Chinovi Cosmetcis Gigantic Swatch Fest (& day 68!)

When a super positive review for this new company showed up on a fellow beauty bloggers site, I decided to give them a shot.    At the time I ordered, there were no color descriptions up on the site and I had some serious trouble deciding so I just ordered sample baggies of each color.   ShippingContinue reading “Chinovi Cosmetcis Gigantic Swatch Fest (& day 68!)”

Kiddie Pool Time!

I pulled out the kiddie pool for the dogs for the first time this year today.   Well, only Patrick and Dash really like to splash around in it but the other dogs will drink out of it.  Haha!   Bib B used to enjoy it but Minnie and Joxer are less than impressed. While the BoxersContinue reading “Kiddie Pool Time!”