We have been super busy remodeling the house.  We ripped up the floors in the living room, dining room and hallway as well as repainted most of the walls and ceiling (two walls will have to wait until the tiling is done) replaced the fireplace and tons of fixtures as well as added a ceiling fan to the dining room.

The tile that we have in the kitchen will extend all through the house which will be nice.  We chose two brown colors that will be placed in a checker board pattern as well as around the new gas fireplace.  We also had a chance to finally put up the floor to ceiling bookshelves that we had made to match the kitchen cabinets.   Yay for book and DVD storage!   As well as other things that I’d like to keep safe from prying kitty paws.

New ceiling fan in the living room.

Bookshelves and unfinished floor.

New ceiling fan in the dining room.

New wall lights in the dining room.

Unfinished floor in the dining room.

Unfinished floor and fixtures in hallway.

Unfinished floor in living room.

New fireplace.