Brazen Haul (& day 7)

I received my Brazen order finally!  I was hard to wait while the store was closed but oh so worth it!   I purchased more shadows, some blush and of course more glosses.  The Brazen glosses are probably my favorite gloss ever.  They seem to have a great color pay off and yet still moisturize yourContinue reading “Brazen Haul (& day 7)”

Cargo Oil Free Foundation Review (& day 8!)

Lately I have not been happy with the foundations that I’ve been using for the past five years.   And I think it’s because for the last year I’ve had an inside job  instead of an outside job!   I have alternated between MAC foundation in NC15 and Meow Foundation in Frisky Angora. I saw a recommendationContinue reading “Cargo Oil Free Foundation Review (& day 8!)”

FOTD with Uroboros and It’s Only Forever (& day 10!)

I wanted to use a couple of my new Tick: Tock colors! Face:  Smashbox Photo Finish primer and Cargo oil free foundation in 20.  It’s described as a light sunny yellow.  Perfect for us hotties with very pale but yellow or golden toned skin.  Evil Shades matte powder.  MAC NC15 concealer with Smashbox Photo OpContinue reading “FOTD with Uroboros and It’s Only Forever (& day 10!)”

Geek Chic Cosmetics Swatches (& day 11!)

I received my very first  Geek Chic Cosmetics order and couldn’t wait to swatch them.  They are *gorgeous*!   Sexy In Suspenders will become a new favorite I’m sure. All colors swatched over Detrivore primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash.  

Brazen Grab Bag Sale!

To celebrate their reopening, Brazen is offering some really cool summer grab bags filled with limited edition colors that aren’t currently available on their site.   Some are colors that were available, some are colors that will be available and some are one offs.    Take a chance, these *will* sell out fast!   As always, you canContinue reading “Brazen Grab Bag Sale!”

Meow Carnival FOTD (& day 12!)

Face:  MAC primer, concealer and foundation in NC15.   Brazen’s Fierce & Flawless as finishing powder. Cheeks:  Meow’s Frozen Grapefruit Lips:  Nude liner with Brazen’s Burlesque lip gloss. Eyes:  MAC Untitled with Tick: Tock Infinity base in Milky Way.  Meow’s Carni on lid and inner lower lid with Midnight Madness on outer V.   Brazen’s Immaculate onContinue reading “Meow Carnival FOTD (& day 12!)”

Fyrinnae Swatches (& day 13!)

I placed a small order with Fyrinnae and as usual I got it lightning fast.   I thought I’d swatch them for you guys and show off one of the newer colors that I got as a free sample, Aye, Captain. All swatches done over Detrivore primer and photographed with no flash under a bright light.Continue reading “Fyrinnae Swatches (& day 13!)”

How To Spot An Indie Crash And Burn

Once a year without fail it seems that we’ll all witness an indie crash and burn.  Some are more spectacular than others, the burn seeming as bright as the sun itself.    I had a couple of people ask me how to spot when an indie company is heading into crash and burn territory so IContinue reading “How To Spot An Indie Crash And Burn”

Violette Market Reviews (& day 14!)

I received three free samples in my last order so I’ve reviewed them for you here! Antoinette’s Tea Cakes:  Sweet vanilla sugar tea cakes covered in pink glaze and infused with pearled China musk, French rosewater, and shimmering amber dust. In vial:  Like perfumy cake.  Reminds me a bit of BPAL’s Eat Me. Wet onContinue reading “Violette Market Reviews (& day 14!)”

Best Blog Search Terms Of The Week

Every day I take a look at how people find my blog.  In other words, what they type into the search field to land upon my humble little space on the internets.     These were my favorite this past week: soft wet deep warm spot best little hottie bloodlust zombies 2011 nude Sometimes I feel sorryContinue reading “Best Blog Search Terms Of The Week”

VApothecary Reviews (& day 15!)

Le Macabre: Haunted White Cedarwood, Fresh Soil from within a grave, Raw Blue Vetiver, Blood Ripe Pomegranate, and Crimson Musk. In vile: It smells like a really deep and fruity wood. Wet on skin: I can definitely pick out the wood and pomegranate. After just a minute or so the crimson musk makes an appearance.Continue reading “VApothecary Reviews (& day 15!)”

Evil Shades Order & Swatches (& day 16!)

I received my latest Evil Shades order and couldn’t be happier.     SO much sparkly goodness!    I was really impressed with the lippies from my first order so I ordered a bunch of samples and a couple of them are going to be go to colors for me, I can already tell.     I ordered samples ofContinue reading “Evil Shades Order & Swatches (& day 16!)”

Dreaming Tree Soapworks Review (& day 17!)

About a week ago, I stumbled upon Dreaming Tree Soapworks in one of my groups on FB.  I perused their stuff and really liked the sounds of the scents and loved the look so I placed an order.     I squee’d a little bit when I opened the box… was beautiful and smelled oh so good.Continue reading “Dreaming Tree Soapworks Review (& day 17!)”