Daily Archives: May 29, 2012

Virus Insanity Swatches (& post 33!)

There’s nothing more fun than playing with pretty sparklies.  I got right down to it and blasted some swatches out because they were so pretty!   I was initially referred to VI because I was looking for recommendations of blue/brown color shift pigments.  I poked around and decided to try eight different pigments.  They come in little clam shells which I hate but I’ll just depot them in sample baggies and they shall go into The Book Of Shadows.

I found these pigments easy to work with but they are definite glitter bombs.  You’d have to use a sticky base/primer for maximum benefit and be aware that they are super sparkly.    I was expecting to love Clawdeen the most but my  surprise favorite was Shenanigans.  I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow! You should go check them out:


Tigerlilly was more than happy to help with the swatches!