When Good Eyebrows Go Bad-Spa In The City Review (& day 6!)

I’m the first to admit that waxing brows is hard.    There’s a definite art to it so when I find someone who is good at it, I tend to be extremely loyal.    When my work schedule changed a year ago it meant that I needed to find someone new who worked on my days off.     I searched around on the web for somewhere local that could do that for me.   I stumbled upon Spa In The City and decided to take the plunge.

I was booked with Kelly who I loved.  She did a great job and I saw her every four weeks for almost a year with no issues or complications.   I did always find it weird that the room they put her in to work was also the spray tanning room but the service Kelly provided was worth the cold and weird smelling room.   Everything was good until yesterday.

Firstly, I never received a confirmation call and had to call that morning to make sure I had an appointment.    Secondly, fifteen minutes after I arrived some artist I didn’t know came up to get me and take me back to the spa room.  Whilst I was waiting for my appointment I was treated to an extremely unprofessional conversation between what I can only assume was a junior artist and the receptionist.  The artist was pissed that there wasn’t enough money in the till to cash out her tips.   Lovely.

It wasn’t until we got back to the spa room that I realized this was the person who would be doing my service.  When I asked why I was on her books she said that Kelly was no longer employed there and she was the owner and “She guessed I wasn’t aware of that”.  Ah, well that’s why I didn’t get a confirmation call.  Sneaky.  She never did introduce herself.

We proceeded through the services which included a facial (which was supposed to be a peel but since it wasn’t my regular artist I didn’t mention it) a brazillian and a brow arch.  Everything seemed fine although a bit awkward as we didn’t know each other and it’s just a little weird.   At the end of the service she left me to change.  At that point I realized she hadn’t shown me my brows after they were waxed.  That’s pretty standard procedure especially after the first time waxing someone.    I looked around but there also wasn’t a mirror in the spa room.  Weird.   I proceeded to the front desk and paid and made an appointment four weeks out.  Like I said, I’m always a loyal every four week client.  It wasn’t until I got to my car that I realized how FUBAR my brows were.

“Before” brows.
More ‘before’ brows.

As you can see, even when they are due for waxing (like above) they really aren’t that challenging.  I just need the top and bottom cleaned up,  as I like to keep the natural shape.   Unfortunately the artist took way too much off the top, making them very thin.   They are also very uneven with the right brow much thinner than the left.    For some reason she also decided to trim the top inside portion with scissors but she trimmed that part lower than the rest.

The hideous ‘after’ brow.

For even more shits and giggles I developed blisters on the brow bone of my left eye.  You can also see the awesomeness that is the mismatched shape with the right brow.

Extra fun blisters on lefty the next morning.

I drafted a letter to the owner this morning and I will definitely update this post when I hear back from the owner.


Hi Teneille,

My name is Jeanine Fitzgerald and I had a facial, brow arch and Brazillian from you on Saturday.  I wanted to touch bases with you about something that really bothered me when I left.   I didn’t even realize that you hadn’t shown me my eyebrows after you were done waxing them until after I left.  I also searched for a mirror in the spa room but there wasn’t one available.  I was dismayed when I got to my car and saw that not only had they been waxed way too thin (too much taken off the top) but you had trimmed the inner corners with scissors too short and there’s now a dip in both of them.   Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning with blisters on my left brow bone, under my brow.  I have attached photos of what my brows looked like before I went in, what they looked like when I got home yesterday and the blisters today.

I also wanted to mention that I would have appreciated a call letting me know that I wouldn’t be seeing Kelly as I think it’s best left up to the paying customer if they choose to keep their appointment or not if their regular artist isn’t available.    In the year I had been seeing her, I had never experienced any of these problems with Kelly.  I also thought I would mention that I was supposed to be booked for a peel but because  you didn’t do any sort of consultation at all we couldn’t discuss it.  I only bring that up because I think it’s good feedback for you as a salon owner

The Brazillian was great and the facial was ok but the brow arch is unacceptable.   I would like my money refunded for that portion of my service.   Please also my cancel my appointment with  you that I made four weeks out.

Thank you,
Jeanine Fitzgerald


My advice is to always ask for a mirror and check before you leave after a waxing service and if you’re not happy, then speak up!   I tried to keep my email as professional and courteous as possible which is why I waited 24 hours before drafting it.

Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

8 thoughts on “When Good Eyebrows Go Bad-Spa In The City Review (& day 6!)

  1. wow! just wow! I have learned to tweez my own, I’m getting better at it every time and my shape is getting more defined as well, for some reason EVERYONE gives me “Charlie Chaplin” mustache eyebrows. I think your letter is very professional with good feed back and you are not asking for anything unreasonable in the refund department. I am curious to see weather or not she responds. the only good thing is that you are a wiz with makeup. Did you blister form her using a different type of wax?

    1. I’m not sure why I blistered. I always request that no strip wax be used on my face so I know she used the hard wax. I think perhaps the wax was just a bit too hot.

  2. I still am speechless over this whole thing. So unprofessional all the way around. Maybe you can find out if Kelly went somewhere else and see her there. I would also write a helluva post on Yelp to let others know about the shitty CS. Hope you at least get some of your money back!

    1. Yes, it will be interesting for sure to see what happens. I’m going to wait to give the owner a chance to respond before I post on Yelp. If she makes things right then I want to be able to post that, too.

  3. Holy wow. That is crazy and awful. I hate finding a new esthetician. Brows are so visible, they have to be done right. I agree that your letter sounds good. She really should have talked to you before the appointment…at the very least.

    1. It was like a text book example of what not to do. I feel like they need Tabitha to go in and take over!

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