Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary Reveiws

I got my decant package (minus one oil) and went to town reviewing them last night whilst waiting for the update.  They are running pretty low on most of these oils so don’t hesitate if you want any of them!

Night Over Cheops

Blue Egyptian Lavender, Purple Indian Lavender, Amber Musk Resin, Limestone Amber, White Musk Absolute and Aged Cedar with a small drop of the richest Egyptian Myrrh we could find…just a drop of sweetness for bliss.

In bottle: Whoa….is that lavender? And I like it? *confused*

Wet on skin: Wow, I can smell lavender and it’s not cloying or giving me a headache. In fact it’s quite lovely. I also smell what I believe to be the Limestone Amber.

Dry on skin: I might have to sit down. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I love the lavender. It’s blended beautifully with the amber musk resin and the rest of the notes are just floating in the background adding to it’s dream like beauty.

Verdict: It’s the first oil ever with lavender in it that I’ve liked. And not just liked the oil blend but liked the lavender in it. It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to dedicate a whole day to wearing it!


Amber Grey

Himalayan Cedar, Rosewood (Rosewood, not associated with the floral ‘rose’), Assam Indian Agarwood, Egyptian Sandalwood White, Italian Bergamot, Egyptian Black Tea settled in Amber of Nepal and Amber of Balsam Tolu. Nokturne:Sapphire and Nokturne:Diamond (Amber Musk and Redwood, Frankincense and Pine) are at the core of Amber Grey.

In bottle: Pretty and….spicy.

Wet on skin:  Hmmm…I keep going back and sniffing my arm to sort the notes out and I can’t really. Maybe a bit of bergamot and rosewood.

Dryin on sk: The black tea has come out as has the other woods. It’s quite lovely….gorgeous really. The wonderful sapphire is wafting around in there and intoxicating me with it’s loveliness.

Verdict: I really wish I’d bought a bottle of this!


Scarab Rebirth

Exquisitely Aged Egyptian and Haitian Vetiver (aged four years), Aged Hessonite Noir (unreleased Nokturne of Black Patchouli), Black Vanilla, Black Coconut, Guaicwood and dipped into Bourbon Vanilla Cedar.

In bottle: Sexy black coconut!

Wet on skin: Dirty, black coconut and vetiver.

Dry on skin: This is a seriously deep and dark scent. You can smell the black coconut, vetiver and black patchouli for sure.

Verdict: It’s lovely but I definitely feel it would benefit from some aging. This would also be just gorgeous layered over Eternal Luxor! (regular or NAliday version)


Horus Rebirth

Pure Bulgarian Rose, Lavender Absolute, Geranium Essence, Orange Blossom, Egyptian Sea Buckthorn, LiquidAmbar, Crystalline Vanilla Resin, Green Peppercorn, Amber Accord and a drop of Nokturne:Lazuli (Egyptian Jasmine). Allow Horus to stand tall, then open his wings as the scent begins to change on the skin and ‘fly’ into something new and beautiful.

In bottle: Soft pretty floral rose.

Wet on skin: A soft and spicy floral. Slight soapy note but all florals go soapy on me.

Dry on skin: It smells a lot like carnation to me. I think it’s the rose mixed with the lavender and green peppercorn. Something smells slightly waxy to me….like beeswax or a honeycomb.

Verdict: Ya know, I might just be able to wear this. I’m going to let it settle for a bit and see what happens. I’m very surprised with all the floral notes in here that I can wear it at all!


Pharaoh Moons: Menes Moon

Refined NA Limestone Amber Resin, Green Amber Accord, Rare Egyptian Blue Neroli, Frankincense Resin, Rare Blue Dragon Blood, Myrrh Resin, Egyptian Musk and a drop of the richest Egyptian Patchouli as our ode to Egypt and Pharaoh alike.

In bottle: Pine and musk…very green smelling.

Wet on skin: Super green. Pretty sure that’s the green amber accord.

Dry on skin: This is still sitting pretty green on me. I think I can smell the myrrh resin and maybe a bit of the blue dragon blood?

Verdict: Strong with a lot of throw, I’m not sure this works for me as it’s very masculine. It’s super duper musk and all resin and green on me. Whatever the green note it, I’m amping it like crazy! I think I’ll pass this along to someone who will love it!


Eye Of RA Rebirth

Pure Vanilla Absolute, South African Chypre Incense, Egyptian Essential Oil of Blackened Cedarwood, French Vanilla, a drop of Desert Sage and Sweet Pine Oil.

In bottle: Very strong and sharp.

Wet on skin: Very incensy and I can smell the sage and pine.

Dry on skin: This smells very green to me. Pretty much all I can smell is pine. I’m wondering if I don’t generally love pine because I amp it so much.

Verdict: Well, this stayed pretty much just straight pine on me. It’s pretty strong with a lot of throw. It’s not for me but I’m sure it would be gorgeous on someone else!


New Years Evil 2012

Black Amber Chypre, Red Incense, Grated Nutmeg, Nag Champa Incense, Indian Nag Champa, Amber Black Pepper Accord, a drop of NA Amber99, Blue Lavender and Lilac Ice Wine.

In bottle: Spicy and maybe a bit cologn-y?

Wet on skin: Black pepper and Nag Champa are at the front.

Dry on skin: This softens into something that’s really quite pretty and wearable. I can smell the amber black pepper accord and a bit of the lavender. The rest of the notes are there but really well blended. This would be equally sexy on boys or girls.

Verdict: I’m really quite fond of this. I tried it right out of the mailbox and I bet it will get even better with a chance to settle and age a bit!

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Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

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