ZOMG Smells Reviews

I hadn’t tried ZOMG yet so I decided to try their sample pack and the shipping was exceedingly fast.  Everything was well packed with no leaks.

Ice Cream Soda Root Beet Float:  From childhood love to fully-grown treat: root beer floats are classic and tasty! We have hand-blended our Root Beer Ice Cream Soda fragrance from fond memories of sweet sarsaparilla fizz and hand-dipped vanilla ice cream.

In vial:  Super fizzy cream soda.

Wet on skin:  Sarsaparilla and a bit of fizzy cream.  As is dries, the sarsaparilla fades a bit and the creamy vanilla comes out.

Dry on skin:  It’s got a little bit of the weird fake ‘cola’ smell that all the oils I’ve tried has but it’s not bad at all.

Verdict:  It’s a pretty straight up root beer scent.  If you like creamy sarsaparilla I say go for it!



Love Durian:  Durians: the King of Fruits. They taste like heaven, but smell like hell–we’ve reversed that. 🙂 This is the scent of a ripe, joyous durian with all the onion gravy and rancid sweatsock taken right out! Quite possibly the sweetest scent ever made.   Banana, pineapple, strawberry, gooey brown sugar, and the tiniest bit of sticky coconut. A little bit of an inside joke there.

In vial:  Sweet!

Wet on skin:  Plasticy sweetness.  It smells like the old roller ball lip glosses from when I was little.  This very fruity and sweet.   I think it’s the gooey brown sugar that’s off putting at this point.

Dry on skin: Ok, now the plastic/overly sweet part has faded, it’s got a nice spicy quality to it.

Verdict:  I like it!  It’s a nice and has an  uncomplicated sweet quality to it.



Sugar Dragon:  A pillager of patisseries and chaser of confectionaries, the sugar dragon collects cherry vanilla, candied almond and clove into a dragon’s hoard of sweetness, then curls protectively around them in a coil of red musk, incense and a hint of smoke.

In vial:  Cherry cinnamon cough syrup.

Wet on skin:  A blast of cough syrup, followed by a touch of cinnamon and clove.     There is a bit of smoke lurking in the background but it’s soft and not at all sharp.

Dry on skin:  As it dries the red musk comes to the front with candy and clove hovering at the edges.

Verdict:  This is a pretty straight forward red musk blend.   I like the addition of the candy clove vibe.



Sparkle Receptors:  This scent is specifically designed to tickle the sparkle receptors in your brain in a way that we hope will improve your mood if you need it and sustain your good spirits if you started out sparkly. Strawberry gum, bright citruses, warm happy amber, the light floral tease of red currant, sparkle, and fizz.

In vial:  Sparkly and fizzy.

Wet on skin:  Super citrus, but it’s bright and juicy smelling.  Lots of sparkle and fizz with maybe just a bit of the red currant?

Dry on skin:  Oh man, this dries down really nice.   Normally I *want* to like fizzy scents but they just don’t work for me.  This one is really bright and fresh with out smelling too much like candy.  I think the tad bit of amber in there really helps!

Verdict:  A surprise hit for me, I wasn’t expecting to like this one and I might have to pick up a bottle!



Pink Seven:  Sweet, utterly girly and floral, Pink Seven is (rather appropriately) made of seven pink things: Pink Lady apple accord, pink lemonade, pink grapefruit, pink geranium, pink cotton candy, fresh strawberry, and red currant for a little extra blush.

In vial:  Apple with a bit of grapefruit.

Wet on skin:  Yum bright apple and geranium.    The ‘pinks’ are starting to make an appearance, but I’m not getting any of the cotton candy for strawberry.

Dry on skin:  The currant and geranium are the dominating notes which makes me a bit sad because I really loved the apple.  Sadly the candies never appeared.

Verdict:  A little too bright and fruity for me.



Candied Head:  A scent specifically formulated for the days when choosing between smelling like a sweetshop and smelling like a headshop is simply impossible. Holly has this problem a lot. Sugared, cakey, amber-licious and incensey.

In vial:  Sweetly spicy.

Wet on skin:  Head shop!   Well, a good smelling head shop that also sells candy.  🙂

Dry on skin:  There’s definitely an amber cake vibe going on here.  It’s just a *bit* off putting with the gas station incense note added in.

Verdict:  Ultimately I ended up not liking this.   It reminds me of Karma by Lush and it smells a bit like flea dip to me.



Wait Until Evening:

With due respect to K.C. and the Sunshine Band, who were clearly operating from a solid base of knowledge, the procedure as stated for getting down is not in line with modern laboratory science. We humbly suggest a few minor edits to the procedural manual, in order to eliminate the ambiguity that may cause less-observant researchers to get down improperly. These are as follows:

1. Do a little dance

2. Make a little love

3. Wait until evening 

4. Get down

We look forward to the board’s adoption of this new language. The study of funk is too important to be disrupted by slapdash procedures.

(a scent meant to occupy that scientifically crucial space between making a little love and getting down. A dark, funky, musky blend of patchouli, myrrh, red ginger, spikenard and blackstrap molasses.)

In vial:  Patchouli and a touch of molasses.

Wet on skin:  OH yum, dirty patchouli and myrrh with a touch of molasses.   I don’t know what spikenard smells like, so maybe a bit of that, too?

Dry on skin:  It’s deepened into kind of a dusty resin thing that I’m digging.  It does smell dirty and funky but only in the best way possible.   The ginger is just the right kick.

Verdict:  My favorite out of the whole batch….I’ll definitely be purchasing a bottle.


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Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

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    1. Thank you! Admittedly sometimes it’s easier for me than others. 🙂 I’m always happy to enable people to smell yummy!

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