Month: March 2012

Sir Fergus Of Bravo

I guess it’s time to formally introduce my newest foster, Sir Fergus Of Bravo.  On 2/28/12  Fergus was found by a nice lady in Oregon after he wandered down her long driveway and tried to cuddle up next to her house.   Can you imagine stepping out of your house and finding this poor lost and sad soul curled up on your porch?

The condition that Fergus was found in.

Fergus when he was admitted to Clackamas County Dog Services.

Fergus upon admission at Clackamas County Dog Services.

His kind savior immediately sought medical attention for him by delivering him to Clackmas County Dog Services.  Weighing in at a measly 37 lbs they immediately started IV fluids and medications and most importantly….FOOD!

Amazingly, Fergus didn’t appear to have any long term complications from the starvation.  He ate well and put on weight at a reasonable rate.   His muscles were so atrophied that he had some trouble walking but that didn’t stop him from winning over every one he met.   Fergus continued to recover and by 3/5/12 he weighed in at a whopping 46lbs!   At that time the director reached out to me to see if I would be able to provide a medical foster for him.  I agreed and on 3/16/12 through the help of two transporters Sir Fergus made the trip up to WA and landed with me!

He made the trip like a champ and was checked out by Dr. Evergreen that very day.  He heart and ears were good and he was up to 48lbs!    He found some elbow dysplasia, an eye lid tumor, several nasty teeth that needed to come out and most likely  a partially ruptured disc in his back.   Poor guy.

I took him home and introduced him to the back yard right away.   He marked everything out there and then came in and cuddled up on his nice, comfy new bed from Auntie Rayanne.

Sir Fergus the very day I brought him home.

Ewww....those mushrooms to help my immune system are gross!

He loves tummy rubs!

Fergus all cleaned up after a bath!

He definitely knows how to work 'the cute'.

Learning how to enjoy a kong stuff with goodies!

Fergus came to me house broken and knowing sit, down, shake with each paw and can catch a treat!   Clearly  he was someones beloved pet that either got dumped or lost.   He was so  very lucky to land in the lives of people who cared and took the time and effort to do something.   Fergus is still gaining weight (he’s at 52lbs!) and getting stronger but will still need some surgery in the near future to complete his journey to full health.

Fergus hard at work behind the desk at EHVC. Working is hard!

If you have any information about Fergus, please contact Clackamas County Dog Services at 503-655-8628.

Special thanks to Fergus’s rescuer, Clackamas County Dog Services, DRAW, Evergreen Holistic Veterinary Care and all of those who have sent good thoughts!

Fergus today.

Julie Austin Doggie Photo Shoot

Several weeks ago Julie Austin came over to get home photos of Big B and I.   She was also kind enough to take pics of rest of my motley crew.   These were all taken in my front and back yards with natural light.   You should check out the photos on Julie’s site…they are amazing!

Buford T. Justice

Puppy dog ear!

Joxer The Mighty Master Of Mayhem

Joxer The Mighty Master Of Mayhem

Huh? Dash doing what he does best....looking cute.

Minnie. "Oh my dog, the camera is going to eat my soul!"


Patrick Star.

Stage FOTD With Darling Girl Ruby Soho

I had a show last night so I decided to do a drag face with a couple of new Darling Girl colors that I hadn’t had a chance to try yet.   Let me just say that the DG Water Color pain pots are amazing as an eye shadow primer.   They wear like iron on me and survived all night performing with no creasing at all.

I’m also using this look as my Living Doll entry for our weekly challenge in NTMS.

Face: MAC full coverage foundation in NC15 with matching concealer and custom finishing powder.

Lips:  MAC red liner with Morgana Cryptoria It Girl lipstick.

Cheeks: Aromaleigh blush in Sunday Girl.

Eyes:  DG paint pot in Pyramid Of Skulls with DG’s Ruby Soho patted all over lid and up into crease just a bit.   DG’s Pumpkin Eater used to blend and soften the edge of Ruby Soho and up toward brow bone as well as out and under outer portion of lower lid.   Meow’s Sexpot under brow.   Black gel liner, one coat of black mascara and false lashes.   Silk Naturals brow cream in brown.

FOTD-Darling Girl Chemical Warfare

I have been wanting to try Chemical Warfare for a while so I whipped it out this morning.

Face:  Mac foundation and concealer in NC 15.   Custom finishing powder.

Cheeks:  Darling GirlFantasia

Lips:  Allechant Minerals Ready 4D Night

Eyes:  Darling Girl Haystacks watercolor paint pot as base, then DG Chemical Warfare on outer lid with Darling Girl La La Orange on inner lid and Brazen Cosmetics For Ever above crease and up to brow.  MAC Defiantly Feline fluidline and one coat black mascara.

Darling Girl Only One Can Win FOTD

I’ve been dying to try out the Darling Girl collection, Only One Can Win.   Today I chose to feature Girl On Fire, Mayor’s Daughter La La Orange.

Face:  Holika Holida Baby Bloom, MAC concealer in NC15, custom finishing powder.

Cheeks: Cougar by Darling Girl

Lips:  First Kiss by Tick: Tock Cosmetics

Eyes:  Tick: Tock Infinity base in Milky Way, then DG Girl on Fire in crease and blended out and down to outside of lower lid.   DG’s Mayor’s Daughter applied to lid and middle of lower lid.   DG’s La La Orange applied to inner lid and under brow bone.  One coat black mascara and MAC Fluidline in Defiantly Feline.

Darling Girl Only One Can Win Swatches

There seems to be an amazing number of limited edition makeup collections out right now based on the hugely popular book series, The Hunger Games.   Darling Girl always does a great job and there were several colors that I just had to try.   I received them today and wanted to get them swatched up for you.  You can find the collection here:

Lots of goodies, I will swatch the rest as I have time!


Venomous Cosmetics Swatchs And Review

Wow, these swatches were so bright and fun to do!  I ordered on 3/11/12 and received my package with everything safe and sound on 3/19/12.

They also currently have spring limited edition collection as well as a Hunger Games inspired collection.  Check them out!

I ordered shadow samples in Gila Monster, Eyelash Viper, Boomslang, Suntiger, Moon Jelly, Pegasus and Sunspot.   I also ordered two Lip Poisons in Hypnotize and The Rescue.  I received two free shadow samples in Fire And and Man O’ War.  Oh and I also got a Venomous Cosmetics pen.  I *love* pens so this is by far my favorite freebie in a long time.  What can I say, I’m easy.

Shadow swatches are done over Pixie Epoxy and gloss samples are over bear skin.    These were taken inside under a bright light with no flash.

The glosses. These things pack a hell of a color pay off for a gloss. They're great!

These shadows are going to be super fun to play with.   For some reason while I was swatching them they made me think of comic books….all those bright, eye catching colors!   The stand outs for me so far are:  Pegasus, Fire Ant and Boomslang.

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