Response From Owner Of Spa In The City (& day 5!)

This is a follow up to my previous post, When Good Brows Go Bad.  I received a response from Tennille at Spa In The City today.   I don’t think I’ve experienced customer service this poor in a long time.  It’s no wonder that salon is run like a hot mess if she refuses to take any feedback at all.  Needless to say, I won’t be returning.  Perhaps I should nominate them for Tabitha’s Salon Takeover?


Hello Jeanine,

Thank you for the email and the pictures.  I honestly felt your brows looked great, but I can see how you might have felt they were cut too short. Maybe I just didn’t take enough time to make sure they were perfect (in your eyes). All easy fixes for next time.
Again, I apologize for the fact that you didn’t get a phone call about the switch of technician’s. That was a front desk error, all other clients have been notified of any changes, but unfortunately it seems you got missed. I am surprised that you have a welt on your skin as I used the same wax and products as Kelly did. I would guess maybe it was a reaction to something I put on your skin when combined with the waxing that your skin didn’t agree with.  How is your skin doing today? In all my years of waxing I haven’t ever had a complaint such as this, so I am kind of at a loss. All I can do is sincerely apologize. I have seen people welt on other body parts before, which is common with sensitive skin.
I am sorry, we don’t give refunds for services performed, and to be honest I have never been asked to for a service I personally performed. However, we’re more then happy to make it up to you in a different way. If not with me, another technician perhaps.
As for the facial, I performed the facial that you were scheduled for. Was this a scheduling error? The receptionist booked you for a champagne facial? I would have loved to do a chemical peel on you, that is what I mentioned to you during the facial. Chemical peels are fantastic facials. A lot of this seems like a misunderstanding. I would normally offer you a free chemical peel at your next visit, but it sounds like you’ve already decided not to return. Let me know if you want to give us another try.
Thank you for your continued loyalty to SITC this past year. Let me know how your skin is progressing.
Tennille Wilson
Edited to add final email from Tennille:
I was hoping you would be pleased with my complimentary $125 chemical peel offer, but it seems you would rather be “that” customer then except heart felt concern or an apology. I have refunded your $15.
Well, after that dramatic flouncing I would never go back for sure!    I’m glad to have the $15 dollars back for my mangled brows.  Maybe the owner of this business can learn something from this experience.

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