So this weeks makeup challenge was titled Mellow Yellow.  Yellow could be used in any way that you wanted it to be.   I chose to do a really simple eye in a super bright yellow and decided to keep the lips simple.  I also did a nebula nail manicure last night and since it includes some yellow I included a couple photos of them as well.

Face:  MAC primer with foundation in NC15 and matching concealer.

Cheeks:  Meow blush in Twisted.

Lips:  Skin Actives Liquid Rainbow mixed with a little Sailor Moon from Victorian Disco.

Eyes:  MAC Paint in Untitled with Lucky 107 Concrete Eye Primer.   Sailor Uranus from Victorian Disco all over lid and blended up into crease a bit.   Meow’s Skelecat brushed onto brow bone with Meow’s  Vixen applied under brow.   Meow’s Yellow Snow applied to inner corner of eye with one coat of black mascara.

Brows:  Meow’s Brow Beater in Auburn.

For nails I used all OPI.   Black, White, Curry Up Don’t Be Late, Cong-line Coral, Austin-tatious Turquoise.