that for customer service?   I had a shipping notice on 2/6/12 and had everything in hand on 2/11/12.   Everything was packed very nicely and arrived safely with no spillage or mishaps.  The package itself was wrapped so festively in pink polka dot duct tape!  You should totally go and check out the Lucky 107 shop here:

For the reviewers package I asked for:

Full sizes in: Town Of Halloween, Donna, Dozen Roses, Sandy Claws

Samples in: Zero, Kiss Me Goodnight, Oogie Boogie, Sally, Scrum-diddli-umptious, Winning Ticket

Mango Tango lip balm, Anna Banana Lip Gloss, Cherry Coca-Cola Lip Balm and Concrete Eye Shadow Primer

I also ordered a full size of Matte About You powder, the Stupid Cupid shadow collection and the Halloween Zombie limited edition set which included a full size of Zombie Bitch, and fledgling size samples of Blood Moon, Children Of The Corn and Spooktacular as well as Vamp Kiss balm.

Look at all those goodies!

I had a chance to swatch so onward to the pretty photos!  These were all swatched over the Concrete Eye Shadow Primer.

From left to right: Vida Loca, Lovers Quarrel, Single's Awareness Day
From left to right: Kiss Me Goodnight, Winning Ticket, Donna, Dozen Roses, Scrum-Diddly-Uptious
From left to right: Donna, Dozen Roses, Scrum-Diddly-Uptious
From left to right: Donna, Dozen Roses
From left to right: Kiss Me Goodnight, Winning Ticket
From left to right: Zero, Sally, Oogie Boogie, Sandy Claws, Town Of Halloween
From left to right: Zero, Sally, Oogie Boogie
From left to right: Sandy Claws, Town Of Halloween

And the lippies:

From left to right: Blood Lust, Anna Banana

Lucky 107 FOTD!

Lucky 107 EOTD: Kiss Me Goodnight, Donna, Town Of Halloween, Zero
Lucky 107 EOTD: Kiss Me Goodnight, Donna, Town Of Halloween, Zero
Blood Lust over Make Up Forever Lip Pencil in Nude
Lucky 107 FOTD

Face: BB Holika Holika Cream in Baby Bloom, then Meow Foundation in Frisky Angora, MAC concealer in NW15 under eyes.  Custom blend finishing powder.

Cheeks:  My Pretty Zombie blush in MDMA

Eyes:  MAC Paint in Untitled with Lucky 107 Primer over top.   Lucky 107 shadow in Kiss Me Good Night on lid and middle of lower lashes, with Lucky 107 Donna in crease and blended out and up.   Lucky 107 Town Of Halloween on outer lid and just a bit in crease as well as outer corner of lower lid.   Carina Dolce in Marshmallow Peep on brown bone with Lucky 107 Zero under brow and applied to inner eye area.   MAC liquid liner in Defiantly Feline with one coat of black mascara.

Lips:   Makeup Forever nude liner with Lucky 107 Blood Lust lip gloss.

Verdict:  I have been super impressed with everything that I’ve tried.  The pigments are very easy to use with good color pay off.  There are several colors that I could wear every day; Town Of Halloween, Zero and Scrum-Diddly-Umtious were instant favorites.   The Concrete Eye Shadow Primer is so far the best I’ve tried.    The first night I tested it was a show night and if can stand up to stage wear and tear then it’s good stuff.    Rebecca’s customer service is top notch and she’s very pleasant to do business with.    I find the names on the labels to be a bit difficult to read but the ingredients are on every product and I really appreciate that.   My tube of Blood Lust lip gloss didn’t have any flavor or scent added to it (boo!) as that’s the entire reason I made an order!  lol   I emailed Rebecca and she’s going to send out a replacement ASAP when she’s got her new formula ready to go.

I will definitely be placing another order in the near future.


And swatches of the contest prize!  The prize is the fledgling size of the unreleased All Hallows Eve colors.  You get three shadow samples (Children Of The Corn, Blood Moon and Spooktacular), 1 full size shadow in Zombie Bitch, a lip balm in Vamp Kiss and a discount coupon towards a future purchase!

From left to right: Children Of The Corn, Zombie Bitch, Blood Moon, Spooktacular
From left to right: Children Of The Corn, Zombie Bitch
From left to right: Blood Moon, Spooktacular

Contest rules:  Follow my blog and leave a comment including your email address.  I will draw a winner on 3/1/12 and the winner will be notified within 48 hours.   If I don’t hear back from the winner within 48 hours then I will draw an alternate winner.  Don’t make me hunt you down!

My Pretty Zombie Swatches

I am super happy to have tried My Pretty Zombie, a new makeup company for me.  I ordered on 2/6/12 and had my package in my greedy little hands on 2/10/12!   I purchased:

MDMA Blush

5 Eyeshadow set: Moist, Murder, Thunderpants, Scurvy and Bride

I received three free samples in My Pretty Zombie and Infirmity shadows and LSD Blush

The package looked great when I opened it!

My Pretty Zombie package!
My Pretty Zombie
My Pretty Zombie

And the swatches!  These are all featured over Pixie Epoxy by Fyrinnae.

From left to right: Bride, Thunderpants, Scurvy, Moist and Murder
From left to right: Bride, Thunderpants, Scurvy, Moist, Murder
From left to right: LSD Blush, MDMA Blush
From left to right: My Pretty Zombie, Infirmity
Look at all those pretties!

I have to say that I am *very* impressed with the quality of these shadows.   They are really well mixed and easy to blend with loads of bright color pay off.   I can’t wait to try them for real tomorrow.  I can already tell these are going to be super fun to play with.   You can check out the etsy store here:

Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary Reveiws

I got my decant package (minus one oil) and went to town reviewing them last night whilst waiting for the update.  They are running pretty low on most of these oils so don’t hesitate if you want any of them!

Night Over Cheops

Blue Egyptian Lavender, Purple Indian Lavender, Amber Musk Resin, Limestone Amber, White Musk Absolute and Aged Cedar with a small drop of the richest Egyptian Myrrh we could find…just a drop of sweetness for bliss.

In bottle: Whoa….is that lavender? And I like it? *confused*

Wet on skin: Wow, I can smell lavender and it’s not cloying or giving me a headache. In fact it’s quite lovely. I also smell what I believe to be the Limestone Amber.

Dry on skin: I might have to sit down. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I love the lavender. It’s blended beautifully with the amber musk resin and the rest of the notes are just floating in the background adding to it’s dream like beauty.

Verdict: It’s the first oil ever with lavender in it that I’ve liked. And not just liked the oil blend but liked the lavender in it. It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to dedicate a whole day to wearing it!


Amber Grey

Himalayan Cedar, Rosewood (Rosewood, not associated with the floral ‘rose’), Assam Indian Agarwood, Egyptian Sandalwood White, Italian Bergamot, Egyptian Black Tea settled in Amber of Nepal and Amber of Balsam Tolu. Nokturne:Sapphire and Nokturne:Diamond (Amber Musk and Redwood, Frankincense and Pine) are at the core of Amber Grey.

In bottle: Pretty and….spicy.

Wet on skin:  Hmmm…I keep going back and sniffing my arm to sort the notes out and I can’t really. Maybe a bit of bergamot and rosewood.

Dryin on sk: The black tea has come out as has the other woods. It’s quite lovely….gorgeous really. The wonderful sapphire is wafting around in there and intoxicating me with it’s loveliness.

Verdict: I really wish I’d bought a bottle of this!


Scarab Rebirth

Exquisitely Aged Egyptian and Haitian Vetiver (aged four years), Aged Hessonite Noir (unreleased Nokturne of Black Patchouli), Black Vanilla, Black Coconut, Guaicwood and dipped into Bourbon Vanilla Cedar.

In bottle: Sexy black coconut!

Wet on skin: Dirty, black coconut and vetiver.

Dry on skin: This is a seriously deep and dark scent. You can smell the black coconut, vetiver and black patchouli for sure.

Verdict: It’s lovely but I definitely feel it would benefit from some aging. This would also be just gorgeous layered over Eternal Luxor! (regular or NAliday version)


Horus Rebirth

Pure Bulgarian Rose, Lavender Absolute, Geranium Essence, Orange Blossom, Egyptian Sea Buckthorn, LiquidAmbar, Crystalline Vanilla Resin, Green Peppercorn, Amber Accord and a drop of Nokturne:Lazuli (Egyptian Jasmine). Allow Horus to stand tall, then open his wings as the scent begins to change on the skin and ‘fly’ into something new and beautiful.

In bottle: Soft pretty floral rose.

Wet on skin: A soft and spicy floral. Slight soapy note but all florals go soapy on me.

Dry on skin: It smells a lot like carnation to me. I think it’s the rose mixed with the lavender and green peppercorn. Something smells slightly waxy to me….like beeswax or a honeycomb.

Verdict: Ya know, I might just be able to wear this. I’m going to let it settle for a bit and see what happens. I’m very surprised with all the floral notes in here that I can wear it at all!


Pharaoh Moons: Menes Moon

Refined NA Limestone Amber Resin, Green Amber Accord, Rare Egyptian Blue Neroli, Frankincense Resin, Rare Blue Dragon Blood, Myrrh Resin, Egyptian Musk and a drop of the richest Egyptian Patchouli as our ode to Egypt and Pharaoh alike.

In bottle: Pine and musk…very green smelling.

Wet on skin: Super green. Pretty sure that’s the green amber accord.

Dry on skin: This is still sitting pretty green on me. I think I can smell the myrrh resin and maybe a bit of the blue dragon blood?

Verdict: Strong with a lot of throw, I’m not sure this works for me as it’s very masculine. It’s super duper musk and all resin and green on me. Whatever the green note it, I’m amping it like crazy! I think I’ll pass this along to someone who will love it!


Eye Of RA Rebirth

Pure Vanilla Absolute, South African Chypre Incense, Egyptian Essential Oil of Blackened Cedarwood, French Vanilla, a drop of Desert Sage and Sweet Pine Oil.

In bottle: Very strong and sharp.

Wet on skin: Very incensy and I can smell the sage and pine.

Dry on skin: This smells very green to me. Pretty much all I can smell is pine. I’m wondering if I don’t generally love pine because I amp it so much.

Verdict: Well, this stayed pretty much just straight pine on me. It’s pretty strong with a lot of throw. It’s not for me but I’m sure it would be gorgeous on someone else!


New Years Evil 2012

Black Amber Chypre, Red Incense, Grated Nutmeg, Nag Champa Incense, Indian Nag Champa, Amber Black Pepper Accord, a drop of NA Amber99, Blue Lavender and Lilac Ice Wine.

In bottle: Spicy and maybe a bit cologn-y?

Wet on skin: Black pepper and Nag Champa are at the front.

Dry on skin: This softens into something that’s really quite pretty and wearable. I can smell the amber black pepper accord and a bit of the lavender. The rest of the notes are there but really well blended. This would be equally sexy on boys or girls.

Verdict: I’m really quite fond of this. I tried it right out of the mailbox and I bet it will get even better with a chance to settle and age a bit!

Silk Naturals FOTD

I got to play with my new Silk Naturals stuff today.  I swatched everything yesterday and wore it today!  I also got to give the eye primer the marathon 11 hour test.

Face:  MAC concealer in NC 15 and Meow’s Pampered Puss in Frisky Angora, set with Molecular Mist.  I also use a a custom blend glow powder as well.

Cheeks:  Aromaleigh’s Sinister Rouge

Eyes: MAC Paint in Untitled with SN’s eye primer over.   SN’s Rollick in outer V and blended well up into crease, SN’s Aurora into outer lid and a bit of outer V also on lower lid.  SN’s Bling on lid with SN’s Opal on brow bone.   Two coats of black mascara.  Meow’s Brow Beater in Auburn on brows.

Lips:  MAC lip liner in a pink color (I can’t remember what it was and I left it at work!) with SN’s Soft.

And this is how my eye make up looked after eleven hours.     I did no touching up, no extra powder…nothing.  There was definitely some fading of color and that started around nine hours.  It looked pretty good all day.   I found it to be very comparable to Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy.   I think I used just a tad too much so I’ll play with it in the next couple of days and see what happens!

Morgana Cryptoria FOTD

I really like the blendability of Morgana Cryptoria eye shadows.  Some indie eye shadows are really delicate and you have to ‘pat’ them gently into place or it will separate the base color from the sparkles.  Not these, you can blend away until you’ve got exactly the look you want.

Face:  MAC concealer in NC 15 and Meow’s Pampered Puss in Frisky Angora, set with Molecular Mist.  I also use a a custom blend glow powder as well.

Cheeks:  Aromaleigh Candy-O

Eyes:  MAC Paint on lids in Untitled with Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy over that.  Morgana’s Arr Matey applied to outer V and above crease as well as to center of lower lid.   Morgana’s Marooned applied to outer lid and a bit into crease as well as to the outer portion of lower lid.   Morgana’s Buried Treasure applied to lid area.   Above crease and to brown I used Aromaleigh’s Dandelion.  One coat Super Thick Lash in black and Pure Luxe super liner in Pinup.  Meow’s Brow Beater in Auburn.

Lips: Morgana’s Metallic Maiden

Silk Naturals Swatches

I just love Silk Naturals and always recommend them when I can.   I’ve always had great customer service and prompt order delivery.  I ordered on 1/29, my order was shipped 1/30 and delivered 2/2!  How’s that for prompt.  I ordered:

Jetset Lippie Palatte, Aurora Borlealis Eye Kit, Brow Cream in deep brown, Devil’s Food Cake Black Label gloss

I received a full size of Prowl eye shadow, a smaller size of Catch eye shadow and a sample of Cherub Mineral Glow for free!  That was very generous, I thought.  You can sign up for an account and accrue points towards future purchases.  The point system is very user friendly.

Silk Naturals Goodies

On to the swatches!  The eye kit came with a bottle of Stick Em Primer which I haven’t used before.   I used this to swatch all these colors on my arm, except for the lippies!

This is the Aurora Borealis Eye Kit

From left to right-Opal, Bling, Rollick, Aurora
From left to right-Catch, Opal, Bling, Rollick
From left to right-Bling, Rollick, Aurora, Prowl
From bottom to top-Bling, Rollick, Aurora and Prowl. See the super sparkliness of Aurora?!
From left to right-Sultry, Wisteria, Soft, Nice Tan, Kitten

The lippie palatte is nice because you get to try five different types of lippies from vegan lipstick to liquid gloss.

In short, Silk Naturals has never let me down and I highly recommend them!  Check all the lovely goodies out here: