Fyrinnae Swatches (& day 13!)

I placed a small order with Fyrinnae and as usual I got it lightning fast.   I thought I’d swatch them for you guys and show off one of the newer colors that I got as a free sample, Aye, Captain.

All swatches done over Detrivore primer and photographed with no flash under a bright light.

It has been pointed out to me (thanks Swatchfreak!) that I switched Sleepy Hollow and Callipygian.   Love those with great memories and good eyes!

Callipygian and Sleepy Hollow are switched here.  Sorry about that!

9 thoughts on “Fyrinnae Swatches (& day 13!)

  1. Ooooh! I love Fyrrinae, and I found out about them through YOU! I’ve been wanting to see Calliphygian and Te Amo swatched like you swatch! THANKS!!! Can’t wait to see FOTDs! 😀

  2. I think you switched Calliphygian and Sleepy Hollow.. Sleepy Hollow is a sparkly tealish blue and Calliphygian is a velvety (like Laura Parish said) green with a tint blue base..

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