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Brazen Haul (& day 7)

I received my Brazen order finally!  I was hard to wait while the store was closed but oh so worth it!   I purchased more shadows, some blush and of course more glosses.  The Brazen glosses are probably my favorite gloss ever.  They seem to have a great color pay off and yet still moisturize your lips.  I wear Cherry Gummie Glaze to bed and I can still feel it when I wake up.




Fleet Street


Music Box

Punk Rock Pixie






Lip Gloss:



Paint The Town


Smart Mouth



I received the following for my consideration:

Brow Powders in Dita & Jessica

Next to Naked lip balm

My blushes were upgraded from 3g to 10g

The glosses.
Illuminating powder and blushes.

The new brow powders!

As always, if you see anything that you like, you can click my affiliate link banner on my sidebar to go check out the goodies for yourself!

Cargo Oil Free Foundation Review (& day 8!)

Lately I have not been happy with the foundations that I’ve been using for the past five years.   And I think it’s because for the last year I’ve had an inside job  instead of an outside job!   I have alternated between MAC foundation in NC15 and Meow Foundation in Frisky Angora.

I saw a recommendation for this foundation for those of us who have very fair but yellow toned skin.   Typically you can’t find it sunny or yellow enough but this stuff seems to fit the bill.  It’s a little bit on the expensive side at $36 or so but I have really liked it so far.

It’s described on Ulta’s site:  “An oil-free ultra hydrating silky finish foundation by CARGO that offers the versatility of a sheer natural finish or a full coverage. The truly unique and innovative pouch packaging makes it easy to use, hygienic and highly portable!”

The color I got was F20 – sunny, translucent beige (very fair with peach undertone).   I did indeed find the color to be yellow based but also very warm and sunny.    If you are just a *touch* too light for MAC NC15, this would be perfect for you!

I took a photo of just the foundation and Evil Shades Devilista on my lips, there’s nothing else on my face.

And I also wore it here and I’m really liking it.

And here it is in a more dramatic look. It wore well all night!

I do find that this foundation has wear lasting qualities and it keeps looking good through an 8 hour work day AND yoga class.    It’s just sheer enough for daytime wear but it’s easy enough to build up to a more opaque coverage.  Although my skin isn’t oily per se, I like the finish to this foundation.   My skin still looks good and feels good at the end of the day.

The only complaints I have seen about the product is the packaging.   At first it’s a little cumbersome and I did lose a bit of the product at first but once I figured it out, it’s fine and totally worth the hassle.   The packaging *does* make for fabulous portability and ease for travel.

If you’ve got warm yellow but light complexion, you might want to give this line a shot!

FOTD with Uroboros and It’s Only Forever (& day 10!)

I wanted to use a couple of my new Tick: Tock colors!

Face:  Smashbox Photo Finish primer and Cargo oil free foundation in 20.  It’s described as a light sunny yellow.  Perfect for us hotties with very pale but yellow or golden toned skin.  Evil Shades matte powder.  MAC NC15 concealer with Smashbox Photo Op Undereye brightner.

Cheeks:  Meow blush in Frozen Grapefruit

Lips:  Too Faced Borderline then MAC Pro Longwear in In Anticipation with Evil Shades FOAD on top.

Eyes:  MAC Untitled and Tick: Tock Infinity Base in Milky Way.   Tick: Tock It’s Only Forever on lid and inner lower lid with Uroboros in couter V and  into crease.  Geek Chic Sexy In Suspenders on brow bone and inner corner.  Brazen’s Scorching just under brow to highlight Arch.    Physician’s Formula black eyeliner on upper lid and waterline of lower lid.   Brazen’s Odette patted on top of pencil liner then sealed with Cargo’s Glitter Top Coat.   One coat of black mascara.

Geek Chic Cosmetics Swatches (& day 11!)

I received my very first  Geek Chic Cosmetics order and couldn’t wait to swatch them.  They are *gorgeous*!   Sexy In Suspenders will become a new favorite I’m sure.

All colors swatched over Detrivore primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash.


Brazen Grab Bag Sale!

To celebrate their reopening, Brazen is offering some really cool summer grab bags filled with limited edition colors that aren’t currently available on their site.   Some are colors that were available, some are colors that will be available and some are one offs.    Take a chance, these *will* sell out fast!   As always, you can click on the Brazen banner in my sidebar (affiliate link) and go peruse all the goodies.

ALSO in super duper exciting Brazen news….have you seen the new brow powders?   Redheads rejoice!   There are several different colors of red to choose for the perfect match.  Named after kick ass ladies these are gorgeous.  I’ve got some previews coming in the mail so I’ll be sure to feature them and show ya’ll the goodies.

What shade are you?

Meow Carnival FOTD (& day 12!)

Face:  MAC primer, concealer and foundation in NC15.   Brazen’s Fierce & Flawless as finishing powder.

Cheeks:  Meow’s Frozen Grapefruit

Lips:  Nude liner with Brazen’s Burlesque lip gloss.

Eyes:  MAC Untitled with Tick: Tock Infinity base in Milky Way.  Meow’s Carni on lid and inner lower lid with Midnight Madness on outer V.   Brazen’s Immaculate on lid up to brow and Scorching just under brow and on inner corner.  No liner and one coat of black mascara.

Fyrinnae Swatches (& day 13!)

I placed a small order with Fyrinnae and as usual I got it lightning fast.   I thought I’d swatch them for you guys and show off one of the newer colors that I got as a free sample, Aye, Captain.

All swatches done over Detrivore primer and photographed with no flash under a bright light.

It has been pointed out to me (thanks Swatchfreak!) that I switched Sleepy Hollow and Callipygian.   Love those with great memories and good eyes!

Callipygian and Sleepy Hollow are switched here.  Sorry about that!

How To Spot An Indie Crash And Burn

Once a year without fail it seems that we’ll all witness an indie crash and burn.  Some are more spectacular than others, the burn seeming as bright as the sun itself.    I had a couple of people ask me how to spot when an indie company is heading into crash and burn territory so I jotted a few things down.  Should an indie owe you money and you get to #3, please file a paypal dispute and get your money  back!  Don’t delay, you’ll only lose your monies.

Generally goes something like this:

1. For some reason an indie company will get really popular suddenly (like a good review on a couple of prominent blogs) and have a flood of orders.

2. TAT will get longer and longer but company owner will stay on top of communication.

3. Packages will go ‘missing’ or orders will be lost OR TAT gets longer due to (pick one):
a. owner got sick or kids are sick
b. childhood pet dies
c. husband was deployed
d. aliens invade the Earth

4. People will start freaking out about TAT and there will be rumbles of Paypal disputes. The owner will make a post acknowledging the excessively long TAT but will *promise* to get all orders out or issue refunds if customers want them.

5. Orders won’t go out and communication with owner ceases. Emails go unanswered, pages are deleted, fan page get flooded with posts inquiring about orders. Posts may or may not be deleted.

6. Someone creates a blog called ‘XXXXX Customer Complaints’ or something of the like and then no one hears from indie owner again.

*Please feel free to insert flouncing or wordy and dramatic promises from indie owner where ever you like in the scenario.*


Violette Market Reviews (& day 14!)

I received three free samples in my last order so I’ve reviewed them for you here!

Antoinette’s Tea Cakes:  Sweet vanilla sugar tea cakes covered in pink glaze and infused with pearled China musk, French rosewater, and shimmering amber dust.

In vial:  Like perfumy cake.  Reminds me a bit of BPAL’s Eat Me.

Wet on skin:  I clearly get the tea cakes and French rosewater.   It’s like a less buttery Eat Me.

Dry on skin:  The rose has become very prominent with just a hint of cake underneath.

Verdict:  As usual, I cannot wear rose!   This would be fantastic on someone who can wear a foodie and soft rose oil.


Spider’s Design:  Dusty vanilla, white and violet silk gossamer threads ensnaring sweet sandalwood, orris root, honey smoked woods, and a trail of black pepper following the spinning of one dimpled spider.

In vial:  Black pepper!

Wet on skin:  Pepper and orris root.  As it settles in I pick up a huge whiff of the honey smoked woods.

Dry on skin:  Huh, this went *very* masculine on me!   I get all black pepper and smoke!

Verdict:  I’m pretty sure this would smell like liquid sex on a boy.


Fragaria:  Soft skin musk, strawberry cream, pink gossamer cherry blossoms, green tea leaves, sugared ylang ylang petals, soft green grass, and earthy dark vetiver.

In vial:  Tea leaves!

Wet on skin:  Strawberry, pink and then green grass! As it dries it softens into a softly fruity strawberry with a bit of the earthy vetiver lurking the background.   FYI, the vetiver here smells a little like patchouli.

Verdict:   I think this smells really nice!  It reminds me a bit of a Conjure Oil from the Sacre Du Primtemps line.

Best Blog Search Terms Of The Week

Every day I take a look at how people find my blog.  In other words, what they type into the search field to land upon my humble little space on the internets.     These were my favorite this past week:

soft wet deep warm spot

best little hottie

bloodlust zombies 2011 nude

Sometimes I feel sorry for people who find my blog when they’re actually looking for weird German porn or something, but mostly I just giggle.

VApothecary Reviews (& day 15!)

Le Macabre: Haunted White Cedarwood, Fresh Soil from within a grave, Raw Blue Vetiver, Blood Ripe Pomegranate, and Crimson Musk.

In vile: It smells like a really deep and fruity wood.

Wet on skin: I can definitely pick out the wood and pomegranate. After just a minute or so the crimson musk makes an appearance.

Dry on skin: I’m not sure what raw blue vetiver smells like but if it’s what I’m picking up now then I like it! It does somehow smell ‘blue’ in that it’s got a bit of an icy vibe to it. I never really get the soil note.

Verdict: I really like this. It’s a really nicely blended combination of wood, pomegranate and red musk.


Parlour:  Aged Vanilla Oak, Cedar, Teak and Sandalwood Essential Oils, Caramel Wax and Vanilla Velvet.

In vile: Soft wood and amber.

Wet on skin: Woodsy without being masculine and a little bit of wax.

Dry on skin: It’s soft like a lightly powdery amber (I think that’s the caramel wax) and now I can pick up the vanilla velvet. I don’t know what vanilla velvet is but I like it! The caramel here is not buttery at all….it’s divine!

Verdict: This was a surprising hit for me. It’s always nice to find a pretty scent with a wood note that’s too masculine. This will age beautifully!


Polichenelle:  Warm Woody Clove Smoke, Vanilla Bean & Marshmallow Extract, Indian Kewda Attar Incense, Amber & White Musk.

In vile: Incense.

Wet on skin: The incense is the first thing I notice then it softens a bit and I can pick up the musks but mostly the white musk.

Dry on skin: As it dries I can start to pick up on the clove smoke and right at the end the vanilla bean and marshmallow come out.

Verdict: I really like this blend. I swear I’m picking up a very light and pretty floral? Whatever it is, it works really well on me.


Apparition:  Vanilla Sugar Crystal, Cedar Essential, Cardamom Extract Essential, White Vetiver Powder.

In vile: I think it’s the white vetiver that I’m smelling with just the tiniest hint of vanilla.

Wet on skin: Spicy and white smelling….it almost smells like ground pepper to me. The cedar is starting to come out and it’s got a little bit of lemon Pledge thing happening.

Dry on skin: As it settles the cardamom is pretty strong with the cedar and white vetiver not far behind. It takes a while before the vanilla sugar show up but once it does it softens this oil quite a bit. Thankfully once it dries the lemon Pledge thing goes away and it smells more like lemon sugar.

Verdict: I like this but I’d like to age it a little and see what happens. I have a feeling it will mellow and richen up quite a bit.

Evil Shades Order & Swatches (& day 16!)

I received my latest Evil Shades order and couldn’t be happier.     SO much sparkly goodness!    I was really impressed with the lippies from my first order so I ordered a bunch of samples and a couple of them are going to be go to colors for me, I can already tell.     I ordered samples of the Arcane collection as well as a full size of Commerciali$m because I love it and it’s going to be discontinued.  I was gifted a full size of Whisper with my order as well as a full size of FOAD!

Eye Shadow swatches were all done over Detrivore primer and lippie swatches were done on bare skin.

The lippie on the right, Primrose, should be Primrose Path.

And my favorite part of the entire order:

Dreaming Tree Soapworks Review (& day 17!)

About a week ago, I stumbled upon Dreaming Tree Soapworks in one of my groups on FB.  I perused their stuff and really liked the sounds of the scents and loved the look so I placed an order.     I squee’d a little bit when I opened the box… was beautiful and smelled oh so good.

I had my order in hand in about a week so TAT (turn around time) was super reasonable.

Everything came festively and carefully packaged and all arrived safe and sound.

A lightly moisturizing facial bar with skin softening orange oil, antibacterial and astringent tea tree, and antioxidant rich grape seed oil for a smoother and clearer complexion. Perfect for oilier skin types!

Scented with luscious Black Amber and Lavender to bring out the Dark Goddess in you!

Specially formulated for deep facial cleansing and pampering, this beauty bar is made with goat’s milk and infused with rose hips and calendula, to keep your skin healthy and beautiful!

The Red Queen is a luscious blend of red plum, ripe berries, juicy pomegranate, delicately blended with very light soft musk, drops of vanilla and just a dash of spice.

It’s good to be the Queen, and being wicked is so much fun! Soothe and pamper yourself with this sensual, mysterious soap, and no one will lose their heads.

Like the magical wishing apple given to Snow White by the Wicked Queen, this sinfully delicious body bar smells of sweet apple with a cinnamon spicy bite.

This was a free sample!

Bring the fresh and soothing scents of the islands into the shower, with this deeply nourishing lime, verbena, and coconut scented bar; beloved by both men and women.

What about you, do you love luxurious soap?