Today kicks off my 90 days of beauty challenge that I’m going to try to finish.  Although not makeup related I thought this post was filled with beauty none the less!

Emily and I were very excited to head down to Portland for the Vampire’s Masquerade Ball to vend for Haute Under The Collar.  It was the tenth anniversary of the event so it was expected to be bigger and better than ever and we’re always down for a road trip.    The place was packed by 9:30!  There were some amazing costumes and tried to get photos of our client in our ties.

Emily all set up and ready to go!

Here I am, ready to sell some sparklies!

A fellow vendor and happy customer!

We had a lot of time to sit around and take pics of ourselves while we were waiting for the bar to open and for them to let everyone in!

Emily got TONS of compliments on her lashes. I think her lashes were the most popular of the night!

A happy customer couple with the devil photo bombing in the background.

Another happy customer and stunning couple.

Mad Marquee came down to visit us and keep us company for a while. Oh and he bought us drinks!

Another client and amazing looking couple!

And we found Iva's long lost brother.