Best Blog Search Terms Of The Week

Every day I take a look at how people find my blog.  In other words, what they type into the search field to land upon my humble little space on the internets.     These were my favorite this past week: soft wet deep warm spot best little hottie bloodlust zombies 2011 nude Sometimes I feel sorryContinue reading “Best Blog Search Terms Of The Week”

VApothecary Reviews (& day 15!)

Le Macabre: Haunted White Cedarwood, Fresh Soil from within a grave, Raw Blue Vetiver, Blood Ripe Pomegranate, and Crimson Musk. In vile: It smells like a really deep and fruity wood. Wet on skin: I can definitely pick out the wood and pomegranate. After just a minute or so the crimson musk makes an appearance.Continue reading “VApothecary Reviews (& day 15!)”