Violette Market State Fair Review (& day 23!)

I thought I would post up the reviews I have for the State Fair scents, in care anyone is wondering about them.  These reviews will all be previous years versions and I’ve listed what year next to the name.   Be sure to check these out if you’re interested as they are some of the most fun perfume oils I’ve tried!

After Dark (2010 version):  A sinister yet playful combination of pink spun sugar, bubble gum melted into gritty asphalt, sweet fruity musk, smokey vanilla, and a lingering menace of dark resins. Please roll bottle prior to application.

In bottle:  Sweet candy asphalt….yes, it really smells like asphalt to me!

Wet on skin:  Fruit musk and bubble gum and after just a minute or so the pink spun sugar peeks out.

Dry on skin:  Ok so this is when the sexy happens.   The darkness of the gritty asphalt comes out and wraps itself around the fruity musk and candies.  Say you have a very proper pink and girly perfume; well After Dark is like her hot, slutty older sister.

Verdict:   As soon as I tried this, I bought three back up bottles.  Yeah, it’s that good on me.   Liquid Sex and every time I wear it I have someone ask me what I’m wearing.


Cherry Bomb (2010 version):  Opening night fireworks. An explosion of red and black cherries, black aged patchouli, naughty black resins, golden amber, and smoking paper carried in the wind.

In bottle: Cherry cough syrup!

Wet on skin:  Cherry cordial liqueur with a little bit of something ‘dark’ lurking….it almost smells a bit medicinal.

Dry on skin:  Now I can definitely smell the smoking paper mixing with the rich and sexy black cherry.  The cough syrup vibe is gone and now it’s all lush, dark and sexy.

Verdict:  I *love* this and own several back up bottles but I also love everything cherry.    It can smell like cherry cough syrup and I’m ok with that.  Luckily this just smells like awesome.


Lemon Shake Up (2011 version):  Sweet lemon juice and pulp, heaps of white sugar cane, red cherry juice, citron musk, and lavender buds.

In bottle:  Little bit like lemon Pledge.

Wet on skin:  Whoa, straight up lemon furniture polish right at first.  It starts to soften pretty quickly and I can pick out the lavender buds.   Normally lavender isn’t good on me but this isn’t too bad.   The citron musk just peeks out.

Dry on skin:  As it dries the citron musk comes out and takes a front seat.   It’s a really fresh smelling lemon scent.   Normally I don’t like citrus at all but this is nice!

Verdict:  I’m glad I got a bottle of this as it’ll be perfect for a hot summer day.


Cold Confections Cart (2011 version):  Fudgesicles, cherry popsicles, orange sherbert pops, lime stars, lemon freezes, vanilla ice milk cups, and frozen strawberry slushies.

In bottle: It smells like a freezer full of sweet treats.

Wet on skin:  A little bit plastic at first….like sniffing a Fudgesickle wrapper.    The slight plastic wrapper smell goes away really quickly and the frozen treats come forward.

Dry on skin:  This is a really well blended oil and it’s hard to pick out the single notes, yet I can totally smell all the the sweet frozen components.

Verdict:  This is such an odd oil.     I’m not sure how smelling like a freezer full of frozen sweets can smell good, yet it does!     I love wearing this scent on an unbearably hot day.  It’s a light scent that stays close yet I always get a compliment when I wear it.


Taffy Pull (2011 version):  An array of colorful taffy swirling through the taffy pull in the sweet flavors of: Bourbon vanilla, vanilla cream, pink sugar cane, lemon blossom, orange cream, raspberry truffle, blueberry, and caramel.

In bottle: Pink sugar cane and soft lemon.

Wet on skin:  This is thick and heavy sugar musk.  The vanilla cream is quite strong and the Bourbon vanilla isn’t far behind.   As it starts to dry the pink sugar cane makes an appearance.

Dry on skin:  As it dries, a slight fruitiness emerges and I’m assuming that’s the orange cream.   A little bit of caramel comes out at the end but it’s just a hint and it’s not a buttery caramel.   I never really got the raspberry or blueberry.

Verdict:   This is a really pretty ‘pink sugar’ type scent but with the cloying that I’ve gotten with Pink Sugar.   I think there’s a little musk of something in here that softens and richens the oil into a more balanced and grown up scent.


Carousel (2011-only available as a solid perfume this year):   Pink and white cane sugar, pink carnation, parma violet, Bulgarian peach rose, orris root, powder accord, and soft skin musk.

In bottle:  Floral little girl perfume.

Wet on skin:  Carnation and sugar with just a bit of powder.

Dry on skin:  Soft florals and pink sugar whirls around in a cloud of powder and musk.

Verdict:  This is one of the only florals that I can wear and I love it to sleep or on a hot summer day.

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