I got to play with a couple of the new colors in the “Not A Hunger Games” collection from RockABetty Beauty.  And I also did a bright eyeliner look for the makeup challenge for an FB group.

Face: Holika BB cream in Baby Bloom, custom finishing powder.

Cheeks:  Meow’s Tart.

Lips:  Coral stain with Four Horsemen by RockABetty Beauty over the top.  (So fun and sparkly yet professional enough for work!)

Eyes:  Tick: Tocks nude tester eye primer (which I LOVE!)   Team Seneca Crane’s Beard all over lid and  up into crease a bit, Bakers Are Sexy applied above crease and blended out with Peta’s Mom Is A Bitch up to brow.    I used RockABetty Beauty The Wet Spot as a foiling medium and foiled Chemical Warfare by Darling Girl as a bright liner.  One coat of black mascara.