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Sleek Ultra Mattes VI Brights Palette (& day 32!)

I had the pleasure to score a Sleek ultra matte palette from a friend….yay!    These are bright and pigmented.   I swatched them over Detrivore primer and photographed everything with no flash under a bright light.   I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow!

And yes, I’m wearing my sweet Captain America shirt….you can see it in the mirror!

Virus Insanity Swatches (& post 33!)

There’s nothing more fun than playing with pretty sparklies.  I got right down to it and blasted some swatches out because they were so pretty!   I was initially referred to VI because I was looking for recommendations of blue/brown color shift pigments.  I poked around and decided to try eight different pigments.  They come in little clam shells which I hate but I’ll just depot them in sample baggies and they shall go into The Book Of Shadows.

I found these pigments easy to work with but they are definite glitter bombs.  You’d have to use a sticky base/primer for maximum benefit and be aware that they are super sparkly.    I was expecting to love Clawdeen the most but my  surprise favorite was Shenanigans.  I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow! You should go check them out:

Tigerlilly was more than happy to help with the swatches!

Evil Shades Swatches & FOTD (& post 34!)

I received my latest Evil Shades order and just couldn’t wait to swatch them.   I actually really enjoy doing swatches and photographing them but it’s always most enjoyable with quality pigments.    I appreciate a shadow that has great color pay off, a nice creamy finish and blends nicely.

The beauty that is Drakon. Quite possibly the single most awesome shadow ever.

The sparkliness of Singing Waters.

Face:  MAC foundation and concealer in NC15, Evil Shades matte powder.

Cheeks:  Evil Shades Ravishing

Lips:  Nude pencil with Evil Shades Caged Gypsy

Eyes:  MAC Untitled under Tick: Tock Infinity base in nude.   Evil Shades:  Drakon applied to outer 2/3 of lid as well as up into crease and under lower lid.   Death By Fruitcake applied to inner corner of upper lid and a little above crease to blend out Drakon.   One spot of Incantation applied to middle of lid as well is inner corners.   Frosty’s Intervention applied just under brow and just a bit of Phoenix applied to outer corner close to lashes.    Physician’s Formula black liner applied to outer corners of upper lid as well as to water line of lower lid.  One coat of black mascara.

I did a little experimenting with Drakon over different colored primers.   Enjoy!

And my personal favorite:

And over the Darling Girl paint pot colors that I have.  It’s amazing how different this one pigment can look depending on how you wear it.

FOTD With Mi Vida Loca Palette(& day 35!)

I played around with the Kat Von D palette and decided to use the pink and purple.  I found the colors easy to work with and while not neon by any means they are bright.  The surprise hit for me was actually the liner that came with it.  It’s bold and bright and applied easily and evenly and wore like iron all day.

Face:  MAC foundation and concealer in NC15.   Evil Shades matte powder.

Cheeks:  Blush in Anana from  Meow

Lips: Cover Girl blast flip stick in Stunner

Eyes:  MAC Untitled under Tick: Tock Infinity base in Milky Way.  Sparklehorse on lid with No Regrets applied to outer V and blended into crease. Swan Song applied to brow bone and inner corner.  Eyeliner in Wonderchild on upper and lower lids with one coat of black mascara.

FOTD Emerald Pretty Palette (& day 36!)

Today I played with the Emerald Pretty palette from Tarina Tarantino.   The shadows apply really nicely and it’s a bit of a learning curve getting used to using a pressed shadow again.  It’s been a while since I’ve used one!  The lighting outside was kind of crappy so the pics are little washed out.  Sorry!

Face:  MAC foundie and concealer in NC15, Evil Shades matte powder.

Cheeks:   Brazen’s  Perfect 10

Lips:  Nude pencil with MAC Dazzleglass

Eyes:   MAC Untitled on lid.  Dandy Lion in outer V and blended up into crease.    Glinda’s Kiss on lid and brow bone as well as inner portion of lower lid.    Saw Dust Heart applied just a bit into crease for depth.   Brazen’s Odette just under brow.   Physicians Formula taupe liner applied to upper and lower lid.  One coat black mascara.

Tarina Tarantino Emerald Pretty Palette (& day 38!)

I hadn’t bought an eyeshadow palette in something like…..ten years?   I’ve had the hankering for one or two and decided to ask my trusty makeup group what I should order.  Phyrra suggested the Emerald Pretty palette by Tarina Tarantino.   I checked it out on Sephora and instantly wanted it.  It had nice, wearable colors, a mirror, great packaging and it’s based on colors from the Emerald City which also happens to be a nickname for Seattle.

I was super happy to see that it had been delivered today and greedily ripped open the package to see all the pretties.

Posing next to the Kat Von D palette. Don’t worry, that review is coming tomorrow!
I love all the holographic touches to the palette. It really is as beautiful as the Emerald City!

I haven’t had a chance to try them on my face, but the colors applied beautifully and were a pleasure to work with.   I feel the colors are a really nice well conceptualized collection.   Bravo!  In case you’re interested, you can find it here:

Rite-Aid Make Up Finds (& day 39!)

I had several appointments that kept me running around all day.  I decided to pop into Rite-Aid and see what they had to offer.   They had some fun stuff so I decided to just pick and choose.

The first thing I saw was this Sinful polish.   It’s so pretty, I can’t wait to try it!

Sinful Colors in Pearl Harbor

The second thing I found was lip gloss with an LED light in it.  It also sports a mirror on the lid so if you’re, ya know, in the dark but still worried about your kisser then you can just whip it out and get to it.  This is Physicians Formula pHmatchmaker.   It’s supposed to change to a custom color when you put  it on.   It pretty much turned into a bright pink gloss on me and I liked it.  It’s called Pink and it’s not too sticky doesn’t have flavor or smell.

pHmatchmaker swatched on bare skin under bright light with no flash.

I couldn’t resist the Cherry Coke Lip Smackers.  It’s actually a very pretty gloss!   I liked the out of focus photo because you can really see the sparklies.

I initially passed by this Prestige Indulge palette but I went back and picked it up.   It’s super cute and I had really good photos of it and I deleted them by accident.   So you get kind of crappy photos….sorry!

It’s got six shadows, a pencil liner and eyeshadow base and the case features a mirror as well.   I swatched the shadows over their primer and they were photographed under a bright light with no flash.

I’m a sucker for a nice bright orange lipstick so I also picked out a Cover Girl blast flip stick in Stunner.  It features a bright orange as well as a more sheer bronzy gold color, one color on each end.

Physicians Formula was having a sale so I also picked up a three color eyeliner ‘collection’ based on your eye color called Simmer Strips.   I got a taupe, a pink and a black with pink sparkles.   There is a sharpener in the end of each one.

Physicians Formula Simmer Strips in Taupe, Pink, Black Pink Shimmer

Darling Girl Nerdvana Swtaches (& day 40!)

Darling Girl recently released a collection of colors called Nerdvana, inspired by The Big Bang Theory.   As usual, these pigments were a joy to work with and some of the colors were hard to show how gorgeous they really are.    If you are interested in any of these colors then you can check them out here:

All swatched are done over Pixie Epoxy and photographed under a bright light with no flash.

Conjure Oils Le Sacre Du Printemps and Mlle. Victoria’s Lupertine Burlesque Cabaret (& day 41!)

Conjure Oils just announced that Le Sacre Du Printemps  and Mlle. Victoria’s Lupertine Burlesque Cabaret are both back for spring!    When the Sacre collection came out last year, I had a huge backup of oils to review so by the time I got to these, they had gone away.  I managed to score bottles of Adoration de la Terre and Jeux Du Cites Rivales.   I also LOVED the Luper Burlesque collection so I was happy to be able to pick up a couple more of those.  I thought I would post up reviews from the previous release in can you’re interested in any of them.

Le Sacre Du Printemps

Jeux des Cites Rivales-The Games of the Two Rival Tribes.  Spirited and spiced candied violets, bitter cloves, cassis and red sandalwood spar with black currant, ylang ylang, vanilla orchid, gunpowder and dried wild grasses.

In vial:   Sweet and pretty, the oil itself is very light in color.

Wet on skin: Whoa this is sexy and pretty.  I don’t know that I can pick out any of the notes but it’s really interesting and I can’t help but huff my arm.

Dry on skin:  Well, this is a definite surprise winner for me.   I’ve never found anything with ylang ylang that I like.

Verdict:  This is gorgeous and sophisticated and I’m glad I’ll still get a chance to purchase a bottle of this.


Adoration de la Terre-The Kiss of the Earth. Earthbound and beautiful; the blue dot in a sea of black that we call home.

Warm and golden as a summer’s sunset: peach blossom honey, chthonic amber resin, toasted basmati rice, cured tobacco, sweet tea and blonde patchouli.

In vial:  It smells like peach liquor without the liquor smell.   Not as cloying as peach can be but super peachy at the same time.

Wet on skin:  It smells like peach candy.   I get just a touch of resin and toasted rice.

Dry on skin:  This is actually really pretty.  I’m generally not fond of fruity or peachy scents on me, but this is pretty sophisticated.   The resin and tobacco add a nice, softly dark touch to this blend.

Verdict:   This has morphed into a beautiful, woody and earthy scent with just a slight, sexy hint of peach.  I might have to purchase a bottle of this after all!


Glorification de l’Elue-Naming and Glorifying the Chosen One who is the Golden Child, the May Queen, the Sacred Divine within; the Holy Fire of Spirit that links us with All-That-Is.

Glory be: golden saffron, antique patchouli, white honey, orris root, toasted almond, khus and splendid olibanum.

In vial:  Almondy and piney, the oil itself is an orangish color.
Wet on skin:  Pine!
Dry on skin:  Everything has settled down and I can really start to smell the khus and patchouli now….it really smells like a grass beach mat.   Interesting!
Verdict:  It’s a fun scent and I think my decant will be plenty.   It will be interesting to see how this ages.


Dansae Sacrale-Sacrificial Dance of the Chosen One.  Sacred and uplifting: crystal amber, blue lavender, cyclamen, white sage, honeydew, vanilla musk, candied violets and a gentle heart of white rose tea.

In vial:   green and floral.

Wet on skin:  It’s very soft and I’m having a hard time distinguishing the individual notes.

Dry on skin:  This just kind of…..disappeared.  I can’t really smell much of anything.

Verdict:  Not sure what happened with my chemistry but this disappeared in almost ten minutes.  My guess it that it will be good for someone who likes florals and tea.


Evocation des Ancestre-Evoking the Spirits of the Ancestors. We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors through love, adoration and veneration our predecessors are lifted, elevated, given light and eternal life.

Revere and honor: dried pomegranate rind crushed and perfumed with linden blossom, red spikenard, aloes wood, Egyptian sandalwood, sweet myrrh and Kyphi incense.

In vial:  Ok, maybe I’m crazy bot this smelled just a *bit* like toothpaste!

Wet on skin:   Ugh, so far not good.  It’s super strong and powdery in a gas station incense sort of way.

Dry on skin:  Well, this is just too heavy and incensy for me.   It’s still going super strong, too.   It’s almost given me a headache.

Verdict:   Not for me.


Action Rituelle des Ancestres-Honor those that have passed on with white sandalwood, red willow, amyris, palo santo, patchouli blossom, Himalayan cedar, ylang ylang, opoponax and ginseng.

In vial: It smells green and cedary.

Wet on skin:   The cedar is prominent and starting to soften into something pretty.

Dry on skin:  Yep, that’s ylang ylang.   Ugh.   Instant headache.

Verdict:  I had to wash it off.   Other than the ylang ylang it’s very soft and pretty but it just doesn’t work for me.


Le Sacre Du Printemps-Aged patchouli, Ethiopian frankincense, vanilla absolute, pink musk, delicate lace and magnolia blossoms.

In vial:  Perfumy and a bit sharp.  I wasn’t looking forward to trying this.

Wet on skin:   Hmmm…I can’t quite decide if I like it or not.   I feel like I shouldn’t like it but I can’t stop going back and sniffing my arm as it dries down.

Dry on skin:  Wow, I really like this.   I never would have thought that I’d like it as much as I do, and the wet stage is a bit urinal cake-ish but as it dries it’s softens into something soft and spicy and just a bit perfume like.   This is pretty strong with a good throw.


Danse de la Terre-Dancing out of the Underworld. Persephone is free and the world is reborn in joyous celebration. 

Escape the darkness with rejuvenating black Assam tea, dark coconut husk, aged vanilla resin, sacred sandalwood temple incense, earthen musk and shaved red mandarin zest.

In vial:  Coconut!

Wet on skin:  Coconut, sandalwood and a little bite of orange.

Dry on skin:  This has settled into a spicy orange tea on me.  Soft but bright at the same time this is the perfect light summer time scent.

Verdict:  I’m looking forward to aging the pip and seeing what happens!


Jeu du Rapt-Ritual of Abduction; thief of hearts. Evocative of the myth of Persephone and the betrayal and agony she felt as she was spirited away to the underworld.

Crimson pomegranate, Moroccan fig, smoked vanilla sugar, soft moss, amber resin, aged black tea and opium poppy resin.

In vial:   Lightly soapy and green.

Wet on skin:  Very green (moss) with some strong smoke/resin scent.  The strong scent is very off putting and smells a bit like fake leather scent.

Dry on skin:  The off putting strong scent has settled down.  Now I can smell the resins but I get no vanilla.   It softened quite a bit but there’s definitely something sharp here that I’m not loving.

Verdict:   I’ll be putting my imp away and retesting in a couple of months.  At this point I don’t care for it overmuch but I think aging will be good for it.


Rondes Printanieres-Spring Rounds. Warm, sweet and and renewing as the first day of Spring. This is the scent of hope.

Vanilla cream, pink hyacinth, ruby grapefruit, scarlet hibiscus, cake flour, caramelized coconut and raspberry infused patchouli.

In vial:  Very berry-ish and coconutty with a bit of cream.

Wet on skin:  Raspberry!   Now a bit of hibiscus, grapefruit and patchouli are coming out.

Dry on skin:  The grapefruit is coming to the front as is the vanilla.   I can also detect a bit of the cake flour…..what a lovely touch!   Reminds me of being in the kitchen.

Verdict:   This is a fun and unique blend but I think my decant will be plenty!


Cercles Mysterieux des Adolescentes-Exotic tuberose, pink peony, lychee fruit, orange blossom, vanilla bean, tonka, strawberry blossom, bergamot and sugar cane.

In vial:  softly aquatic floral.

Wet on skin:  the vanilla bean and tonka mix in and it’s really pretty.  I makes me think for a moment that I might be able to wear a white floral.

Dry on skin:  Ah, I was mistaken.  The floral has morphed into something old lady like on me.   White florals always do that on me.    I’m sure this will smell jaw droppingly sexy on the right person.

Verdict:   Beautiful, but not on me.  I’ll be passing my decant on to a friend of mine who smells divine in florals.


Mlle. Victoria’s lupertine Burlesque Cabaret

Mlle. Whiard
Wild strawberry, whipped cream, kiwi fruit, raw sugar and a pinch of clove.

In bottle:  Fruity burnt sugar.

Wet on skin:  I can smell the strawberry, cream and a bit of burnt sugar.

Dry on skin:   It’s a gorgeous fruity, sugary strawberry scent.  I can smell just a hint of the clove but none of the kiwi.

Verdict:  So glad I bought a bottle of this!  Normally strawberry scents don’t work at all for me but this is the perfect blend of sugar and fruit.


Mlle C. de Villers: Pink grapefruit, red musk, French vanilla ice cream with a brandy soaked Moreno cherry on top.

In bottle:  Ice cream with brandy.

Wet on skin:   Ummmm…..I can smell the French vanilla ice cream and definitely the Moreno cherry!

Dry on skin:  It smells of candied cherry, red musk and super vanilla ice cream.  The cream note is not cloying or gross at all and the red musk just hovers on the outside.

Verdict:  I bought a bottle of this unsniffed and boy am I glad I did!  It’s amazing and hot and sexy and sure to be a go to for me.

New My Pretty Zombie Swatches (& day 42!)

I placed another order with My Pretty Zombie.   I’ve really been enjoying playing with the pigments and MPZ has some really amazing spring colors.   I purchased full sizes of Thundernuts, Unicorn Pee, Lulu Cupcake, Disquiet and Miasma.   I didn’t swatch Miasma because I’d already included that in a previous post.    No. 996 and New Bruise wre both free samples.

All swatches were done over Pixie Epoxy and photographed under a bright light with no flash.

VApothacary Reviews (& day 44!)

I felt it was time to include some VApothecary samples in my order and get some of those reviewed.     So far the surprise winners for me were Necromancer and Hyphialtes with Bat’s Brew very close as well.  I love a good spicy chocolate scent that isn’t  too sweet or cloying and Bat’s Brew is exactly that.

Necromancer-Black Violette, Green Absinthe, Ginger Root, fresh Soil and a drop of Bluegrass.

In vile: Sharp and green.

Wet on skin: Spicy and green with maybe a bit of anise? It’s heading toward the floral note that typically doesn’t work for me.

Dry on skin: Well, the sharp floral has settled down quite a bit. I can smell a floral, but it’s a spicy floral that works for me. I can definitely pick up on the ginger root and the soil note is soft and sexy here.

Verdict: I shouldn’t like this as it has several death notes for me but I really like it. It’s more spicy on me than floral and it’s a nice spice… a spice carnation. It’s always nice to have a floral that I can actually wear! Bottle worthy for sure. I’d like to see what it would be like layered with something like Sapphire or Dark Santalum.

Bat’s Brew-Apricot, Hot Cocoa, Chile, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Black Vanilla, Faux Ambergris, Chocolate Bat Wings and Chocolate Bat breath.

In vile: Chocolate!

Wet on skin: Chili chocolate.

Dry on skin: This is spicy hot chocolate, but not a sweet plasticy milk chocolate…it’s deep delicious dark chocolate with a spice twist.

Verdict: I love this! It’s a great grown up chocolate scent.

Pumpkin Bat-Cookie dough, pumpkin and spice, sugar, Hungarian white cinnamon and vanilla bean fleck.

In vile: Spice and a little bit of pine?

Wet on skin: Spicy sugar if that makes sense!

Dry on skin: Something has gone maybe a bit soapy on me? I think it’s the white cinnamon.

Verdict: I’ll let this age for a bit and try it again later.

Pina Ghoulata-Tropical Pineapple, Coconut Milk, Jamaican Coconut Shaving, Rum Spice, Bay Rum and Key Lime powder.

In vile: Pineapple and a little bit of candy vanilla.

Wet on skin: Pineapple softened with something…..coconut milk maybe?

Dry on skin: The coconut milk has taken a front seat and the pineapple is settling down. I can very faintly smell the lime with just a touch of rum.

Verdict: Very summery and beachy. I will LOVE this on a hot summer day.

Sherbat-Vanilla cloud, Vanilla Bean, Sugar, Blood Orange, Tangerine, Peach powder and Blue Night Muguet.

In vile: Tangelo!

Wet on skin: Creamsicle spicy goodness.

Dry on skin: The orange and vanilla clouds are wafting together and this really does smell just like a creamsicle!  Only it’s like a grown up and sexy creamsicle.

Verdict: Ok, I totally need a bottle. Normally I don’t like citrus scents on me but this smells divine!

Cemetary Snow-Cemetary Dirt, White Patchouli lite, Sandalwood Musk and White Cedar Vanilla.

In vile: Fresh dirt and snow!

Wet on skin: This really does smell like slogging through wet snow. As it dries I can start to smell the sandalwood musk.

Dry on skin: The white patchouli lite and sandalwood blend together for a very soft incense snow vibe. It’s very pretty!

Verdict: Even though it’s a ‘snow’ perfume I think this would be an excellent scent for a hot day… would cool you right down.

Hyphialtes-Blue Musk Flower, Apricot Musk, Sweet Red Apple, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Caramelized Sweet Flag Smoke.

In vile: Green apple!

Wet on skin: Green apple and a bit of something slightly floral and somehow candy smelling at the same time.

Dry on skin: This must be the apricot musk that I’m smelling and it’s gorgeous! Somehow there’s musk, apple and caramel blending together and it all works!

Verdict: Wow, this is a winner! I love apple scents but I typically like them mixed with something ‘darker’ and this 100% fits the bill. It’s a gorgeous, warm, sexy and very yummy scent. I’ll need a bottle for sure!

Nocturne Alchemy Reviews (& day 45-half way there!)

Whoo-hooo, I hit the half way point for the 90 Days Of Beauty Challenge.    I decided to dedicate this post to the new Nocturne Alchemy reviews!   These are limited editions so get them while you can!

Cherry Santalum Special Edition-Rich Egyptian Cherry Essence, creme of Vanilla Bean, Nokturne:Santalum (Sandalwood) and a soft stirring of exotic Cacao.  Plus, Baltic Amber (aged), and a few delicate drops of spice from all essential oils of Allspice, Clove, Nutmeg and White Palmarosa.

In bottle: It smells a little bit like Luden’s cherry cough drops. We weren’t allowed to have candy in the house growing up so I really enjoyed when I got sick because I got those and they were the closest thing to candy we got!

Wet on skin: Vanilla cherry spice goodness. The sandalwood is starting to soften everything and tie it together.

Dry on skin: Wow, this is so gorgeous. It’s a warm and sultry type of scent. The cherry is very grown up, especially paired with the sandalwood and soft spices. It might have a hint of an almond to it?

Verdict: The bottle is red and amazing with a super cute label featuring a redish orange cartoon kitty. If you like cherry you should buy this now!

Blueberry Crystal Special Edition-
Egyptian Summer Blueberry within the beauty of harmonized Vanilla and Musk (Nokturne:Crystal). Supple and fresh.  +Egyptian Frankincense, Rich NA Solar Amber, Green Peppercorn E/O and original Nokturne (Egyptian Musk).

In bottle: Sweet with a hint of blueberry.

Wet on skin: The blueberry is very nice, but the crystal has a bit of sharpness to me….almost like a dryer sheet maybe? That may also be the green peppercorn E/O!

Dry on skin: Ok, everything has settled down and softened up considerably. It’s quite lovely. The blueberry and crystal have blended together with just a hint of the Nocturne and resin.

Verdict: Once it dries down, I love this! Who would have thought that blueberry and Frankincense would smell so divine together?

Cerulean Ankh LE-Cerulean Ankh is blended into a deeper scent by taking deep Vanilla, Crystal and Moonstone, added aged Sapphire (Amber Musk) and sifting them all together and slowly dropping them into the Ankh perfume until a natural division occurs.

In bottle: Vanilla!

Wet on skin: At first it’s vanilla with just a touch of sapphire. Mmm….it’s smells like a vanilla marshmallow.

Dry on skin: As it dries the sweetness takes a back seat to a beautiful Egyptian musk blend. Mostly it’s Sapphire but I can also pick out the vanilla blend and sandalwood.

Verdict: It’s gorgeous and warm and sexy. So glad I picked up a bottle of this and I bet it’s only going to get better with age.

Queen Poison LE-Smokey Patchouli Noir, Anise, Black Peppercorn, Caraway all bathed in blood red Kashmir (Red Musk).

In Bottle: Strong red musk and pine?

Wet on skin: Red musk and it smells a little minty to me? Maybe that’s the Anise? Oh yes, and that settles down and you can smell the black peppercorn.

Dry on skin: The red musk is up front with a soft dark patchouli close behind. The anise and black peppercorn have settled down and added just a pretty and sexy softness.

Verdict: Amazing! And this really is complete when you wear it with Antidote. It’s intoxicatingly gorgeous!

Antidote LE-Moroccan Sandalwood, Vanille Superior, Aged Sapphire, Spun Sugar and Sweet Fennel.

In Bottle: Spun sugar.

Wet on skin: Mmmm….sandalwood and candy!

Dry on skin: This settled into a totally beautiful dark and sweetly resinous scent. It’s grown up but still very feminine and very ‘pink’.

Verdict: LOVE! It’s everything I love about a sweet, candy, spun sugar kind of smell. I wore this with Dark Santalum and people asked all night long what I was wearing!

**Nocturne: Dark Santalum (forum only scent)-Taking the essence of Sandalwood and placing a shadow just under the nose by blending black peppercorn, shadow amber, Nokturne:Hessonite, Castle Moss of Romania along with a touch of pimento and a drop of Nokturne:Dark Crystal.

In bottle: Woody and resinous.

Wet on skin: It’s a bright sandalwood….with just a hint of something green?

Dry on skin: Everything here is blended really nicely. I can smell the lovely sandalwood and hessonite as well as the shadow amber. As it dries I can pick of just a waft of the Dark Crystal.

Verdict: My gut tells me this is going to age beautifully!

**Nocturne: Moonstone (forum only scent): The true Husk, black and white Fleck, essence and whole of African White Vanilla with a kiss of Crystalline.

In bottle: Sweet vanilla.

Wet on skin: Soft, pretty and wonderful vanilla. It’s intoxicating.

Dry on skin: Boy this is super comforting and beautiful. I can’t wait to start layering this with everything and see what happens!

Verdict: So, so happy that I scored a bottle of this!

Nocturne: Honey Kobalt-Bringing the sensual black honey of Egypt and slowly pouring it into the exquisite Vanilla of Cairo Vanilla Orchid (Kobalt). It takes patience for this to occur and there is no room for anything but patience when creating a Duality like this. A scent for Spring, but moreso a scent for preparing for summer. This scent will age beautifully. After having tested the Black Honey we use for this, the two year old bottle has aged so beautifully it is one of the most beautiful honey perfumes we have come across. Add in the Cairo Vanilla of Kobalt and you have a flow of “sensual and surreal”, as described by Jacek. “Simply tempting”, says Bastet. “A harmony bequest to the Nokturne line”, says I. Pssst, this shall be yummified when wearing during the coming summer!

In bottle: Sweet with something sharp.

Wet on skin: Sweet with something unpleasant underneath. I can’t put my finger on it….kind of plasticy maybe?

Dry on skin: Hmmm….this is really sharp on me. It smells like a juniper bush and BO. I really like the honey in Princess Amber so I’m not sure what’s not working here.

Verdict: Unfortunately this didn’t work for me. I’m sure I won’t have a hard time finding a home for this bottle! I’ve seen quite a few good reviews for this one so I’m sure it smells fabulous on other people!

**The Nocturnes are forum only scents which mean you need to be a member of the forum to order them.  If you’re interested, please register at the Pyramid

Once you are signed up at, email with your Forum chosen name and Thoth will unlock the Pyramid/Lair!