I am super happy to have tried My Pretty Zombie, a new makeup company for me.  I ordered on 2/6/12 and had my package in my greedy little hands on 2/10/12!   I purchased:

MDMA Blush

5 Eyeshadow set: Moist, Murder, Thunderpants, Scurvy and Bride

I received three free samples in My Pretty Zombie and Infirmity shadows and LSD Blush

The package looked great when I opened it!

My Pretty Zombie package!

My Pretty Zombie

My Pretty Zombie

And the swatches!  These are all featured over Pixie Epoxy by Fyrinnae.

From left to right: Bride, Thunderpants, Scurvy, Moist and Murder

From left to right: Bride, Thunderpants, Scurvy, Moist, Murder

From left to right: LSD Blush, MDMA Blush

From left to right: My Pretty Zombie, Infirmity

Look at all those pretties!

I have to say that I am *very* impressed with the quality of these shadows.   They are really well mixed and easy to blend with loads of bright color pay off.   I can’t wait to try them for real tomorrow.  I can already tell these are going to be super fun to play with.   You can check out the etsy store here: