Friday the 13th In Austin (& day 77!)

Austin has been great so far.   Last night the Mr. and I went out to a Brazilian steak house and had a great dinner.  I treated myself to two martinis (which were delicious!) and boy did I feel it the next day!   The restaurant was called Fogo de Chao and it’s an interesting way to experience meat, lemme tell ya.  They have good looking boy walking around with skewers of meat and you just take what you want.   They had everything from bacon wrapped chick breast to pork loin to lamb chops.   We ate.  A lot.   Which leads into my FOTD post….

My face us puffy from all the salt and meat!   Puffy and swollen I tell you!  Anyhoo, I soldiered on and have some pics for you.  They’re not the prettiest but well here they are.

Face:  Holika Holika BB Cream in Baby Bloom, Tick: Tock Face Time powder.

Cheeks:  Meow Ginger Torch

Lips:  Venomous gloss in Hypnotize

Eyes: MAC pain in Untitled, then Tick: Tock tester primer.   Tick: Tock pigment in Salvador Dali in crease and Venomous Pegasus on lid and up to brow.  Meow Sexpot just under brow.   One coat of black mascara.

Some delicious smelling flowers outside the hotel.

Today we went and had lunch and drinks.   We had fried pickles and blood may’s at Jackelope then went and did some shopping and checked out the museum of the weird.   In the back they have a side show performer and a cool little room with horror movie stuff in it.  There was the Mummy, Wolfman and Kind Kong!

I got some photos during and after the performance.  It was kinda cool because we were the only ones in the audience.

After that I needed another bloody mary so we stopped at Casino El Camino and had verde chilli cheese fries.

I got salad with my bloody mary!

Tonight is more food and another burlesque show….whoo-hooo!

Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

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