Sleek Ultra Mattes VI Brights Palette (& day 32!)

I had the pleasure to score a Sleek ultra matte palette from a friend….yay!    These are bright and pigmented.   I swatched them over Detrivore primer and photographed everything with no flash under a bright light.   I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow!

Virus Insanity Swatches (& post 33!)

There’s nothing more fun than playing with pretty sparklies.  I got right down to it and blasted some swatches out because they were so pretty!   I was initially referred to VI because I was looking for recommendations of blue/brown color shift pigments.  I poked around and decided to try eight different pigments.  They come inContinue reading “Virus Insanity Swatches (& post 33!)”

Evil Shades Swatches & FOTD (& post 34!)

I received my latest Evil Shades order and just couldn’t wait to swatch them.   I actually really enjoy doing swatches and photographing them but it’s always most enjoyable with quality pigments.    I appreciate a shadow that has great color pay off, a nice creamy finish and blends nicely. Face:  MAC foundation and concealer in NC15,Continue reading “Evil Shades Swatches & FOTD (& post 34!)”

FOTD With Mi Vida Loca Palette(& day 35!)

I played around with the Kat Von D palette and decided to use the pink and purple.  I found the colors easy to work with and while not neon by any means they are bright.  The surprise hit for me was actually the liner that came with it.  It’s bold and bright and applied easilyContinue reading “FOTD With Mi Vida Loca Palette(& day 35!)”

FOTD Emerald Pretty Palette (& day 36!)

Today I played with the Emerald Pretty palette from Tarina Tarantino.   The shadows apply really nicely and it’s a bit of a learning curve getting used to using a pressed shadow again.  It’s been a while since I’ve used one!  The lighting outside was kind of crappy so the pics are little washed out.  Sorry!Continue reading “FOTD Emerald Pretty Palette (& day 36!)”

Tarina Tarantino Emerald Pretty Palette (& day 38!)

I hadn’t bought an eyeshadow palette in something like…..ten years?   I’ve had the hankering for one or two and decided to ask my trusty makeup group what I should order.  Phyrra suggested the Emerald Pretty palette by Tarina Tarantino.   I checked it out on Sephora and instantly wanted it.  It had nice, wearable colors, aContinue reading “Tarina Tarantino Emerald Pretty Palette (& day 38!)”

Rite-Aid Make Up Finds (& day 39!)

I had several appointments that kept me running around all day.  I decided to pop into Rite-Aid and see what they had to offer.   They had some fun stuff so I decided to just pick and choose. The first thing I saw was this Sinful polish.   It’s so pretty, I can’t wait to try it!Continue reading “Rite-Aid Make Up Finds (& day 39!)”

Darling Girl Nerdvana Swtaches (& day 40!)

Darling Girl recently released a collection of colors called Nerdvana, inspired by The Big Bang Theory.   As usual, these pigments were a joy to work with and some of the colors were hard to show how gorgeous they really are.    If you are interested in any of these colors then you can check them outContinue reading “Darling Girl Nerdvana Swtaches (& day 40!)”

Conjure Oils Le Sacre Du Printemps and Mlle. Victoria’s Lupertine Burlesque Cabaret (& day 41!)

Conjure Oils just announced that Le Sacre Du Printemps  and Mlle. Victoria’s Lupertine Burlesque Cabaret are both back for spring!    When the Sacre collection came out last year, I had a huge backup of oils to review so by the time I got to these, they had gone away.  I managed to score bottles ofContinue reading “Conjure Oils Le Sacre Du Printemps and Mlle. Victoria’s Lupertine Burlesque Cabaret (& day 41!)”

New My Pretty Zombie Swatches (& day 42!)

I placed another order with My Pretty Zombie.   I’ve really been enjoying playing with the pigments and MPZ has some really amazing spring colors.   I purchased full sizes of Thundernuts, Unicorn Pee, Lulu Cupcake, Disquiet and Miasma.   I didn’t swatch Miasma because I’d already included that in a previous post.    No. 996 andContinue reading “New My Pretty Zombie Swatches (& day 42!)”

VApothacary Reviews (& day 44!)

I felt it was time to include some VApothecary samples in my order and get some of those reviewed.     So far the surprise winners for me were Necromancer and Hyphialtes with Bat’s Brew very close as well.  I love a good spicy chocolate scent that isn’t  too sweet or cloying and Bat’s Brew is exactlyContinue reading “VApothacary Reviews (& day 44!)”

Nocturne Alchemy Reviews (& day 45-half way there!)

Whoo-hooo, I hit the half way point for the 90 Days Of Beauty Challenge.    I decided to dedicate this post to the new Nocturne Alchemy reviews!   These are limited editions so get them while you can! Cherry Santalum Special Edition-Rich Egyptian Cherry Essence, creme of Vanilla Bean, Nokturne:Santalum (Sandalwood) and a soft stirring of exoticContinue reading “Nocturne Alchemy Reviews (& day 45-half way there!)”