Lucky 107 Review And Contest!

I am super happy to review Lucky107 Cosmetics for you today as well as a contest!  You can find all the contest information at the bottom of this post, don’t forget to enter to win!

I originally ordered the smaller review package.   Rebecca quickly contacted me and let me know that her printer was broken and asked if I would like hand written labels, to get a refund until her printer was back or wait.   I opted to wait and Rebecca was nice enough to bump me up to the larger package for waiting.   How’s that for customer service?   I had a shipping notice on 2/6/12 and had everything in hand on 2/11/12.   Everything was packed very nicely and arrived safely with no spillage or mishaps.  The package itself was wrapped so festively in pink polka dot duct tape!  You should totally go and check out the Lucky 107 shop here:

For the reviewers package I asked for:

Full sizes in: Town Of Halloween, Donna, Dozen Roses, Sandy Claws

Samples in: Zero, Kiss Me Goodnight, Oogie Boogie, Sally, Scrum-diddli-umptious, Winning Ticket

Mango Tango lip balm, Anna Banana Lip Gloss, Cherry Coca-Cola Lip Balm and Concrete Eye Shadow Primer

I also ordered a full size of Matte About You powder, the Stupid Cupid shadow collection and the Halloween Zombie limited edition set which included a full size of Zombie Bitch, and fledgling size samples of Blood Moon, Children Of The Corn and Spooktacular as well as Vamp Kiss balm.

Look at all those goodies!

I had a chance to swatch so onward to the pretty photos!  These were all swatched over the Concrete Eye Shadow Primer.

From left to right: Vida Loca, Lovers Quarrel, Single's Awareness Day
From left to right: Kiss Me Goodnight, Winning Ticket, Donna, Dozen Roses, Scrum-Diddly-Uptious
From left to right: Donna, Dozen Roses, Scrum-Diddly-Uptious
From left to right: Donna, Dozen Roses
From left to right: Kiss Me Goodnight, Winning Ticket
From left to right: Zero, Sally, Oogie Boogie, Sandy Claws, Town Of Halloween
From left to right: Zero, Sally, Oogie Boogie
From left to right: Sandy Claws, Town Of Halloween

And the lippies:

From left to right: Blood Lust, Anna Banana

Lucky 107 FOTD!

Lucky 107 EOTD: Kiss Me Goodnight, Donna, Town Of Halloween, Zero
Lucky 107 EOTD: Kiss Me Goodnight, Donna, Town Of Halloween, Zero
Blood Lust over Make Up Forever Lip Pencil in Nude
Lucky 107 FOTD

Face: BB Holika Holika Cream in Baby Bloom, then Meow Foundation in Frisky Angora, MAC concealer in NW15 under eyes.  Custom blend finishing powder.

Cheeks:  My Pretty Zombie blush in MDMA

Eyes:  MAC Paint in Untitled with Lucky 107 Primer over top.   Lucky 107 shadow in Kiss Me Good Night on lid and middle of lower lashes, with Lucky 107 Donna in crease and blended out and up.   Lucky 107 Town Of Halloween on outer lid and just a bit in crease as well as outer corner of lower lid.   Carina Dolce in Marshmallow Peep on brown bone with Lucky 107 Zero under brow and applied to inner eye area.   MAC liquid liner in Defiantly Feline with one coat of black mascara.

Lips:   Makeup Forever nude liner with Lucky 107 Blood Lust lip gloss.

Verdict:  I have been super impressed with everything that I’ve tried.  The pigments are very easy to use with good color pay off.  There are several colors that I could wear every day; Town Of Halloween, Zero and Scrum-Diddly-Umtious were instant favorites.   The Concrete Eye Shadow Primer is so far the best I’ve tried.    The first night I tested it was a show night and if can stand up to stage wear and tear then it’s good stuff.    Rebecca’s customer service is top notch and she’s very pleasant to do business with.    I find the names on the labels to be a bit difficult to read but the ingredients are on every product and I really appreciate that.   My tube of Blood Lust lip gloss didn’t have any flavor or scent added to it (boo!) as that’s the entire reason I made an order!  lol   I emailed Rebecca and she’s going to send out a replacement ASAP when she’s got her new formula ready to go.

I will definitely be placing another order in the near future.


And swatches of the contest prize!  The prize is the fledgling size of the unreleased All Hallows Eve colors.  You get three shadow samples (Children Of The Corn, Blood Moon and Spooktacular), 1 full size shadow in Zombie Bitch, a lip balm in Vamp Kiss and a discount coupon towards a future purchase!

From left to right: Children Of The Corn, Zombie Bitch, Blood Moon, Spooktacular
From left to right: Children Of The Corn, Zombie Bitch
From left to right: Blood Moon, Spooktacular

Contest rules:  Follow my blog and leave a comment including your email address.  I will draw a winner on 3/1/12 and the winner will be notified within 48 hours.   If I don’t hear back from the winner within 48 hours then I will draw an alternate winner.  Don’t make me hunt you down!

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