Are you guys ready for the gigantic Brazen brow powder post of doom?  Well, here it is!  I’ve swatched them all and I’m so sorry, but the swatches ended up looking a bit like little sperms.  😀   I also used each color on my actual brows so you can see what they look like in action.   My natural color brows are a pretty neutral light brown/brown.

I enjoyed working with these powders a lot and it was pretty cool to see how the different colors looked and how much they changed the look of my brows.

Angelina-Black Brown

Audrey-Dark Medium Brown

Ava-Brown Black

Bettie-Rich Black

Brigitte-Medium Taupe Brown

Clara-Reddish Brown

Dita-Blue Black

Jane-Very Dark Brown

Jessica-Rich Burgundy Red

Joan-Orange/Red Brown

Marilyn-Light Taupe

Raquel-Medium Brown w/Hints of Warm Red Undertones

Sophia-Dark Brown with a Hint of Red

Veronica-Pale Yellow Blonde