Nocturne Alchemy Reviews Part 1 (& day 1!)

I ordered an embarrassingly large amount of perfume with this last update as they all sounded so good!   There were some that I just knew I would regret if I passed on them.    I figured I would break the review posts up three to four reviews per post.  Hope this works for you guys.  I also included photos of the bottles as some folks had requested that.    Enjoy and on to the reviews!

Karkade Summer:Santalum LE-Hibiscus Leaf of Aswan, Sugar Resin, charmingly Aged Nokturne:Santalum (Aromatic Egyptian Sandalwood of the Aswan area) with Egyptian and Indian Black Tea.

Karkade Summer: Santalum

In bottle: Hibiscus leaf…..very green.

Wet on Skin:  I’m getting a slightly spicy black tea with a hint of sandalwood.

Dry on skin:  As it dries down the tea actually gets a bit stronger but the entire oils mellows and softens with the sugar resin.

Verdict: I like this a lot more than I thought I would!   It’s really sexy and I’m super glad I got a bottle as I think age will only make it better!


Bastet’s Somnolent Summer-Aged Sapphire, Egyptian Sugar Crystals, a drop of soft Apricot Essence Incense, a few drops of Sweet Black Pepper and Vanilla-Amber Incense.

Bastet’s Somnolent Summer LE

In bottle: Powdery and sweet.

Wet on skin: Right at first it smells just a little bit like cola or maybe sassafrass? I think that’s the sugar and black pepper together.

Dry on skin: Wow….this is super sexy! If Dr. Pepper has a risque aunt who always got a little too tipsy at the holiday parties, I image this is what she’d smell like.

Verdict: Oh. Em. Gee. I love it. It’s soooooo gorgeous.


Sphinx X LE-Sphinx is getting the X treatment of beautiful Vanilla Love Crystalline, Kobalt, Crystal and French Vanilla blended into the Permanent Collection scent (PC version available in the Egypt & Her Wonders section): Amber, Milk Chocolate, Sweet Milk, Egyptian Coffee, Nutmeg, Vanilla Bean, Gingerbread, Dark Chocolate, White Amber, Anise and Poppy.

Sphinx X LE
In bottle:Chocolate!Wet on skin:Hmmmm…this is an interesting combination of cocoa and anise. I’m definitely liking this so far.Dry on skin:As it dries down it softens and yet deepens at the same time. I definitely pick up some black tea and hot chocolate? Yeah, it ends up smelling like expensive hot chocolate and yet also like a really pretty perfume.Verdict: As I haven’t tried the CG Sphinx I had no idea what to expect from this. I really like this, it’s a perfectly blended perfume oil… know all the different notes are in there, but they just really become one in this blend.

And thus concludes the last post of my 90 day challenge.   I actually did really well  up until the last week or so.  Yay for me!

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