Month: April 2012

FOTD With The Naughty List and The Arena (& day 61!)

I wanted to play with some more of my Evil Shades colors the other day and decided to use a The Naughty List and The Arena.   I just love how easily these color blend….super creamy and nice to use!

Face:  Defy Gravity under Holika BB cream in Baby Bloom.    Evil Shades finishing powder.

Lips:  Caged Gypsy by Evil Shades

Cheeks: Ravishing blush by Evil Shades

Eyes:  Tick: Tock Infinity base in Milky Way.  Evil Shades The Naughty List used in outer crease and under outside portion of lower lid.   ES The Arena used on lid and also used to blend crease color and up to brow.    Black pencil liner on upper lid and water line, one coat black mascara.

Brazen FOTD with Scorching & Karma (& day 62!)

I had fun with another Brazen look today.   I’ve been loving playing with the bright spring colors that I don’t normally wear.

Face:  BB cream and Defy Gravity  with F&F finishing powder.

Cheeks: Abandon

Lips:   Make Out gloss

Eyes:  MAC Untitled, Tick: Tock Infinity base in Milky Way.   Scorching applied to entire eye area, Karma placed in outer corner of upper and lower lid.  One coat black mascara.

Brazen FOTD w/ Tease & Karma (& day 63!)

I did another Brazen FOTD and was so happy with the results!

Face:  BB cream and Good Bye To You over Defy Gravity.   F&F finishing powder.

Cheeks:  Perfect 10

Lips:  Burlesque

Eyes:  MAC Untitled under Tick: Tock infinity in Milky Way.    Immaculate applied to entire lid, with Tease applied to outer corner and under eye as well.    Immaculate used to blend up to brow bone with Odette applied under brow.     Karma foiled as liner with one coat of black mascara.

Brazen FOTD (& day 64!)

Today I used all Brazen colors.   I’m super into the bronze/orange/gold pigments right now so I did a bright gold eye today.  As always, if you are interested in any of hte Brazen products, simple click the banner in my side bar to go check out the goodies!

Face:  Defy Gravity primer with Holika Baby Bloom BB cream over that.    Goodbye To You as concealer under eyes.

Cheeks:   Abandon blush

Lips:   Lola gloss

Eyes:  MAC Untitled with Tick: Tock Milky Way over that.    Brazen’s Prowl all over lid and up out beyond crease.   Then I used Immaculate and blended that up to the brow bone with Odette placed just under eye brow.    Black pencil liner on upper lid only with one coat of black mascara.

I’m totally lame and on my phone whilst taking pics……I was on hold and decided to multi-task!   Sorry!

FOTD with Kettle and Punkins (& day 65!)

I played around with my Chinovi pigments today and boy was I happy with the result!   I wanted to play with the warm colors so I chose a couple of orange colors and went to work.

Face:  Holika BB cream in Baby Bloom.   Brazen F&F finishing powder.

Cheeks:   Brazen’s Perfect 10 blush

Lips:  Brazen’s lip gloss in Lola (I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love Brazen gloss….go buy some now!)

Eyes:  MAC paint in Untitled then Tick: Tock nude base.    The following colors are all Chinovi;  Punkins on inner half of lid and under inner portion of lower lid, Kettle on outer half and blended out beyond crease and under outer portion of lower lid.    Buttercream applied up to brow and used to blend Kettle.   Brazen’s Odette used as a highlighter under brow and inner corners.     Black pencil liner applied to upper lid and water line.   One coat black mascara.

If you are interested in the Chinovi pigments, you can check them out here:

As always, you can check out all the Brazen goodies simply by clicking the banner on my side bar.  You should go there and get some gloss.    You too will be seduced by their lip glosses!

FOTD with Rave and Dead Weight (& day 66!)

I wanted to play with a couple of new Altered Ego colors I got.  I decided in honor of the nice weather that I would do a bright eye AND bright liner look.   Normally I choose one or the other but I was really wanting to do something fun and springy.  Besides, I knew we were going to see a movie so who was gonna see me?

I’m very happy with how it came out.  It was actually a bit more wearable than I thought it would be.   I even went with a pretty dark gloss for my lips.  Oh and I got all spicy and wacky with the photo editing so I apologize in advance!

Face:  Lazy day face with just tinted moisturizer and  Evil Shades matte finishing powder.   Brazen Goodbye To Use as concealer.

Cheeks:  Brazen

Lips:  Brazen gloss in Make Out.   Super yummy!

Eyes:  Tick: Tock Infinity base in Milky Way. Altered Ego colors used:  Dead Weight on lid and blended a bit out into the crease.    Courtesan blended up to brow bone.   Rave foiled as liner and a bit of Brazen’s Odette under brow as highlighter.   One coat of black mascara.

FOTD with Regifted Xmas Sweater and Misfit Toys (& day 67!)

I did a quick FOTD.  Sorry about the bandana but I had just deep conditioned my hair and wanted to let it air dry.   Just call me Cinderella!

Face:  I was being super lazy so just moisturizer and sunscreen on my face.   Brazen Goodbye To Use as concealer and Evil Shades matte finishing powder.

Cheeks:  Atomic by Evil Shades.

Lips:  Candied by Evil Shades

Eyes:  Tick: Tock nude tester primer.    The following are all Evil Shades:  Regifted Christmas Sweater applied to lid.   Misfit Toys blended into the crease and outer V, upper and lower lid.    Yellow Snow blended from crease to brow and also to inner corner of eye.  One coat black mascara.    Odette by Brazen applied just under brow as a highlighter.

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