Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary NAalentine Reviews

I received my NA/VA oils from their last update.  Yay!  I had some time to sit down and review most of them so I thought I’d share them with you before they sell out.   I guarantee many of them will!  We’ll start with the NAlentine’s reviews first:


Bastet’s Choco Cherry X:  Black Cherry, Cherry Flesh melded with Sandalwood, Nokturne:Crystalline, Tahitian and French Vanilla, a drop of Black Honey, Dark Choco and finely dusted with a hint of Hot Cocoa.

In bottle: Cherry cordial!

Wet on skin: Chocolate. At this point Mr McNaughty stated, “You smell like chocolate, I could eat your arm!” I can smell a tiny bit of cherry, Crystalline and dark honey.

Dry on skin: The vanillas are appearing and the honey and cherry flash have amped a bit. This is succulent and sexy without being overtly sweet and girly. The sandalwood peeks out at the very end.

Verdict: I bought a bottle of this unsniffed because I love cherry so much and just knew this would work for me! I think this will age beautifully!


Eternal Love 2012:  Golden Amber, the last of the aged 5 year old White Amber Rock from an Ancient Cedar box, VA Moors Accord Patchouli Noir Essence, a touch of smoke, a drizzle of precious NA Kyphi, a drop of incense and a whisper of Crystalline kissed with the tiniest drop of very aged blue Labdanum Sugar.

In bottle: Whew, very earthy for sure!

Wet on skin: This is super woodsy and I can definitely smell the patchouli and smoke as well as the incense.

Dry on skin: This settles down quite a bit and becomes more spicy than straight up hippie woodsy. I can smell the kyphi and sugar.

Verdict: This is a bit heavy and earthy for me but it’s really pretty. I’ll bet with some age on it, it will deepen into a lovely scent, especially if you like these notes.


Hathor Tambour:  Pink Moon Lotus, Plumeria, Nokturne:Crystal (Vanilla Musk), Clementine, Blue Coconut Vanilla and a kiss. What does a kiss smell like? It smells like blue sugar and vanilla beans.

In bottle: Hmmm…this smells kind of soapy.

Wet on skin: Fruity and still a bit soapy/air freshner-ish to me. I swear I smell super green apple.

Dry on skin: I’m definitely getting the Clementine here. Maybe a little bit of the blue coconut? What is blue coconut? Not sure but I think I like it.

Verdict: This is a super bright and fresh scent to me. I’m not sure if it’s something I’d reach for a lot, but I’d like to let it rest for a bit and try again! I feel like this one might need to rest a little bit.


A new Nokturne was released as one of the forum only scents; Nokturne: Dark Sapphire.   Sapphire is so hard to get that I straight up just ordered two bottles.  Boy am I glad I did!

Nokturne: Dark Sapphire:  The essence of Nokturne Sapphire is the basis of this dark delight. Taking the essence of Amber and Musk and revisiting this perfume, Jacek takes the bond and creates the shadow realm of the beauty of this perfume. Blood Musk drifts through the Sapphire like a throbbing vein, Black Amber wisps a resinous allure as it breaks free from time to time and then grasps the Sapphire like a snake against this gem. Spices flow in and out like the Bay of San Francisco.

In bottle: Spicy sapphire. Delicious!

Wet on skin: If Sapphire where to travel somewhere exotic under the cloak of night, this is what she’d come back smelling like!

Dry on skin: The blood musk and black amber are the perfect paring for Sapphire.

Verdict: Boy am I glad I bought two of these! I think I’m going to be wearing this one for many, many days in a row.


There was another FEx (forum exclusive) scent released that I just could not pass up.   Bat Heart!

Bat Heart:  Spicy N2 Egyptian Musk are the wings of this bat. Warm chocolate fudge is the blood that flows alongside a light dusting of cocoa surrounded by the pulsing of Nokturne:Kobalt bringing the beat to this Bat Heart. Tiny fizzures of ghostly Styrax and Amyris bleed into the Kobalt along with black pepper essential oil to enhance the vanilla resin. A soft pulse of African Musk kisses the bat heart and glows blood and magenta at the core.

In bottle: Cocoa powder!

Wet on skin: Soft and sultry and chocolatey without being candy like. Must be the kobalt and vanilla resin.

Dry on skin: This smells like an amazing dark chocolate lava cake. I think the black pepper essential oil is magic here!

Verdict: I love this! It’s a grown up sexy chocolate scent. All the notes blend perfectly to make this a sumptuous oil.


And another limited edition Eternal Dark was released….Eternal Cairo Dark.

Eternal Cairo Dark:  Incense Accord, Egyptian White and Red Amber, Red and Black Egyptian Musk, Chinese Black Star Anise, Bavarian Pimento and the shadows from the sands of Egypt. A dark souk scent. Allow the shadowing spices to build and rebuild layered scent on your skin. Initial scent will never be the perfume it was intended.

In bottle: There’s the licorice/anise!

Wet on skin: Mostly I get the licorice which is awesome because I love it. The ambers are hovering in the back.

Dry on skin: I really *really* love this. I’m pretty much a sucker for anything licorice and I had no idea it could blend so well with the other notes in this oil. It smells like really nice ambery licorice sand if that’s possible.

Verdict: I had no idea I would love this as much as I do. I love all of the eternals and will most likely collect all the dark versions that come out as well. I really like to layer the eternals with their dark versions… makes a gorgeous blend!


I also ordered some samples of general catalog VA scents and boy am I glad I did.  I found three new favorites!

Jacek: Red Incense, Dark rich Shiraz Wine, Indian Red Musk, Blood Amber Stone and a drop of Blood from a Clove Bud.

In bottle: It smells like….Luden’s cherry cough drops! I used to LOVE those things.

Wet on skin: Cherries and red musk? I think I can start to smell the incense and blood amber.

Dry on skin: Well, I’m not *quite* sure exactly what happens but this tuns into liquid sex on me. It’s the perfect blend of cherry, red musk and wine.

Verdict: This is bottle worthy for sure. I don’t typically like a wine note but this is really well blended. It definitely smells red and powerfully feminine on me. It’s like the perfume version of the red power tie and little black dress all in one!

Nemisynthe: Green Anise, a Sugar Cube, Juniper, Chocolate Cocoa, Grande Wormwood, Hyssop, Sweet Flag, Melissa and Florence Fennel.

In bottle: Yep, it’s green anise with fennel.

Wet on skin: Still anise and fennel with a touch of a lemon sugar popping out. The juniper is in the background with the little bit of chocolate cocoa. I don’t know what the other notes smell like, but I’m getting a bit of an Alpine floral.

Dry on skin: This is starting to smell a little like lemongrass and licorice. It’s softened by the sugar and chocolate cocoa.

Verdict: I’m a huge fan of all things anise, licorice or fennel. Typically those blends can be either too candy like or too herbal for me. This is a really wonderful blend of the two. Soft and clean and sweetly pretty with a twist of something not expected.

Gremlin Cake: Chocolate Cake, Shredded Coconut, Sweet Butter, Vanilla Musk and toasted Pecans.

In bottle: It smells just like my moms Crazy Chocolate Cake batter before baking it.

Wet on skin: Chocolate and light lemon….like a semi-sweet chocolate cake with lemon frosting.

Dry on skin: The coconut, sweet butter and vanilla musk are coming out and it’s quite lovely. Sweet and pretty without being cloying. I don’t really get much of a nutty note.

Verdict: Bottle worthy for sure! It can be really hard to get a buttery cake scent correct. Butter is hit or miss for me but this one works because it’s not too rich.

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  1. THANKS for the great reviews, Lady! I made a loud mental SQUEEEE and charged right on over. It’s excellent to hear your experiences with these scents, as I’m in the process of ordering. Mwaaahh!!!

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