VApothacary Reviews (& day 44!)

I felt it was time to include some VApothecary samples in my order and get some of those reviewed.     So far the surprise winners for me were Necromancer and Hyphialtes with Bat’s Brew very close as well.  I love a good spicy chocolate scent that isn’t  too sweet or cloying and Bat’s Brew is exactly that.

Necromancer-Black Violette, Green Absinthe, Ginger Root, fresh Soil and a drop of Bluegrass.

In vile: Sharp and green.

Wet on skin: Spicy and green with maybe a bit of anise? It’s heading toward the floral note that typically doesn’t work for me.

Dry on skin: Well, the sharp floral has settled down quite a bit. I can smell a floral, but it’s a spicy floral that works for me. I can definitely pick up on the ginger root and the soil note is soft and sexy here.

Verdict: I shouldn’t like this as it has several death notes for me but I really like it. It’s more spicy on me than floral and it’s a nice spice… a spice carnation. It’s always nice to have a floral that I can actually wear! Bottle worthy for sure. I’d like to see what it would be like layered with something like Sapphire or Dark Santalum.

Bat’s Brew-Apricot, Hot Cocoa, Chile, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Black Vanilla, Faux Ambergris, Chocolate Bat Wings and Chocolate Bat breath.

In vile: Chocolate!

Wet on skin: Chili chocolate.

Dry on skin: This is spicy hot chocolate, but not a sweet plasticy milk chocolate…it’s deep delicious dark chocolate with a spice twist.

Verdict: I love this! It’s a great grown up chocolate scent.

Pumpkin Bat-Cookie dough, pumpkin and spice, sugar, Hungarian white cinnamon and vanilla bean fleck.

In vile: Spice and a little bit of pine?

Wet on skin: Spicy sugar if that makes sense!

Dry on skin: Something has gone maybe a bit soapy on me? I think it’s the white cinnamon.

Verdict: I’ll let this age for a bit and try it again later.

Pina Ghoulata-Tropical Pineapple, Coconut Milk, Jamaican Coconut Shaving, Rum Spice, Bay Rum and Key Lime powder.

In vile: Pineapple and a little bit of candy vanilla.

Wet on skin: Pineapple softened with something…..coconut milk maybe?

Dry on skin: The coconut milk has taken a front seat and the pineapple is settling down. I can very faintly smell the lime with just a touch of rum.

Verdict: Very summery and beachy. I will LOVE this on a hot summer day.

Sherbat-Vanilla cloud, Vanilla Bean, Sugar, Blood Orange, Tangerine, Peach powder and Blue Night Muguet.

In vile: Tangelo!

Wet on skin: Creamsicle spicy goodness.

Dry on skin: The orange and vanilla clouds are wafting together and this really does smell just like a creamsicle!  Only it’s like a grown up and sexy creamsicle.

Verdict: Ok, I totally need a bottle. Normally I don’t like citrus scents on me but this smells divine!

Cemetary Snow-Cemetary Dirt, White Patchouli lite, Sandalwood Musk and White Cedar Vanilla.

In vile: Fresh dirt and snow!

Wet on skin: This really does smell like slogging through wet snow. As it dries I can start to smell the sandalwood musk.

Dry on skin: The white patchouli lite and sandalwood blend together for a very soft incense snow vibe. It’s very pretty!

Verdict: Even though it’s a ‘snow’ perfume I think this would be an excellent scent for a hot day… would cool you right down.

Hyphialtes-Blue Musk Flower, Apricot Musk, Sweet Red Apple, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Caramelized Sweet Flag Smoke.

In vile: Green apple!

Wet on skin: Green apple and a bit of something slightly floral and somehow candy smelling at the same time.

Dry on skin: This must be the apricot musk that I’m smelling and it’s gorgeous! Somehow there’s musk, apple and caramel blending together and it all works!

Verdict: Wow, this is a winner! I love apple scents but I typically like them mixed with something ‘darker’ and this 100% fits the bill. It’s a gorgeous, warm, sexy and very yummy scent. I’ll need a bottle for sure!

Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

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