I’ve ordered from Darling Girl a couple of times and have been impressed each time.   I’ve collected a stupid amount of DG lip products but I’m pretty strict about tossing them after six months or so.  Or a dog eats them, or the cats bat them onto the rings of Saturn.  I don’t know where they go but they seem to disappear faster than a single sock.  Bottom line, I have no self control.   😀

I was very interested in a quite a few of the eye shadows so I purchased from the Sweet Treats Collection as well as the Sweetheart Collection.    I’m really, really happy with everything but particularly impressed with the shadows.  I loves me a good duochrome/color shift and DG has some of favorites so far.  I’m always particularly enamored with blue/brown and brown/green and there are a couple really nice ones here.

I ordered on 1/29/12 and received my order 2/14/12.   It was well packaged and everything arrived in one piece with no leakage or breaks.

Such festive wrapping!

Look at all those goodies!

The lippies.

  • Super sparkly!

Lovestruck and two taupes.

The Sweet Treats Collection

The stand outs so far for me are Flan de Naranja, Dr. Pepper Cake, Dulce de Leche, Lovestruck and Puppy Kisses.   All of the lippies are nice but I’m particularly loving Still Your Sunshine.   The website can be a bit difficult to figure out but there’s a new and updated one in the future from what I hear.    And DG prices can’t be beat so go check out this fabulous indie company!