Chinovi Cosmetcis Gigantic Swatch Fest (& day 68!)

When a super positive review for this new company showed up on a fellow beauty bloggers site, I decided to give them a shot.    At the time I ordered, there were no color descriptions up on the site and I had some serious trouble deciding so I just ordered sample baggies of each color.   Shipping was super fast and I had them in my hands within a week.

I haven’t had a change to use any on my face yet but I did want to get them swatched for you guys.     So far the quality is really nice.  There are some serious glitter bombs in there as well as more plush finishes.   I don’t believe there are any matte finishes at this time.

All swatches were done over Silk Naturals Stick Em eye shadow primer.

Look at all those little baggies!

If you’re interested, go check them out.  There are some really beautiful and sparkly colors in there!


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